Libby Tanner as Lill Yengill.                                 John Waters as Perry Luscombe.
Hayley McInerney as Taz Luscombe.            Mary Regan as Perry's ex-wife Janine.

Jeremy Sims as Backa Burke.                               Natasha Novak as Svettie Burke. Christopher Morris as Joey Burke.                          Edmund Cinis as Carter Burke.
Russell Newman as Uncle Jeff Burke.

Nadia Townsend as Fifi Sharp.                             Anna Hruby as Rebekah Sharp.
Russell Kiefel as Sharpie.                                       Kain O'Keeffe as Kieran Sharp.
Abe Forsyth as Hank Sharp.                                      Ashley Fitzgerald as Noodle.

Helen O’Leary as Luisa Parsons.   Peter Lamb as Eris Parsons.
Steve Rodgers as Mike Jones the cop.                  Stephen Leeder as  Bryce Austin.
Ling-Hsueh Tang as KC.                                       Jan Oxenbould as Peg Beecher.
Bradley Byquar as Patto.                                         Jie Pittman as Rolly Patterson.
Brian Vriends as Sam O'Donnell.                                  Zoe Carides as Kim Porter.
Lyn Lee as Val.                                                    Shayne Francis as Donna Bruce.
EP15 Fish or Cut Bait?
Fifi has a new job at the Fire Control Centre and Joey is already doing the maths working out what sort of property they could buy with the extra money. For now though they'll have to put up with living at the Sharps — with little privacy and dealing with Hank on a daily basis.
When Fifi takes a call about a factory fire the Lost River brigade are sent out. Joey has just come in from a night shift on the prawn trawler but he's determined to go straight out to fight the fire, much to Fifi's concern. The factory is ablaze and the firies are stuck inside searching for a missing squatter and a dog. Joey is exhausted and stops for a moment too long just as stored paint tins begin to explode. Fifi knows Joey is inside but she is helpless on the other end of the line. The crews manage to drag themselves out, but with some bad news.
Meanwhile Lill realises there will be no changing Perry's mind about having children but she is not yet ready to give up on the idea for herself. If neither compromise where will this lead? Things only get worse when Perry's ex-wife, Janine, calls to say that Taz has run away from home to be with Hank. Perry and Janine revisit their roles as parent going to the Sharps to find Taz in tears after Hank has rejected her.
Lill gets home after a long day at the factory fire to find Perry and his first family ensconced in a domestic situation and it's all a little too close for comfort for Lill. Suddenly a night on a bunkbed down at the fire station is looking like a mighty good alternative...d text.
Telemovie: Ep 1 & 2 The Sound of Silence
Lill smells smoke. She's only just moved permanently to Lost River, to the 25-hectare weekender she and her husband Perry have been setting up for a couple of years. She can see the smoke, but she has no idea how far away, what the winds will do. It's a scorcher and everyone knows this is going to be the worst fire season ever (and it's only mid October!). She rings Perry at work in distant Fox Glen. She rings friends. She considers ringing 000 but doesn't want to look a fool. She moves from shaky to nervous, to frantic, to panicking. Night falls - she sees the fearful glow. What the hell do you do in a situation like this? Finally a neighbour visits - the fire is 15 km away and under control. Perry comes home to find his wife slowly calming down.
But that night, Lill can't sleep. She gets up and follows the glow of the distant fire, eventually finding it beside the road north of town. She watches the firies in action, watches two farmer neighbours argue over whose fault it was. Above all watches the beautiful embers.
And that is how she finds herself getting involved with the Lost River Rural Fire Brigade. There's the captain, "Backa" Burke, everybody's mate. There's Joey, Backa's cousin, Mr Responsibility, with a serious demeanour that belies his youth. There's Joey's gorgeous girlfriend Fifi, who knows no fear. There's the equipment officer, silent Eris with the angelic singing voice. There's lads and lasses, blokes in their 50s. They make a witty, give-it-all-you-got team, and they're all volunteers, the small town heroes without whom so many country towns would wither and die.
