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Karina Friday, 8/26/05, 10:47 PM 
Hi Russell. Thanks for the comments about my site - I appreciate it. I am just waiting for a reply to an email and when it arrives I should have the answers to your querys and will let you know asap. I too am looking forward to seeing The Bouncer. regards Karina. 
From: Perth 

Russell Lomas Wednesday, 8/24/05, 7:10 PM 
Hi great too see such a dedicated site....Can you please answer a question for me??? Can you tell me when The Bouncer is being released...and who is the would be very much appreciated... regards, and thanks for the site.... Russell 
From: Western Australia 
E-mail:  russell_foxworld @ yahooDOTcomDOTau 

ken Sunday, 8/21/05, 10:53 PM 
i have a walking stick that John might be interested in is there somewhere i can write to him and send pictures regards Ken 
From: tamworth 
E-mail:  opahomah @ 

Fred Monday, 7/11/05, 9:06 AM 
John Waters has the most deep and mesmerizing voice I have ever heard. I really enjoy listening to him in conversation. 

Karina Thursday, 7/7/05, 4:14 AM 
Hi Susan. Yes indeed John hosted/narrated that Nostrodamas special in the 70s. I remember seeing it way back then and had no idea a video existed. I would be very interested in getting a copy from you. Will email you on the weekend :) Regards Karina 

susan romer Monday, 7/4/05, 4:21 PM 
i have just been watching a video of nostradamus and it is compered by john waters. i looked on the web and found your site. i think it's the same man . i think this video was made in 1979. do you know anything about the video, please? cheers, susie 
From: matlock, england 
E-mail:  hello @ susanromer 

Karina Friday, 6/10/05, 11:33 AM 
Hi Susan. Its a great movie isnt it. I do have a couple of spare copies of the soundtrack that I was planning to put on ebay, I will email you and we can discuss. 

Susan Friday, 6/10/05, 10:35 AM 
I love your site. I happened to watch "Heaven Tonight" last week, and was blown away by the songs. I noticed you have the soundtrack. I have been looking frantically for a copy. Could you help me out? Many Thanks 
From: Atlanta, Georgia 
E-mail:  susan.newman @ regentmedical .com 

Karina Friday, 5/20/05, 11:40 PM 
Hi Margaret. In Australia the DVD for All The Rivers Run is available at and they ship overseas. Just be sure to check which region it is first. The Singapore Sling series - I have only seen available in HongKong and they are dubbed in chinese ! Which Way Home - I have seen it available on VHS on Ebay - mostly US and UK versions. best of luck finding them all. Its great to rewatch and re-enjoy them again. Karina. 

Margaret Wadley Friday, 5/20/05, 8:30 AM 
We are big fans of John Waters and are desparatly trying to obtain Videos or DVD of: All the Rivers Run, Singapore Sling, Road to Mandalay and Which way home. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Regards Margaret 
From: England UK 
Web Site:  Freeserve 
E-mail:  wadleys @ bronydd. 

Karina Friday, 3/18/05, 6:16 AM 
Hey Pris :) Great to hear from you again. Yep I just love Milli's new cd and the launch went really well - I will email you some photos from it. The whole band really rock. We need a big US tour now !!!! ciao Karina xx 

Priscilla Wednesday, 3/16/05, 8:36 AM 
KJ, don't know if you remember me, but I'm a friend of Milli's (Gina). Aren't you just thrilled that she is doing so well! Was just checking out your site again, and just glad someone is actually keeping a site current.. you do a really good job! 
From: Clyde, Texas USA 
Web Site: 
E-mail:  prisg @ valornet. com 

Karina Saturday, 3/12/05, 11:41 PM 
Hi Graham - thanks for visiting. No John didnt star in Tim. It starred Piper Laurie as Mary and a very young Mel Gibson as Tim. Alwyn Kurts played Tims father. Great cast and a fine film adaptation of the wonderful novel. 

