18 July 2017: Have been forgetting to note on this page when I have been making updates - sorry. Mostly updates have been to the main bio page, the Career by Type pages and the current Career by Decade page.

24 August 2014: With the long awaited announcement of the Glass Onion New York Tour - I have created a new page called Lennon:Through A Glass Onion and created links to it from the Home page, the Glass History pages and the Career By Decade 2010s page. It has links to the official LennonOnStage page and facebook pages and links to buy tickets, in addition to publicity and articles.

3 August 2014: A long time between edits due to the changeover from Windows to Apple. The Homestead sitebuilder is not built for Apple products sadly so I now have to update online and can only have a single page open at a time and no cutting and pasting of text - seriously! Making life difficult. Today I have thoroughly updated Career By Decade 2010s and removed the old links pages as well as updating the navigation bars with fresh links to the Glass Onion facebook pages and John's new managers and agents. The Glass Onion History pages havent been updated with articles and reviews as most of them have been linked to on my facebook page for John. Created a page for movie Adios. Created a page for Random Articles through 2010s. Updated The "Related Waters" and 6 Degrees pages. Updated the biography on the home page.

14 May 2011: Created new Offspring 2011 page.  Added episode guide and photos to Offspring 2010 page. Added article to Glass Onion 2010 page.

23 Jan 2011: added reviews and articles to Glass Onion 2010/11 page. Added new albums to Career By Type - Music page. Updated Career By Type - TV and Career By Type - Stage pages. Updated Webmistress page. Added new photos to the Photo Album and created a new album for 2011 onwards. Commenced construction of the facebook fan page to replace the two myspace pages. Myspace has become seriously annoying to manage and I just dont think it can compete with the sheer size of facebook these days. Nothing will change here on the main site - I will simply be also listing gig dates and promoting live theatre etc on facebook. Link is above in the navigation bar and also below left at the bottom of the site guide.

14 Dec 2010: Created a page for promoting the new release of childrens story on CD Pilliga Pete.

21 Sept 2010: Created a Looking Through a Glass Onion 2010 page - linked from both the Glass Onion History page and the Career By Decades 2010 page.

7 August 2010: Created new page for Let It Be 2010 reviews and articles. Links from the Career by Decade 2010s page.

31 July 2010: Created new page for up and coming TV series Offspring for articles, pics and episode guides.

22 July 2010: Updated Career by Decade 2010s, Brel 2010 Review and Career By Type - Music, with details of the new CD release for Brel.

20 June 2010: Phew busy day! Finally finished a project I have been setting aside for ages. Have done a total rebuild of the Looking Through A Glass Onion pages, including slideshows, the history, and 15 years worth of reviews.

19 June 2010: Integrated a new Phanfare photo album site into the "Photo Album" page to share publicity photos through the decades. Added more reviews to the BREL page. Added rehearsal and production photos to The Swimming Club page.

13 June 2010: Created new page for BREL reviews, linked from Career By Decade 2010s page & added link to Site Guide. Updated TV listings on Career By Type TV. 

5 June 2010: Created new navigation bar for the MySpace links and new sites that are in progress with John's new management.

April 4 2010: Updated Career by Decade 2010's page.

Feb 2010: Created a page for The Swimming Club for articles, reviews and pics. Added link from Career By Decade 2010s and also from the Articles Index.

January 2010: Created a new Career By Decade page for 2010 onwards. Updated navigation bars on all the decade pages. Added details to Career By Decade 2010's for The Swimming Club, Underbelly and Brel. Updated home page with mention of new voiceovers. Updated Career By Type pages.

December 20 2008: I know its been a while since an update. I used up all my megabytes of netspace ! Have had to find some ways to reduce it so to start off I have deleted the 4 Pictures Index pages for the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s. Instead I have uploaded all the photos to a Bravenet album which you can find by clicking on PHOTO ALBUM in the navigation bar above. You will see ads on the album pages unfortunately. Cant do much about that for the time being. Next plan is to move other pictures over to a hosting site like Photobucket and put them into slideshows or something to take up less space and bandwidth.