But there's more to Lost River than its friendly surface. This is also a divided, troubled town facing job losses, uncertainty and a terrifying summer. Backa, the Good Bloke at the station, is in a loveless marriage with Russian emigree Svettie, while their shop is going under and the recriminations are starting to fly. Fifi has just found out she's going to have Joey's baby - and she doesn't want to marry Joey to make it all respectable. Old Gwen Beecher has just smashed her car and needs a lift to her committee meetings, and the only one who can do it is "that black woman" Lill. By now Lill has learned that if you want a community you have to work for it. She didn't know you had to be a saint to even make a start!
Meanwhile, the fire that was put out at the start of the film is still smouldering, unbeknownst to our firefighters and thanks to the ancient feud between the farmers whose land it threatens.
Even one bad fire can kill - but this time they'll be fighting on two fronts, as Lill's worst nightmare really does come true with a vengeance.
Ep 3 Sifting Through the Ashes
Lost River is in recovery from a devastating fire that nearly took the lives of some of their best fire fighters and local farmers.
Perry struggles to come to terms with the loss of his home, while Lill and his daughter Taz rival for his attention.
Meanwhile tension mounts between Joey and Fifi over Fifi’s actions concerning their baby.
Luisa learns that her secret love affair with the local cop Mike, is no longer a secret. It all comes to a head when Rebekah Sharp turns up and announces that Luisa's husband Eris was inside a fire truck engulfed by flames. Suddenly Luisa realises that a lot more people know about her affair than she thought. She rushes to be with Eris who is feeling lost and alone.
Backa is trying to deliver on his promise to be "there" for his wife Svettie, but his fire crew has been traumatised and there's counseling to be done.
Ep 4 Hide and Seek
Gossip is spreading like wildfire through town about the fire brigade’s Equipment Officer Eris Parsons shooting his dog. Eris and his wife Luisa aren’t around to set the record straight, they’ve gone into hiding. Seems like everyone in Lost River has something they’re trying to escape from.
Svettie is trying not to drown. Her husband’s uncle Jeff is holding the purse strings of her family’s finances and she’s tired of husband Backa not standing up for her. She runs away to a seaside hotel for the night in an attempt to provide herself with what she desperately needs; some pampering.
While she’s away Backa has to juggle his family and work life with his captaincy of the Lost River Rural Fire Brigade and it’s no easy task.
Backa’s younger brother Joey has returned to Lost River for Fifi and their unborn baby. But things aren’t the same anymore and the couple can’t seem to connect. Joey retreats to a caravan in order to figure his life out.
Meanwhile children’s book illustrator Lill is finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile work with the commitments that come from being part of the community and when her business partner KC arrives from Sydney Lill realises she can’t escape. But there are other distractions in the form of firefighting and after accompanying Backa to the scene of a potentially dangerous fire Lill is suddenly hooked.
Ep 5 Best Laid Plans
One of the realities of living in the bush is making the best out of a bad situation which Lill and Perry are learning to do fast.
Their shed has been overrun with rats; Perry is working on rebuilding their dream house after it was destroyed by fire; and Lill struggles to meet an urgent work deadline in the surrounding chaos. It seems the world is conspiring against her though when a regular commitment to drive Peg Beecher n a couple of errands turns into a lengthy nightmare when Peg falls sick and needs to get to a hospital.
Backa is down at the station to receive the brigade’s new fire truck to replace the one lost in the fire. He is worried about crew numbers and pushes fire control officer Bryce for a Basic Firefighting Course so that Lill and other recruits are trained up before the bush fire danger period really hits.
Uncle Jeff has seized control of Backa and Svettie’s finances and insists that Svettie undergoes a weekly inquisition of the books. She comes up with a plan to make money so that she can get her family out from under Jeff’s clutches. For this she needs the help of friends Sharpie and Rebekah but it’s not without risk.
Fifi attempts a reconciliation with Joey but he’s still confused by her previous behaviour and turns her away. Alone in her room Fifi contemplates life as a single mother and how it will affect her future plans.
Ep 6 Training Daze
Backa and Svettie each have a vision for their financial future. Unfortunately they are vastly different ones. And they are both about to make a deal with the devil. Svettie wants to invest in a marijuana crop with Sharpie but for now she’s keeping it a secret from her husband. Sharpie is less than thrilled with the prospect of going into business with an inexperienced mother of two and sets out to train her in the art of Basic Dope Growing. Things look set to fall apart though when the local cop gets wind of what they’re up to.