Graham Saturday, 3/12/05, 11:35 PM 
Hi Katrina, Thanks for the site. Do you know if John was in an early film of McCulloch's novel Tim? My mother says she can remember seeing such a film on TV many years ago. Cheers Graham. 
From: Perth 
E-mail:  echelon @ swiftdsl. com 

Karina Saturday, 2/5/05, 8:30 PM 
Hi Muriel. I am in fact at this moment going thru some articles on John from back then and if I find any mentions about his time making "Johnno" - I will email you as soon as possible. I havent ever had the chance to see this telemovie but will continue to look out for a copy on video. Thanks for visiting. :) 

maubec Saturday, 2/5/05, 8:51 AM 
Hello, my name is Muriel. Congratulations for this site. I'm a teacher in France and I'm looking for informations about "captain johnno". John Waters has a very difficult role in this movie, and I really was touched by his character. I want to know, if you have some interview, where he's speaking about this role. Thanks. Bye. Muriel. 
From: france 
E-mail:  muriel.racloz @ 

John Miller Tuesday, 1/18/05, 4:18 PM 
John and Toms work is greatly admired by this person. Presently I have manuscript being assessed. I seek name and address of Johns and Toms agents in order to forward synopsis of novel to them with a view to film production down the line. Best regards, John Miller, 19/01/05 
From: Sydney 
E-mail:  johnmiller@froggy. com. 

Karina Saturday, 1/15/05, 9:24 PM 
Hi Catherine. Hmmmm the bio page should be working - but I see it isnt. Will have a play and see whats wrong. I am in the midst of a total reconstruction of the site so things may disappear every now and then for a few days. But I will try not to disrupt it too much !!! ciao Karina. 

Catherine Saturday, 1/15/05, 2:40 PM 
Hi Karina, Happy New Year. Thanks for adding my site to your Links. I tried to access the Biography Page but there seems to be a problem. The site is FAB. Keep up the good work. Catherine. 
From: Glasgow, Scotland 
Web Site:  The Getting of Wisdom 
E-mail:  catherinesoundofmusic @ 

debbie Sunday, 1/2/05, 2:53 AM 
thank you john, seeing your show was an unforgettable experience and now after recieving your cd i can continue to enjoy the glass onion story.. hurry back to cairns, debbie 
From: cairns 
E-mail:  debbie55 @ 

Karina Tuesday, 12/28/04, 4:58 PM 
Hi Patsy. I am on holidays at the moment but as soon as I get home I will email you re this and see what I can sort out for you. Thanks for visiting the site. Karina. 

Patsy Sawyer Monday, 12/27/04, 5:15 PM 
Hi, I went to John's Glass Onion concert in Grafton on 24 th June 2004 with my boyfriend and we were both blown away by the experience (we are both in our 40's). I went back to the venue the next day and was lucky enough to purchase a copy of the CD as a xmas gift. Being a xmas gift I didn't listen to it myself and unfortunately 6 months down the track Brett received it and it is faulty! Do you know any way I can get it replaced as we were so disappointed as we enjoyed the experience so much. Only CD 1 is affected with a static noise over the last three or four songs. I hope you can help as there is no contact on the cover of the CD. Congratulations on the site, I am also a big fan. Thanks in advance for your help, Patsy 
From: Lawrence near Grafton 
E-mail:  patsy_anne @ com 

Andy Start Thursday, 11/11/04, 8:59 PM 
Hi: I'm happy to have found John's website. I went to school with John from 1960-67, Hampton Grammar School in the western suburbs of London where we all knew him as "Jim". Jim - if you read these messages, I admire your guts for stepping out in '68 and your work - Breaker Morant was a masterpiece. I live in Mineapolis, MN USA these days - if you're ever in the northern hemisphere (this is way north!), e- mail me, visit and I'll buy you a beer, which isn't bad up here! Best Regards Andy Start 
From: Minneapolis, MN 
E-mail:  andystart @ 