February 23 2008: Added reviews and photos to the Rocky Horror page.

February 9 2008: Added a new photo and article to the Rocky Horror page (linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page).

February 3 2008: Added a slideshow of my photos from Echuca to the Webmistress page as well as the All The Rivers Run page, added links to some Echuca sites to the Career by Decade 80s page and the Rivers Run page.

September 22 2007: Added a video clip to the Rocky Horror page from an interview John did on channel 10s 9am With David and Kim promoting the show. Many thanks to Rachael who recorded it for me !!

August 25 2007: Updated the All Saints page episode guide, added new pictures and a plethora of Articles from May to July.

August 17 2007: Created new page for Johns new role in the latest incarnation of the Rocky Horror Show Musical. Linked from Career By Decade: 2000s and features cast photos and articles plus links for theatre bookings.

July 29 2007: Added two new articles to the All Saints page and cross referenced to the site guide and articles index. Yesterday I launched TWO MySpace pages for John. One is a fan page aimed at the new audience John has earned since joining All Saints and one is a Music page to advertise future gigs and to promote the musical side of John. The links to each site can be found on this page at the bottom of the Site Guide - and on the Home page near the counter. Join up !!

July 26 2007: Added new photos to the Pictures Index - 2000s - including red carpet appearances at the Logies and this weeks All Saints party for their 400th episode.

July 25 2007: Added a new All Saints article linked from the All Saints page.

July 17 2007: Added a lovely family snapshot of John and his kids to a page with an existing article about them. Thanks for the photo Zoe. See the Career By Decade 2000s page, Random Articles & Photos - Flights of Folly.  Also added a page of photos from a charity soccer match linked from Random Articles & Photos. Many thanks to Rachael for the use of the photos.

July 10 2007: Updated the All Saints page with new epsiode guides, pics and articles, including 2 radio interviews that the lovely Rachael transcribed for me.

Jun 18 2007: Updated Career By Decade 2000s page with info on current Glass Onion tour. Created a new page called GlassOnion 2007 (linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page) and added tour dates, a statement by John about the shows, and a news review.

Mar 10 2007: Added eight new articles to the All Saints page, updated the Articles Index and site guide and also added the new banner and navigation bars to the Articles Index page. Added detail to the Career by Type - TV Listings page & added the new banner & nav bars to that page. Added an amusing article written by John about travelling with his brood, to the Career By Decade 2002s page (scroll to the bottom to the "random articles" section). Cross referenced it to the Articles index and the Site Guide. Added article about The Woman in Black - linked from the Career by Decade 2000s page and cross referenced on the Articles Index and the site guide. Added an article about The White Album concert - linked from the Career by Decade 2000s page. Added new banner and nav bars to The Pictures Index - 2000s page and added a couple of new pics.

Mar 2 2007: Added new detail to the All Saints page - linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page (created addition for the 2007 season).  

Jan 28 2007: Designed a new title banner and a scrolling banner of pictures, along with a new basic text navigation bar. Have begun changing the width of each page to suit the larger computer screens. Thanks to everyone who answered the screen size survey over the past few months. I appreciate the results.

Dec 17 2006: Created a page for The White Album Concert - linked from Career By Decade 2000s. Articles and reviews will be added as they come.

Dec 9 2006: Added a group of publicity red carpet photos to the 2000s Pictures Index, uncluding some from this weeks AFI Awards.  You may also note that I have started widening some pages to reflect that most people are using screens with 1024 width as opposed to 800. For the time being the banners and navigation buttons wont match up - stay tuned as it will soon be fixed up !!

Oct 5 2006: Added half a dozen reviews to the Woman In Black page, including one by me. Updated the biography on the front page to include the addition of the new Waters Twins !!

July 29 2006: added new TV Week article on All Saints & John's character - now referred to in commercials as "The Rock Doc" !! Article is linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page and cross referenced to the Articles Index.