Backa has his own training project to manage: Basic Fire Fighting for the new Lost River firies, but he has other things on his mind. Backa’s got that stuck feeling; he is living in a shop when he was born for the land. Taking the initiative to realise his dream he pays a visit to Uncle Jeff to cut a deal over the family property but he’s keeping it a secret too.
For Lill the fire fighting course gives her a glimpse of the service she has joined and she’s not sure if she’s cut out for it.
While Lill’s away learning how to fight fires, Perry continues to rebuild his cave, the mud brick masterpiece. Patto is onsite to help with the job but it’s not all smooth sailing. When Patto tries to teach Perry a few tips of the trade tempers flare. Who’s the boss and who’s got the knowledge?
Ep 7 Hazard Reduction
It’s Hazard Reduction time in Lost River.
Fifi has to deal with her unpredictable brother Hank who has just returned from prison and has a different story to tell to everyone he meets. But it’s Fifi he’s most interested in and when he visits her at work she’s again reminded of what a different person she’s become since he left. Back at home the Sharp family try to welcome this free radical element as Hank tries to wheedle his way back into Fifi’s life. Later that night she finds herself in an unexpected kiss with Joey.
Lill and Perry are trying hard to deal with Taz, Perry's moody teenage daughter who’s arrived for the holidays. She’s travelled with Hank on the bus up to Lost River and has heard his stories of brutal prison life. She clashes with Lill over everything and confronts her father with her palpable distaste for her stepmother. In his Fox Cove office, Perry begins Anger Management sessions with Hank and is soon alerted to the strange pathology that consumes him.
Lill prepares for the fire controlled Hazard Reduction but is unprepared for the discovery she makes when she and Svettie clean out Peg’s house. Left on her own she finds a hatbox of letters that bring up a traumatic, damaging event in her own life. An argument with Taz leads to her confiding in Perry and eventually confronting Peg.
For Backa it's not just Hazard Reduction on the fireground. He struggles with the responsibilities of a dangerous burn off and the knowledge that his deal with his Uncle Jeff may well betray his brother. Every little thing seems to go wrong on the day. Backa is left with a headache and a sinking feeling that his problems will re-emerge. It’s only a matter of time.
Ep 8 Ride With Style
The Lost River rodeo could be the last throw of the dice for Backa and Svettie’s shop. Stocked up for their biggest annual trading day, they hope to pay off their immediate debt and avoid the bank foreclosing but the news of fires down south keeps Backa and Svettie stretched between hope and despair. Confronted with imminent failure, Backa finally tells Svettie about the deal with Uncle Jeff - a job, a home and a future, under Uncle Jeff’s roof and his controlling thumb. The foretaste of disaster opens them to each other, but neither can see a happy ending for their family.
Taz wants a driving lesson but Perry is busy and suggests she practice by herself on the property. After an argument Taz drives off towards town. She returns in shock telling Perry she has knocked over a cowboy by the side of the road. Perry takes control of the situation - they search for any sign of a person being struck but find only a cowboy hat. They search the rodeo ground and call the hospital - no injuries have been reported. Perry's not sure what to believe.
With Backa busy at the shop, Joey, Fifi and Lill work the rodeo car park, a traditional firies fundraiser. When the town girls ask Joey whether he is on the market Fifi takes it as an opportunity to tease. Joey is as confused as ever by Fifi's behaviour, until she puts up the highest bid and they kiss and make up.
When Uncle Jeff bears the bad news - the roads are closed, the rodeo is cancelled, it seems like Backa and Svettie have no choice other than to accept his deal or leave Lost River but while Backa goes off to the rodeo ground to tell Joey, Svettie negotiates a dangerous loan with Sharpie and convinces Backa the money has come from selling off milking machine parts stored in their shed.