Karina Friday, 11/5/04, 11:52 PM 
Hi Marilyn. Some authors you might want to look for, to further quench your thirst for Aussie knowledge - try Tim Winton, William Stuart Long, Colleen McCullough, even Bryce Courtney (not my personal favourite but my dad loves his Aussie based novels). If I think of anymore I will let you know. Enjoy the discovery :) 
From: Perth 

Marilyn Thursday, 11/4/04, 9:01 AM 
I have a great admiration for the Australian people and their country. If I were asked to describe, in one word, the Aussies that I've been exposed to then the word would be Gutzy. I have never traveled to Australia, but I hope to one day. Until then, I will continue to read and watch movies about your wonderful countrymen, landscapes and rivers! Your website is wonderful! Hello to John also. 
From: USA 

Karina Sunday, 10/31/04, 1:36 AM 
Oh Marilyn - very glad you found the book. It is such a great historical Aussie novel. I know many people who read it in the 70's and migrated to Australia just because of it !! Nancy wrote several other brilliant books thru the century so keep an eye out in seond hand stores for them. 

marilyn Saturday, 10/30/04, 5:48 PM 
Thank you for clearing up the ABC issue. I didn't recall seeing Fire Flies in the US. As a matter of fact, I just picked up the book All the Rivers Run for a good read. Thanks for recommending it. Also, thanks for the wonderful website about John. I love reading all of the comments. 
From: USA 

Karina Friday, 10/29/04, 10:27 PM 
Hi Marilyn. Thanks for visiting my site. Yes All The Rivers Run will always be a great mini series to watch. The book is also a fantastic read. Fireflies was a series on ABC this year but it apparently wasnt picked up for a seond series. You do realise of course all TV stations referred to on this website are Aussie ones ? Its not ABC in the US !! 
From: Perth Oz 

Marily Thursday, 10/28/04, 2:45 PM 
Is Fire Flies still on ABC? I had no idea that John Waters was a cast member. I must be out of touch with reality since he's one of my favorit actors! 
E-mail:  marilyn547 @ 

marilyn heath Thursday, 10/28/04, 7:26 AM 
I have seen your movie "All the Rivers Run" tons of times and never seem to tire of it. It sounds corny, but your performance made the movie a success for me. I was amazed, however, to find that you do so much more than act. I have to check into that. Anyway, we appreciate you Aussies! Especially with all the world events recently and our upcoming election for our leader. We are a nation of change right now and it's comforting to have your movies to move us back to a safer place, even if it's only for a moment. Thanks for your contribution to our culture here is the US of A! 
From: usa 
E-mail:  marilyn547 @ 

Rhonda Tuesday, 9/21/04, 4:46 PM 
Hi, any one got some idea where I can purchase the Glass Onion CD. Have seen the show twice and loved it and want to buy the CD. Cheers 
From: Sydney 
e-mail:  rhonfh @ 

Karina Tuesday, 9/21/04, 3:10 AM 
Hi Darren. Wrong John !! John sung on the album but its actually Jon English's project. Jon's website is Last news I personally heard about Paris was late last year or early this year when the rights were released for amateur productions and from memory a Melbourne production did go ahead. 
From: Perth Oz 

Darren Gately Sunday, 9/19/04, 9:15 PM 
Hi John (?), I will be really brief here because I know you are busy. A few years ago an album came out called "Paris" which I thought was fantastic, and I heard an interview someplace that you were kind of experimenting to see if a soundtrack could come out in advance of the theatrical production. I was just wondering if you could pinpoint why the strategy didnt work. I am working on a movie project that in many ways is similar and I guess I am trying to avoid making the same mistake by using the benefit of your hindsight. If you have time to flesh out the possible reasons it would be great ..or is Paris the musical still on the drawing boards waiting for its time to come ? cheers darren 
From: North Queensland 
E-mail:  darren @ 