July 23 2006: Added new article from todays Sunday Time TV Guide (great cover photo) to the All Saints page linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page. Added new review to the Woman In Black page linked from the Career By Decade page.

July 16 2006: Added some new 40th Anniversary Play School articles to the link on the Career By Decade 70s page and cross referenced to the Articles Index. Addd several more reviews and articles and two more pics to the Woman In Black page linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page.

July 15 2006: Added new All Saints Tv Week article linked from the Career by Decade page and cross referenced to the Articles Index.

July 9 2006: Added new article to the All Saints page linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page and cross referenced to the Articles Index.

July 8 2006: I have added a few reviews from the Sydney production of The Woman in Black - linked from the Career by Decade 2000s page. Added more episode info to the All Saints page. I have changed the order of the Career By Decade pages so that when you click on the Career By Decade button on the above navigation bar - it takes you to the 2000s first. My logic is that people want to find what they can see John in now so they can find it faster. Then those who want to peruse through the other decades can do so from there.

June 17 2006: I changed the new All Saints page around so it is an index page. It now contains thumbnails of each article (heaps more loaded today) and they will open to their own page, plus an episode guide. All cross referenced to this page and the Articles Index.

May  29 2006: I created a new page forJohns new role in All Saints, with 1 magazine article added so far. Screen caps from eps will follow along with any other articles. The page is linked from both the Articles Index and the Career By Decade 2000s page. Added a new review for Let It Be plus photos from the Melbourne concert and the theatre program.

April 22 2006: I created a page for articles about Playschools 40th birthday - it is linked from the Career By Decade 70's page and cross referenced on the Articles Index. It features a large scanned article and several typed articles and pics. from then and now.  I have also added some articles to the Let It Be page linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page and an article to the Woman In Black page.

April 2 2006:  I added an ebay find to the Webmistress page - old fan card from the Rush & Dracula days. 

April 1 2006: I have been on a scanning bonanza !! Have done a whole batch of articles to add to the Career By Decade 1980s page - as follows. 
I have added links to two new pages featuring articles on the telemovie High Country.
I added links to Random Articles From The 80s called Letting the Flaws Show, and Calmly Delectable (great article !!).
Added link to an article page on Captain Johnno. 
I added two scanned articles to the existing Boulevarde of Broken Dreams link. 
I added multiple links to They're Playing Our Song including an article and pages from the original theatre program. 
Added a link to a page of pics from the theatre program for Children of a Lesser Good.
Added link to article page on Johns book Pilliga Pete.
Added link to article page on film Going Sane.
Added link to article page on telemovie Alice to Nowhere plus extra pics.
Added link to article page on Bushfire Moon.
All have been cross referrenced to the Articles Index and Site Guide. If you find a broken link - please let me know via the guestbook.

Mar 26 2006: Added new info to the Career By Decade 2000s page re All Saints and The Woman in Black. Created new page for articles and pics on The Woman in Black.

Mar 10 2006: Added some publicity pics to the Pictures Index-2000s.

Mar 5 2006: added new info to Career By Decade 2000s page about the musical tribute concerts Let It Be. Also updated the Webmistress page, listing new memorabillia I have purchased or found.

Mar 4 2006: added new info to the Career By Decades 2000s page about the launch of Kookaburra National Musical Theatre Company.

Feb 25 2006: Updated the Career By Decade 2000s page - adding new external links to The Bouncer section. Added a review and interview to the linked page for The Bouncer. Added dvd link to the Getting of Wisdom section on the Career By Decade 70s page.

Feb 11 2006: Updated the Career By Decade 2000s page (The Bouncer section), updated the linked page for The Bouncer, updated the news section on the home page.

Nov 5 2005: Added three articles to the Career By Decade: 2000s page.

October 29 2005: Added some updates and links to The Bouncer page.

October 26 2005: Thanks to Brian, old school friend of Johns. He provided some corrections to the early years in Johns bio. Much appreciated. I have corrected the street name today

October 22 2005: I have been alerted to the fact that a lot of spam is being received under the email name of JohnWatersFanSite.  In order to tell if the email you have received is actually from me - it will only ever be followed by  - nothing else. Any other addresses are spam and should be deleted in case they contain virii.