Ep 9 Home Is Where The Heat Is
In a last bid attempt to save her failing shop and keep her family together Svettie has borrowed a large amount of cash from a loan-shark. But she's keeping it a secret from Backa telling him the sudden injection of funds has come from the sale of some milking machinery stored in their back shed. Now they’re on easy street, for a while at least. In a mood to celebrate Backa and Svettie have the best day they’ve had in months, even years!
The day soon heats up toward boiling point. At the Sharps a lazy summer barbecue descends into chaos. Eldest son Hank has returned to Lost River and he's ready to cause as much trouble as possible – especially for Fifi. Hank can’t forgive the fact that his younger sister is now all grown up and responsible and pushes to find the Bad Girl he farewelled when he went to jail three years ago. When Rolly Patterson arrives mid-party and makes a beeline for Fifi it seems Hank might get to see the old Fifi after all. There are others for Hank to 'play' with too in the shape of Kieran and his girlfriend Noodle and when Perry’s daughter Taz turns up it's open season...
Perry and Lill arrive at the scene to pick up a distraught Taz and it leaves Perry with a sinking feeling. Is he ready to become a parent the second time around? For Lill one of the core promises of their relationship has been broken.
Ep 10 The Longest Day
It's the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the fourth anniversary of the death of Jeff's teenage son Damien. It's always been a long day for Jeff and today is no different as he wakes with a feeling of dread and sadness. Things only get worse when Damien's old girlfriend Fifi arrives at the house to present Jeff with Damien's battered old guitar which she's held on to for all this time. Jeff receives the guitar in bad grace and continues to alienate the remaining family he has around him – particularly Joey who asks Jeff if he can have some cattle he has been promised. Jeff refuses his nephew's request as always in an attempt to control his destiny. However with a little strategic advice and help from older brother Backa, Joey takes back what is rightly his.
On a mission from hell Jeff clashes bitterly with Svettie insisting that young Carter is sent to boarding school instead of the local Fox Cove High. But Svettie is resolute; she wants her son beside her always.
Meanwhile Lill is doing her best to avoid her own relationship problems. She abandons home for the day, seeking a bit of light relief with the Lost River firies.
EP11 While The Cats Away
In the midst of the Lost River Christmas Carols Backa gets a call. A Section 44 has been declared in Shoalhaven and Backa is asked to join a strike team travelling down to help fight the fires. Despite Svettie's unease and Carter's misery at his father leaving, Backa decides to take a crew.
It doesn't take long to find volunteers – Joey, Eris, Luisa and Kieran are eager to depart. Lill, realising that seventy two hours away would give her a break from Perry and pretending everything is alright, is suddenly ready to sign up too. As the Lost River fire brigade prepares for a long hot Christmas away their families prepare to celebrate as best they can without their loved ones.
Svettie can't shake off her feeling of impending doom and it's only made worse when Sharpie informs her their cash crop is dying from lack of rain. They devise a plan to get much needed water to their plantation but it's one that involves 'borrowing' a big red fire truck.
The Lost River brigade are keen for action but when they arrive down south they're told to stand by and wait... Which means plenty of action off the fireground as passions light up in surprising ways. And for Backa some strategic planning pays off when the Lost River crew are able to save property and lives.
Ep 12 Home Time
After battling huge fires down the south coast the firies return to Lost River. They might have been away for Christmas but they’re determined to make up for it when they get home.
Joey is on a mission, looking for steady work. He finds a job as a deck hand with the owner of a fishing trawler. After a few nights out at sea the two men bond and Joey gets some invaluable advice from his new boss that may help to turn his life around. He decides to try one more time with Fifi and goes to her with a definite plan.
Meanwhile Fifi's career in the Rural Fire Service is under threat when she discovers that Sharpie and Svettie 'borrowed' a fire truck to water their cash crop. Backa smells a rat and gives Fifi a grilling. Will she give up her father and Svettie?
Lill rushes home to be with Perry and to get her relationship back on course. But she's still hurt and subconsciously pushes him away. And Perry knows it; especially once he realises his wife is spending more time with the fire brigade than with him. When Backa and Lill are rostered on to do some routine work down at the station, what was meant to be a 30 minute job turns into an eternity when they are called out to a motor vehicle accident. Perry is drunk and angry when Lill returns home. Life is getting complicated.