Karina Saturday, 9/18/04, 10:33 PM 
Hi Eileen. Thanks so much for the compliments about my site. I really do appreciate them. And its always great to find fans in the US as John is more well known in Aus and Europe. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you come again soon :) 
From: Perth Oz 

EILEEN Saturday, 9/18/04, 7:28 PM 
This is a great John Waters web site! Of course in the US, if you type in his name you get OUR weird John Waters, so it is nice to find the Aussie version. I first became aware of John Waters when I saw the film "Breaker Morant", and going on the web is the only way I can find out what and how he is doing. Thank you for putting this information on the web! 
From: USA 
E-mail:  boobadu @ 

Michael Ball Tuesday, 9/7/04, 6:38 PM 
John, I saw you in concert in Cairns in May and thought you and the team were just wonderful. I didn't buy your cd on the night and now want to get a copy for a friend for her 50th birthday. Can I order over the net?? Can I get you to sign it with a birthday wish??/ Thanks Michael 
From: Brisbane 
E-mail:  michael.ball @ publicworks. 

Karina Thursday, 8/26/04, 2:59 AM 
Wow - I dont check for a few days and there have been so many visitors !! Thanks for everyones comments, glad you all got to see Glass Onion and enjoyed it. MARIA - I managed to find a US ex rental vhs of Summerfield on Ebay this year - its not one I have seen pop up on Ebay before. If I see it up for sale again I wil email you and let you know. The one I got was NTSC version - is Canada same as US ? or do you guys use PAL like us in Aus and UK. As long as you have a vcr that plays all regions you are fine. ciao Karina 
From: Perth Oz 

Maria Los Monday, 8/23/04, 9:14 AM 
Hi! So happy to find a website on this fine actor.... Is his movie 'Summerfield' available on DVD (or VHS)? I can't find it anywhere online. Thanks (Great website by-the-way!!!!) 
From: Toronto, Canada 
Web Site:  Friends of Terpsichore 
E-mail:  terpsichore.cmlos @ 

Ronan Monday, 8/23/04, 7:47 AM 
Completely blown away by Glass Onion which we saw at the Enmore on Fri. 20th Aug. John and Band amazing.Have been a fan since Rush,not exactly yesterday but still fresh in my mind. I have a poster of Glass Onion which I would love to have signed and personalised as the occasion was special for my partner and myself. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Ronan and Barbara 
From: Ireland 
E-mail:  ronan.s @ 

Pam Huber Wednesday, 8/18/04, 5:45 AM 
Saw John do Glass Onion in Geelong and Ballarat recently and was blown away. John Lennon is now more alive for me than when he was actually alive. An extreme talent that Australia should be proud to have. Well done John. You are amazing 
From: Geelong 
E-mail:  phuber @ 

wendy Friday, 8/13/04, 3:28 AM 
Hello Karina, Yes I did buy a c.d. thank you. I am so pleased I did. I am glad I actually went to the concert, I am still raving about it, people who haven't had the privilege are a little bored with me, but guess what I really don't care, I would rather talk to some one who has been there, we are the only one's who understand. Thankyou Cheers, Wendy 
From: Devonport 
E-mail:  deey @ 

Karina Friday, 8/6/04, 2:32 AM 
Hi Wendy. Glad you enjoyed the show so much. I have to admit I was a Beatles fan but not as much a Lennon fan until Glass Onion educated me about preconcieved opinions that the media try to make me have about someone. Hope you bought a CD to keep you company until another tour !! ciao K 

Wendy Friday, 8/6/04, 2:18 AM 
Last night I had the best concert experience, I saw Looking Through A Glass Onion, I walked away feeling unbelievably exhilerated. I have always been a huge John Waters fan, I am now a John Lennon convert as well. John, Stewart and all the group were brilliant, if it had been possible I would have followed the tour to Launceston and Hobart, can't wait for it to return at some point 
From: Devonport Tasmania 
E-mail:  deey @ 