September 26 2005: Uploaded a newly scanned article on Singapore Sling - linked from the Articles Index and the Career By Decade 90s pages. Added a new pic to Webmistress Review - Which Way Home. 

September 25 2005: Added new links to the Career by Decade 70s page - at the bottom of the page - various articles thru the decade have been put on two pages. Updated the front page bio after spotting some typos.

September 9 2005: Added a Fathers day article to the Career by Decade 2000s page and cross referenced to the Articles Index and the Site Guide.

August 31 2005: Discovered when published that I couldnt view my own site. After much bother I found that by changing the privacy controls in Norton Internet Security - all was well again. Have been viewing each page and fixing glitches as I come across them. Please feel free to advise me of any you come across. Not sure why "Top" buttons on most pages look lime - I created them all in purple. Will look into it. Built the new Bravenet GuestBook which is accessible from the navigation bars and also from the Site Guide on the left. It will take over the existing GuestBook but all former entries are viewable via the archive link below on the left. 

August 27 2005: Rebuilt the Jesus Christ Superstar page and associated links. Rebuilt Grievous Bodily Harm and Boulevard of Broken Dreams review pages. Built a Webmistress Review page for Which Way Home. Rebuilt the Home Page - included an Iframe for updates and a biography. Published entire site.  

August 22 2005: Rebuilt The Bouncer page and cross referenced it to Career 2000s and the Articles Index. Built an article page for John & Zoe's wedding and cross referenced it to Career 2000s and Articles Index. Built an article page for Hair and cross referenced to Career before the 70s and Articles Index. Built a page for screen grabs from The Way We Were and cross referenced to Career 2000s. 

August 21 2005: Continued construction on the Career 2000s page and corresponding links with cross references to the Articles Index. Pages are now built and ready to be published. Just need to double check all links.

Aug 14 2005: Continued construction on the Career 2000s page and corresponding links with cross references to the Articles Index. Rebuilt the Graduate page.

July 24 2005: Continued work on the 90s and 2000's pages, including cross references to the Articles Index. Rebuilt the articles pages for Sound of Music, Art, and Cafe Brel.

June 25 2005: Continued work on the 90's and 2000's pages.

June 6 2005: Started building the Career By Decade: The 90's page, and Career By Decade: The 2000's page. Added new theatre info and dates to the Career By Type: Stage page.

May 14 2005:  Started building the Career By Decade: The 80s page.  Linked the existing All The Rivers Run page from it. Also added linked pages for articles and reviews for Grievous Bodily Harm, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and My Fair Lady.  The rest of the links should be complete in the next few days.

May 1 2005: Made articles pages for The Box & Quality of Mercy - Cross referenced from the Career by Decade: The 70s page to the Articles Index.  Created two Randon 70's Articles pages for articles that didnt really have a subject. Created an Endplay page for articles.  Created two Getting of Wisdom pages for articles & pics.  Created a Summerfield page for articles & pics.  And with that - I think I can safely say the 70's pages are completed for the time being.

April 30 2005: Added a more info to the Career by Decade: The 70s page. Re built the Dracula pages, separating the scans of the program onto extra pages for easier loading - 13 new pages in all.  Added Dracula cross references to the Articles Index.  Rebuilt the Russell, Ben & Ivan  Waters page & included new pics and links.

April 2 2005: Added new pics to the Influence page. Created a page for screen grabs from the Birdseye commercial, linked from the Career by Decade: 2000s page. Created a 70sTV page to list Johns guest appearances on TV shows in the 70s. It links from the Career by Decade: The 70s page and includes episode guides and pictures.

March 26 2005: Added a new 80's pic to the Pictures Thru The 80s page. Added new reviews to the Influence page.

March 22 2005: Added info re Summerfield DVD release to home page as well as the existing Career page and the new Career By Decade: The 70's page. 