Word is out that developers are coming over the rise with a plan to build a giant golf course and resort and everyone must face the fact that their town may be changed forever.
EP 13 Clouds Got In The Way
The firies become involved with an elderly couple making a nostalgic trip back to Lost River. Their life story resonates particularly with Backa and Lill.
Lill's newly published children's book arrives and she prepares to test it out on the kids of Lost River. Surrounded by children at play and talking through issues of motherhood with her female friends, Lill is forced to confront her desire for a child. But it's Perry who brings the matter out into open when he asks Lill an important question about their relationship.
Sharpie and Rebekah decide to get Joey and Fifi a new bed so they can sleep together as a proper married couple now that Joey has moved in with the Sharps. Sharpie does a deal with an old mate and scams a free bed for them. The honeymoon period is short and sweet for Fifi and Joey but with a little peppermint oil, some vinegar and a new set of sheets, they sort themselves out and clear the air.
The Twelfth Green Developments group holds a public meeting to address community concerns about the golf course and resort intended for Lost River. Backa and Svettie want to work with the developers, claiming the project will bring economic benefit to the town. Perry, Lill and especially Eris have a different take on the matter though, questioning the motives and plans of the consortium. Backa and Eris begin a public argument over the future of their town and community.
But the two men have a reality check when they are called out to investigate a gas smell. What they discover puts everything into perspective.
EP 14 Keep Your Enemies Close
Lill and Svettie have been living it up at Lill's "Which Witch?" children's book launch in Sydney and are on a road trip back to Lost River. As the two women bond, Lill reveals information about herself that shocks Svettie and she begins to see Lill in a new light.
Meanwhile Hank Sharp has also returned from Sydney, only this time he's not alone. With him are two dodgy looking 'mates' who are seen around town acting very suspiciously. Perry is angry at Hank for absconding from his weekly anger management sessions and threatens to report Hank to his parole officer. But Hank has a card up his sleeve, which involves blackmailing Perry for covering up the possibility that his daughter Taz may have been responsible for a hit and run car accident.
Later Perry finds his car vandalised and during a confrontation with Hank about the matter, Hank then reveals he was seeing Taz in Sydney. It's the final insult for Perry, who angrily lunges at Hank, landing a clumsy punch to the side of his head. Hank is actually thrilled — it's just another piece of ammunition to use against his counsellor.
Hank arrives back home to a family who are all a little wary of him. Especially once they realise that Hank and his sidekicks may be planning a crime. Fifi knows it will be impossible to stop her brother from continuing on his destructive path. It upsets her even more when she realises Hank is reeling Kieran into his world.
For Fifi it marks a moment, which brings her closer to Joey and towards planning their future together as a new family unit.
EP 20 Fighting Fire With Fire
Backa watches the fire trucks roll into Lost River. It's 24 hours before the fires reach the village and he believes they'll come from the west as well as the expected front to the east. Not only is the Lost River brigade fractured, the members insist on sniping in front of Divisional Commander Donna Bruce. Backa needs Donna to trust his judgement that they have to get out to the fires instead of waiting for more intelligence from Firecom.
Svettie makes an unexpected visit to the station and learns that the fire may reach Deep Creek by nightfall. She and Sharpie head for their Deep Creek plantation to harvest before the fire reaches.
Meanwhile Lill asks Perry for a truce until the fire has passed but Perry refuses, accusing her of demanding his support while she destroys their marriage. He insists she has to learn to act on her own.
Backa convinces Donna the only way he can unite his brigade is to get them out on the ground. However they arrive to meet the fire too late and Backa is forced to fall back to Deep Creek to backburn. He has no way of knowing though that Svettie, cut off from all communication, is in the middle of the area he intends to burn. Kieran, knowing where his father and Svettie are, confides in Lill and convinces her that they must warn Svettie and Sharpie before the backburn traps them. When Lill is a hero on the fireground she realises maybe she'll be able to survive on her own after all.