Karina Wednesday, 7/21/04, 1:59 AM 
Hi Getano. Thanks for visiting my site. Your Beales/Lennon themed fundraising concert sounds like it was a great event - what a fabulos idea. I will pass your details on to John. Regards Karina 
From: Perth Oz 

Getano Bann Sunday, 7/18/04, 11:36 PM 
Hi! John, Congratulations on a fantastic concept. I've seen your show 3 time now, once many many years ago in Mackay and several years ago at the Qld Performing Arts Centre with my 13 year old. We both throughly enjoyed it. Back in 1990 I stage a concert in Mackay called 'Peace in the Park' an arranged 17 bands to play Beatles and Lennon material. The money which was donnated from the free concert went to a Woman's shealter in Mackay. I am very keen to stage another 'Peace in the Pack Concert' in Brisbane and will try to endevour to approach a radio station to help and promote a similar event to mark Lennon's 25 Anniversary next year. I wonder what you are up to, to mark this event next year? Maybe there's an opportunity for you to play at the Brisbane Event if I can creat enough interrest to get it off the ground. If you are interested in dicussing this matter with me I can be contacted on W 07 3266 1708 or Hm 07 3266 1708. Your interrest my help in the show becoming a reality. All the best with your current performances. I look forward to taking my 16 year old daughter to a show here in Brisbane in September. Best wishes and kind regards. Getano Bann Music Therapist BoysTown Logan. 
From: Mackay (of Scotish and Torres Strait Islander decent) 
E-mail:  gbann @ boystown. 

Loz Friday, 7/16/04, 12:54 AM 
Hi Karina, Just thought I'd better thank you for the ticket to the Glass Onion show last Friday night. what a great show, it blew me away and i went along not really expecting much! Thanks again, and thanks again to all the actors and musicians in the show. 
From: Perth 

Karina Tuesday, 7/13/04, 2:42 AM 
Hi Cherie. Am disapointed for you that Horsham was cancelled. Glad to know you have been able to see the show previously. Hope you have the chance to see it again one day. I will pass on the comments about advertising. Regards Karina 
From: Perth Oz 

Cherie Monday, 7/12/04, 6:34 AM 
I was lucky enough to be in the front row at the Looking through a Glass Onion when it last came to Horsham, I would have went again the next night if it had been possible, the show was brilliant, it was almost eerie, I think John Lennon will never be equalled for his ability to write songs from within. I am now bitterly disappointed because I had purchsed the whole front row for the Horsham show that has been cancelled due to lack of numbers. You need to know that the only local advertising was a few posters in shops, I had to contact all the ticket sales places to find out when the show might be on as I had watched a TV interview where you said you would be doing the Glass Onion again. I hope I do get the opportunity to see the show. Once again you were 'BRILLIANT' 
From: Horsham 
E-mail:  hutchkc @ wimmera. 

Karina Friday, 7/9/04, 8:54 PM 
Glad you enjoyed the show Yvonne - I was at Fridays show too and as usual it blew me away. 
From: Perth 

yvonne kirton Friday, 7/9/04, 8:53 AM 
went to see glass onion tonight and it was the most amazing show I have ever been priveleged to see. It wasn't glizy or glam just fabulous talent. I have always been a fan but this blew me away. Thank you John Please pass this on if you can 
From: perth w.a. 
E-mail:  vonnyk31 @ hotmail .com 

Jo Saturday, 7/3/04, 4:58 PM 
I don't know what his connection is with the film 'The Heartbreak Kid' (1993, Dir Michael Jenkins) but there is a Mozart sonata from it which i am trying to find. I don't know the name of it just that it is in the film! This website came up as a link when searching for it. 
From: Bristol 
E-mail:  jc2903 @ 

Karina Friday, 7/2/04, 11:49 PM 
Hi Derek, good to hear from you again, will update the site info in a few minutes and will email you today :) 
From: Perth Oz 