March 20 2005: Made a page of articles for The Haunting of Hewie Dowker, linked from Career By Decade: The 70's and cross referenced on The Articles Index.  Made a page of articles on the various acting awards John won in the 70's, linked from Career By Decade: The 70's and cross referenced on The Articles Index. Made 3 pages for articles about Weekend Of Shadows - linked from Career by Decade: The 70's, and cross referenced on The Articles Index.

March 19 2005: Added new articles and pictures to the Influence page. Created pages for the Godspell program (4 pages) - linked from the 70's page.  Did a lot of work on the Career By Decade: The 70's page, loading pics, info and adding links, including new page My Reviews: Weekend of Shadows which will also link from the Webmistress page.  Added Titanic pic and link on the Career By Decade: Before the 70's page.

March 13 2005: Added new articles and season dates to the Influence page.

March 5 2005: Created a page for the new play Influence - for reviews, articles and pics. Currently linked from the existing Career 2000s page and the soon to be published Articles Index. Built a page for the 70s TV special Ned Kelly. Have uploaded pics so far and will type out some articles asap. Started work on the Career By Decade: Before the 70s page. The Career By Decade pages will be a more detailed look into Johns career than the Career By Type pages. They will include links to articles, reviews and pics.

February 27 2005: Started constructing new Index page and a Fireflies episode guide and pics page (currently linked from the Career 2000s page).

February 26 2005: Added 6 scanned articles to page 13 of The Rush Pages and cross referenced to The Articles Index. Loaded up pics to the Playschool page which will be linked from the Career By Decade - 70s page.

February 23 2005: Created new title banner and navigation menu bars. Added more scanned articles (Rush Pages 2 - 12) to the Rush Pages and cross referenced to the Articles Index.

February 20 2005: Started loading up scanned articles (1) to the Rush Pages and the Articles Index.

February 19 2005: Just for fun. 6 Degree's of John. A page devoted to the actors who have worked with John more than once over the years, and actors he has in common with Tom Burlinson, whose fansite is also managed by me.

February 13 2005: Built the new Links page. Added new publicity pic from Influence to Career2000 page.

February 12 2005: Built decades pages for publicity photos thru the years. Uploaded pics to 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s picture pages. Rebuilt the All The Rivers Run page.

February 6 2005:  Well after finally getting off my butt and scanning all the Rush related pics and articles, and sitting here compiling a painstaking episode guide from my friends scrapbooks - low and behold I encountered an amazing site dedicated to Aussie shows (I think the site owner is in Canada or Europe) complete with pics I have never seen in any of the magazines I scanned, and tonnes of great info.  So I have added a link to the site on my Rush page and also on the links page for good measure.
Started designing the new look Career by Decade pages.

February 5 2005:  Built the Career By Type pages for Film, Music, Stage and TV, each with own horizontal navigation bar. Uploaded album covers to Music page and started adding tracklistings etc. On the Career pages I started compiling Johns stage, TV and film perfomances by year. Re built the Oliver articles and pics page. Started building the Career by Decade 70s page complete with separate decades navigation bar.

February 3 2005: Created this page - Site Info / Site Guide and the Webmistress page.  This is where you will find a complete site guide - to be completed, a story about me and a link to my reviews on John's work, and updates on the life of this site. Started building the long awaited Rush Pages complete with pics, episode guide and articles.
Transferred all existing guestbook messages to an archives page - will be creating a new bravenet guestbook soon.
Started on the SITE GUIDE on the left - will eventually include a link to every page on the site.
Coming soon: Bio pages separated by decade and genre - ie the genre pages will be Stage, TV, Film, Music and will basically be a complete listing of each. The decade pages will contain more detailed info on Johns career including links to pics, articles and reviews. 
Looking Through A Glass Onion will have its own pages with history, pics, reviews, old gig guides, and articles.

January 2005:  Am gradually starting a rebuild of the site to make it load faster and become more navigable. I apologise if you cant find your way around for a while as I redo each page. Am optimising all the pics and graphics, creating new banners and navigation bars. Stay tuned.