EP 21 Precious Things
Suddenly the fires are on the edge of Lost River town itself. The Losties don't have time to even think — they're down to Old Tip Road in a blink, trying to save a bunch of houses and stop the fire from crossing into the heart of town. Backa's running the Tip Road Sector. He's making calls, talking on two radios at once, driving in and out of the yards of tinderbox houses on big one-acre lots with tons of dry scrub around them. He's scared — though only Lill can pick it.
Lill finds herself helping to save a run-down uninsured house belonging to Suzie Ogg. Joey's thrown into the thick of things at the Sharps, with Hank being annoying and Sharpie way too relaxed to be much good.
Meanwhile Lill's left Perry with a box and a question: here's somewhere to put a few precious things, just in case. So, what should he save?
Svettie knows exactly what to save — but what should she do next, when there's hardly any customers and she can't leave the shop? It's going to be a long day.
The fire front's coming, it's bigger than they thought – and the water pressure's failed. The trucks are going to have to relay back and forth to the dam at Sharpie's to refill. And when they discover that Suzie's place is burning inside the roof, Backa has to make the call. No one said fighting fires on your own doorstep was easy.

EP 22 When The Smoke Clears
Days have passed since the fires. Everyone is trying to return to normal, but it's not going to be easy. Lill tries her hand at spinning. She has a few CWA ladies over for a spinning session — nothing more meditative or calming until Perry arrives and tells her he's changed his mind. He does want to have a baby with her. Now she has something to meditate on, while she spins her wool.
Fifi and Joey are living with Uncle Jeff but that's only temporary. It's got to be temporary. Just has to be. But Joey knows that with the fires gone and their caravan burnt out, Fifi's going to have to reconcile with her family. It's eating her up inside, and Uncle Jeff's icy deal-making isn't helping.
Sharpie's just getting by. His house was saved but now he's got a son on the critical list in hospital, another son who wants to marry his 15-year-old girlfriend, a wife and daughter estranged from each other. Sharpie starts wondering where he went wrong.
As for Backa, he just wants to give up the captaincy as he always promised Svettie and get on with his life. The only hitch is that no new captain is coming forward. Then he discovers four cases of illegal cash crop in the back shed and at last the truth comes out, layer on layer of it. Svettie's debts, Svettie's lies, their real financial situation, the fish-farming investments. It'd be funny if it wasn't so shocking. And Constable Mike Jones is sniffing around, dropping hints. Backa's convinced Mike knows about the drugs.
But it's a funny old world, as Lill learns when she realises she's torn between the man she loves who's promising her everything she ever wanted – and a married man who isn't promising her anything. Maybe the secret is to see things clearly and stop fooling yourself. Maybe the secret is to get your eyes open and wait for the smoke to clear.
EP16 Between A Rock and A Rock
Backa dusts off his suit for a lunch meeting with the golf course developers. What he doesn't know is that they need 40ha of Uncle Jeff's land for their prospective resort. Backa is surprised to find an old school friend Sam O'Donnell in attendance. Sam is consulting as a lawyer for the group and has been enlisted to try to talk Backa into convincing Jeff to sell. As the two men reminisce over old days Backa learns the real reason he's being wined and dined. And there's a sweetener on offer — they'll buy the craft shop if he talks Jeff into selling. But Backa's father's ashes have been scattered on part of the 40ha and he's left with a real dilemma. Svettie thinks all her Christmases have come at once thinking they'll be rid of the shop once and for all.
Lill decides to escape to a girls' afternoon in the pool but it's no holiday. When the women start gossiping Luisa learns that her affair with Mike was not a secret after all and she was not the only one — at least seven other women in town, including Ali! In the middle of the revelations Lill's business partner, KC, turns up with some bad news for Lill. KC has been offered a job on an older children's novel that does not require illustrations and wants to put their partnership on hold. Lill's career prospects seem suddenly shaky.
While Lill's out, Perry and Patto decide to get the mudbrick palace moving. Needing a few more hands they're off to the fire station to recruit Joey and Eris and the boys have their own afternoon getting stuck in the mud.
EP17 Kin Oath
Peg's back. Escaping from her nursing home, she makes a beeline for her house only to find it's been rented out to the new doctor and his family. When Peg lands on Lill's doorstep Lill decides to champion her cause but she doesn't know what she's let herself in for. Peg's not happy so it's tantrums all round when she avails herself of Lill's, Perry's, then Backa's and Svettie's, hospitality. It's hard enough for everyone without having a grumpy Peg Beecher in the equation.