Derek Hobbs Friday, 7/2/04, 12:01 PM 
Hi Karina, I'm Derek Hobbs, the producer of the feature film, 'the Bouncer', that will star John Waters. Please send me your email address so I can keep you updated (I lost you email adddress the last time I had a computer crash). Also, could you please change your announcement to state that the script was written by Trevor Todd and Derek Hobbs. Thanks again for you previous assistance. Derek Hobbs Producer 
From: Nightnews Productions 
E-mail:  nitenews @ webace 

Justine Friday, 7/2/04, 5:28 AM 
Would like to send you a thankyou message for being so entertaining on my lunch break yesterday in Forrest Place Perth. Didn't expect the performance while I was sitting down having my short black and eats in the cafe next door - well done! 
From: Perth Western Australia 
E-mail:  justinefitzpatrick @ 

Mick Friday, 6/25/04, 3:01 AM 
Hi, Referring to the bottom of your page: I'd like to point out that John's nephew, Ben Waters, is the one holding the gun in the picture on the right - in the British film Greenwich Mean Time from 1999. He played a stunning role in this film, sinking from a likelable high-school lad into a drug-using criminal with a frozen heart. I saw it a few days ago, a very impressive film altogether, which unfortunately has not received the recognition it deserved. 
From: Amsterdam 

Mike Wednesday, 6/16/04, 12:04 AM 
Hi, Its good to see a familiar face on the internet. I havn't been keeping up with whats on tV too much so "Fireflys" is new to me! I will have to check it out. I was listening to Bob Marleys "Catch a Fire" earlier, and later got a link to this site; I think this is the official site now. Thanks for the Tom Burlinson updates too. See you then, Michael R P>SKeep an eye out at at; (for new yahoo/geocities links from me) 
From: Perth, WA 
Web Site:  Mikes2004@CityFarm 

Carol Owen Monday, 6/14/04, 4:44 PM 
John Waters Looking Thru a Glass Onion I am trying to get tickets for the Canberra 24/7/04 or 25/7/04. Have rang 02 62196666 every week for the last month to no avail. Canberra Theatre has no record of Looking thu a glass onion on these dates. COuld you please tell me if Looking Thru a Glass Onion is coming to Canberra and how do I get tickets. Thanks Carol Owen 
From: Canberra 
E-mail:  curtindentalcare @ netspeed. 

Ludgera Oltmanns Sunday, 4/11/04, 10:42 AM 
Greetings from Germany! Delie and Brenton is a long time ago. -My last english letter also. I'm very happy to see pictures from you -John- how you look now. You are one of my favorite actors, but in Germany it is difficult to find a film where you act. All my best wishes to you! May be I'll meet you again - on-line. Happy Easter, greetings from Ludgera 
From: Germany 
E-mail:  http://www.ludgera.oltmanns @ 

Karina Saturday, 3/13/04, 9:56 PM 
Hi Sam. Thanks for visiting the site - but you are confusing the Australian Actor/Singer - with the American Director. Sorry I cant help with regards to Cry Baby. 
From: Oz 

samantha Saturday, 3/13/04, 12:48 PM 
Cry Baby is the best film ever made. I really wish this film was out on DVD! I've searched high and low and have failed to find a copy. If there is any one whos knows where I can get one from please let me know! Or if any one is a mate of John Waters try and pull some strings for me!! Sam, Brighton, England 
From: brighton, England 
E-mail:  samhealey23 @aol 

Katy Friday, 3/12/04, 4:47 AM 
There is a great site on old Aussie TV shows, which has an excellent section on 'Rush', also John Waters pics from 'Homicide' and 'Division 4'. The site has lots of episode guides, and John's name crops up in 'Matlock Police', 'Boney', etc, etc. 
 From: Melbourne 
 E-mail:  katyspankme @ 