August 14 2004:  Some screen grabs are now on the 2000 & Beyond page from John's appearance on The Way We Were.

July 24 2004:  John will be returning to Perth in October to film The Bouncer.  Articles and updates will be on the new page created just for this movie HERE.

June 26 2004:  Just playing around with the sites appearance.  More to come.

June 25 2004:  Updates have been made to the current Glass Onion tour, check the schedule. Photo from the Mittagong show has been added.

June 15 2002: Purchased domain name 

May 23 2004:  New dates and shows added to the Glass Onion tour.  Check the schedule for details and changes.

May 16 2004:  Well John's Looking Through A Glass Onion tour is underway and I have added some press from Cairns and Darwin to the gig guide page.

May 2 2004:  John is set to tour Australia for the next few months with Looking Through A Glass Onion.  May and June dates for QLD, NT, SA & WA are listed on the Glass Onion pages with more to be confirmed in other states in coming weeks so please check again soon.

April 23 2002: I have updated the Oliver! page to include publicity pics, booking details and articles.

Mar 17 2002:  More reviews from the Glass Onion season have been added

Feb 16 2002:  Articles are popping up everywhere.  Reviews from Glass Onion as the tour gets started are on the Glass Onion pages.  Two new articles on John added, one is about his life pre stardom and the other is about his recent marriage to Zoe.

Jan 6 2002:  Added 2002 Glass Onion Tour dates, venues and booking details

Jan 4 2002: Thanks to Katie from Melbourne and her meticulous scrapbooks from the 70's - there have been some major updates to the 70's Career Page - more to come as fast as my scanner can scan !!!

Oct 30 2001: Many thanks to John for allowing me to call this the Official Fan Site.  I will endeavor to make this the best site I can.

July 8 2001:  Construction commenced after finding no official site existed and finding too many sites that mixed up John's biography with other directors and actors of the same name. Initially built the following pages:
Index (homepage), Biography, The Glass Onion Pages, Career 60s & 70s, Career 80s, Career 90s, Career 2000 & Beyond, Webmistress (plus webmistress reviews), Pictures, Mixed Articles
Anything underlined is an existing link - other links to come are listed but not yet underlined.

HOME PAGE  Biography & John Updates

Basic lists of shows, dates, theatres, characters.
FILM - full biography list
MUSIC - full biography list
STAGE - full biography list
TELEVISION - full biography list

More detailed info on various segments of Johns career, incl links to pics, articles, other casts, external sites etc.

     Article: Where Are They Now. Oct 2001

THE 70's
     Program cover & page two 
     Program - two pages
     Program - female cast  
     Program - male cast    
     Screen caps and pics from Playschool eps  
     40th Birthday articles & pics 2006     
     Article1 - Rush recalls a golden age.
     Article2 - Rush Music in the Charts. 
     Article3 - 1974 Snippets, including cartoon
     Article4 - Rushing Headlong into Success. 
     Article5 - 1976 Snippets, incl ad.
     Article6 - Sgt McKellar is a Wanted Man.   
     Article7 - Feb/Mar 76. 5 Mixed articles 
     Article8 - Early 75. He is a man in a rush
     Article9 - Feb 76. Rush is Reborn
     Article10 28Feb76 The Rush Revolution.
     Article11 - The Rush Team Breaks Up.
     Article12 - Rush's French Connection
     Article13 - 6 mixed 1976-77 articles
     Episode Guides & Pics & Articles - Various
     The Box - Articles
     Quality of Mercy - Articles
     Articles: Logies, Sammy, Penguin Awards                       
ENDPLAY: Articles X 3           
     Articles & Pics
     My Review
     Article1 Oct 19 1977 Short Back n Sides
     Article2 Nov 5 1977 What Makes Waters Run
     Article3 Jul 24 1978 Ocker Pack Hunts ...
NED KELLY: Article & pics
     Articles X 4
     Articles X 3
     Pics & Screengrabs 
     Program cover
     Program cast list
     Program - Story
     Program - Robert Helpmann Bio
     Program - John Waters Bio
     Program - Cast Bios, Leigh & George
     Program - Cast Bios, Max & David
     Program - Cast Bios, Gavin
     Program - Cast Bios, Tony & Amanda
     Program - Scenes from the production
     Article - TV Week 26 August 1978
     Newspaper Reviews x 4