Backa is agonising over whether to sell the homsetead paddock that his father's ashes are on: will it betray his father's memory? While Svettie sympathises with his dilemma she knows they need the money and pushes him accordingly. Backa visits Joey to ask his advice but Joey is furious that Backa would even contemplate doing such a thing. Meanwhile Lill and Perry are still trying to patch up their relationship as best they can.
Fifi comes home to find Hank acting even more suspiciously than usual and when he hands her over some cash she knows something is going on. At dinner the next night the Sharps hear of a bookie robbery over the radio and while everyone suspects Hank may have had something to do with it, nothing is said. Hank is full of bravado though and when he destroys a piece of Joey's property Fifi is pushed over the edge. She will be forced to choose between her new life with Joey and her family.lick here to add text.
EP18 Sons and Lovers
For Svettie life is about to take a drastic turn. When an old business acquaintance, Kim Porter, turns up and convinces Svettie to invest in an aquaculture development Svettie decides to take fate into her own hands. Believing she's ultimately securing a future for her family she finds the confidence to revisit Val, the Lender of Last Resort, who gives her the 25 grand to invest in the business. Svettie finally feels like she's on a winner. It's only when Jeff unknowingly bursts her bubble and after a series of frantic phone calls that Svettie realises her gamble was too great.
Lill and Perry have reached a standoff in their relationship. Not knowing where to turn, and going stir crazy in the shed, Perry suggests a bush walk that begins reasonably and ends in a strange game of fantasy possibilities where Lill reveals more than she intended.
Meanwhile Rebekah fears that Kieran may end up in prison after it becomes clear that he is starting to toughen up like his older brother Hank. Rebekah puts pressure on Sharpie to get Kieran away from Hank's influence and when news of a bar job in Queensland comes through Rebekah finds herself having to face one of her biggest fears: saying goodbye to her son to save him.
EP19 Closing In
Perry's moved into the mudbrick house and Lill is happy about that — or is she? During a drunken phone call with Perry's ex-wife Lill realises her relationship may really be over. Then the unravelling starts as her happiness turns and reality starts closing in. Can she live without Perry?
It's another hot day and a fire has started in the Tuza State forest. Fifi arrives at Firecom, to the chaos of fires already out of control. Conditions aren't good — it's expected to reach 41 degrees and the winds are fierce. All the brigades are on standby as Fire Control Officer Bryce Austin works out the strategies needed to overcome the fires before they link up and the wind pushes them towards Fox Cove. Fifi learns that Bryce will do everything he can to save Fox Cove, including putting his own house at risk.
There's smoke in Lost River but no fire, yet. Backa is at the fire station organising crews. He's trying to be Captain in every way possible. But there's pressure coming in from everywhere. He can't help wondering why local policeman Mike Jones is sniffing around his wife. And there's a south westerly change expected which means the fires will close in around Lost River.
Meanwhile Mike is closing in on Svettie and Sharpie's dope crop. He's torn between being the cop and living in a small country town where he has become familiar with the residents. It's a fine line and Mike is still an outsider. But a secret is out about Mike and his world is about to close in on him too.ick here to add text.
John and Libby on the Kerri Anne Kennerly program. Feb 14 2004. Thanks Heletia for the screen grabs.
Lill (Libby Tanner) and Perry (John Waters).
Lill and Perry, with Taz (Hayley McInerney and Janine (Mary Regan).
Perry and Janine
Above: Lill and Perrys house - outside. And Below: inside.
Perry and Taz
Backa (Jeremy Sims), Svettie (Natasha Novak) and Uncle Jeff (Russell Newman).
Fifi (Nadia Townsend) and Joey (Christopher Morris).
Svettie and Kim Porter (Zoe Carides)
Taz and Rebekah Sharp (Anna Hruby)
Lill and KC (Ling-Hsueh Tang)
Lill with Mike Jones (Steve Rodgers) the cop
John with the Fireflies cast at the 2004 Logie Awards. April 2004.