Karina Thursday, 1/22/04, 5:59 PM 
Hi Heletia. What a great idea setting up the group for Fireflies - I cant wait for the show to start !! I will put a proper link to your group on the front page of the site when I return from holidays - and thanks heaps for adding a link to this one. 
From: here 

Heletia Tuesday, 1/20/04, 11:54 PM 
Hello, I really like this site for John - he's an excellent actor. I'd like to invite you to my new MSN Group for the new ABC Telemovie and TV Series Fireflies featuring John. I've already add a link to this website there. Look forward to chatting with you soon. Heletia 
From: QLD 
Web Site:  ABC Fireflies 
E-mail:  heletias @ 

Lee Sunday, 1/4/04, 11:24 AM 
Beautiful and very informative site. I found it while searching for a copy of "Heaven Tonight"... you've certainly cleared up alot of confusion (not to mention, saved me from many sites full of large drag queens!) Do you know where I can find a copy,(I understand it's out of print?),or have any suggestions on where to look? Thanks for your time and have a great New Year! 
From: New York 
E-mail:  snephetsATaolDOTcom 

Karina Saturday, 12/20/03, 8:15 AM 
Hi Ross and Catherine - just wanted to thank you both for visiting my site and your comments in the guestbook. I am about to send my computer off for repairs for a couple of weeks so I will get back to you both in the new year. Hope you have a lovely christmas and a happy new year :) 

Ross Ryan Thursday, 12/18/03, 4:46 PM 
Hi - I'm in fact trying to track down a chap called Paul Johnstone who is a friend of Stewart D'Arrietta. About 15 years ago Paul & Stewart worked on a live show I wrote toured called 'Sing The One About The Horse'. If either of those guys could contact me at my email address I'd be much obliged. Cheers Ross Ryan 
From: Melbourne 
Web Site:  Ross Ryan's Web Site 
E-mail:  ross@ rossryan. 

Catherine Thursday, 12/18/03, 3:52 PM 
Hi Karina, Ilike your site very much. I only know of John through the film "The Getting of Wisdom" which is one of my favourites along with "The Sound of Music" and "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (I have websites on both these movies)I hope to do one on "Wisdom" in the future. ( I noticed in the credits for "Wisdom" you did not mention Susannah Fowle who played the lead role and whom I thought was superb.Is she still acting? Anyway keep up the good work. 
From: Glasgow, Scotland 
Web Site:  The Sound of Music-"My Favourite Things" 
E-mail:  catherinesoundofmusic @ 

Pete Cuthbert Monday, 12/8/03, 3:15 PM 
Hi Karina I am trying to locate a copy of the 'Looking through a Glass Onion' CD (preferably the 2001 version, but the 1994 one would be OK. Have just done a trawl through the web & had great difficult locating anything - the only one I found was from a US site. Have tried the usual 2nd hand CD shops like Red Eye with no success. Can you suggest anywhere I might locate one - my wife is a big fan & I'd like to get it for her for Christmas. Have the facilities to burn one & would be happy to pay full CD price for this if a copy is not available for purchase. Many thanks Pete Cuthbert 0417682966 
From: Sydney 
Web Site:  Gamma Quadrant 
E-mail:  pete @ 

Eran Shacham Monday, 10/13/03, 9:21 PM 
I saw him in 'The Scalp Merchant', not a bad actor at all! 
From: Curerntly US 
Web Site:  The Lost Islands 
E-mail:  e_shacham @ 

Norman Sinclair-Baines Friday, 10/10/03, 7:19 AM 
I am looking for Fizz - I owe her some Paul Williams albums that have been lovingly cared for since 1988. I met John at the Teddington flat and have got drunk with Fizz and Stephen many times (I have his record too - but legally. I moved to Luxembourg in 1988 but came back to Blighty in 1999 (don't ask me why). Now living in Hungerford, West Berks - still music mad 
From: U.K. 
E-mail:  nsinclairb @ 

annabelle chapman Friday, 7/11/03, 3:34 AM 
Has Anyone got a copy of All the Rivers run part 2 they can sell me 
From: chester le street 
E-mail:  annabelle1973 @peter1970. 