     Various mixed subject articles
     Hunk type articles x 15

THE 80's
     Program - Cover & inside cover
     Program - Jackie's bio page & pic
     Program - John's bio page & pic
     Program - cast bios & pics
     Program - mixed pics 
     Article - 2003 Reunion
ALL THE RIVERS RUN: Pics, articles
PILLIGA PETE: Article & sketch
     Article 1983 John's Back In The Saddle
     Article 1984 John Backs The Bushies' Cause
MY FAIR LADY: reviews

     1984 Calmly Delectable John Waters
     1986 Letting the Flaws Show

THE 90's
     Pics, Article & screen grabs
     Pics & Reviews                   
     Typed Article Newspaper 1995
     Scanned Article TV Week 1993
REUNION: Reviews
CAFE BREL: Reviews
ART: Articles
THE SOUND OF MUSIC: Articles & Pics

Snowy River1996 article re guest appearance in TV series

THE 2000's
GLASS ONION: 2001 reviews & Pics
THE GRADUATE: Reviews & Pics
MIND GAMES: Articles
JOHN & ZOE'S WEDDING: Article & Pics
GLASS ONION: 2002 reviews and pics
OLIVER: Articles & Pics
FIREFLIES: Episode guide & pics 
GLASS ONION: 2004 reviews and pics
THE BOUNCER: Pics & articles
THE WAY WE WERE: Screen Grabs
INFLUENCE: Pics, reviews, articles
LET IT BE: Articles, booking info & pics
ALL SAINTS: Article thumbs & episode guide
     Article: Sunday Times TV Guide 29 May 2006 
     Article: Snippets from various TV guides 
     Article: TV Week 3 June 2006 
     Article: TV Week 10 June 2006 
     Article: TV Week 10 June 2006 2 scanned pieces
     Article: TV Week 17 June 2006
     Article: TV Guide 9 July 2006 
     Article: TV Week 8 July 2006
     Article: Sun herald 12 July 2006. Troubled Waters.
     Article: Melb newspaper 18 July 2006
     Article: TV Guide 23 July 2006 (Cover)
     Article: TV Week 22 July 2006. Two articles.
     Article: TV Week 29 July 2006
     Article: TV Week 5 August 2006. Fessing Up
     Article: TV Week 12 August 2006. Calling It Quits
     Article: TV Week 3 March 2007. Three articles.
     Articles: 3 x news, 2 x radio interviews June July 2007
     Articles: 2 x TV Guide eps re 400th episode
     Article: TV Week 17 March 2007
     Article: TV Week 19 May 2007.
     Article: TV Week 2 June 2007.
     Article: TV Week 9 June 2007.
     Article: TV Week 16 June 2007.
     Article: TV Week 23 June 2007.
THE WOMAN IN BLACK: Pics, reviews etc
     Article: The West Magazine. 16 September 2006. 
THE WHITE ALBUM CONCERT: Articles & reviews.
GLASS ONION 2007: Pics, dates, reviews.
ROCKY HORROR SHOW: Pics, articles, reviews

     Going Nuts. Jan 2002 Article
     Fathers Day Sept 2005 Article
     Echuca Steam Festival Oct 2005 poster.
     Steady Waters. Nov 2005 Article
     Flight of folly: two adults, three kids, 16,000 kilometres. Jan2007
     Untroubled Waters Keeps on Flowing, 16 September 2006.                  
     Baulkham Hills Soccer Club Celebrity Game 15 July 2007 Photos.                                   

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My reviews on John's work
Weekend of Shadows
Which Way Home
The Graduate

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