Gail Christie Sunday, 7/6/03, 8:07 PM 
I had the absolute wonderful pleasure of meeting John's brother, Stephen, recently. He's quite a talented man also. I had heard of the Aussie actor John Waters before so when I met Stephen imagine how thrilled I was to know John's brother, since I never had the pleasure of meeting John. :-) Anyway I've come to the conclusion that this family is one extremely talented bunch. And if they're all s special as Stephen is, then they're one super family. :-) Have a nice day! Gail 
From: California, USA 
E-mail:  Designer5 @ 

moon Thursday, 4/24/03, 3:24 PM 
just wanted to let you know that I added your official fan site link to - one of my fav links on the internet. here's a link to what they already have on their site about your fav actor:,%20John%20(III) 
From: illinois, usa 
Web Site:  Fishbone Family 
E-mail:  moonie @ 

Bec Waters Tuesday, 4/8/03, 1:04 AM 
Hi! I am John's daughter and I thought I'd drop you a line to say what a great site you have here on my gorgeous Dad. It's nice to see his work appreciated, he is a great talent and the best Dad a girl could ever hope for. I will keep looking in on the site now that I have found it. I am of course going to scan for some info on ME now!!! Cheers, Bec. 
From: Sydney 
E-mail:  daveandbec @ 

Jane Mitchell Tuesday, 2/11/03, 5:53 PM 
this is Probably not a noteworthy comment but your distinctive face is on TV and it prompted me to seek you out on this web site . I remember you in Rush and I cant get the theme tune out of my head I whistle it yet ,and people ask whats that tune ,then I try to explain ..... 
From: Scotland 
E-mail:  notagain @ ntlworld 

Pam Livingstone Wednesday, 1/1/03, 1:00 PM 
I am trying to find a copy of the cd "Looking through a Glass Onion". I saw the show 3 times, have the cd, but I need a copy as a gift. I have been unable to locate a copy on the net. Can you help me? Cheers, Pam 
From: Sydney, Australia 
E-mail:  freshwaterbeach @ aol. com 

Larry Waters Saturday, 11/30/02, 11:19 AM 
I am John's first cousin. I was born in Scotland to John Waters ( Russell's older brother). My brothers Paul and Colin also live in Montreal. I dropped in to this web site for the hell of it. Regards to John. 
From: Montreal 
E-mail:  gfwaters @ 

zoe waters Friday, 8/9/02, 9:08 AM 
my name is zoe waters 
From: ny 

Sharlene Saturday, 8/3/02, 10:04 AM 
Hi Karina, I'm at Jules babysitting and checking to see if you have finally updated your sites.. If you are looking post a note and I'll see if I can figures out the email address... Otherwise I'll talk to you tomorrow.. Sharls 
From: Perth 

Christopher Friday, 6/7/02, 9:37 PM 
Hi Karina, sorry it took me so long to get back to you but your e-mail didn't work again - I always got the mail back which I sent to you. I just want to let you know about a good service to get many LP's and CD's of nearly all Australian singers. Maybe you know this site yet: I found 12 (!) LP's of Jon English and the CD of John Waters' Glass Onion show there. Maybe there's something for you too. I think the prices are okay. I've recently booked another journey to Australia which will take place in September 2002. I want to go to Western Australia, especially to Perth - you really convinced me of this city. Can't wait to see it... Thanks for the tape again to you and Karina and please let me know if there are any news about it. I am so glad you organize this cassette for me :-) Best regards, Christopher 
From: Austria 
E-mail:  nyc @ 

Karina Sunday, 6/2/02, 6:15 AM 
Betamax heyyyyy - any old John series ?? Well here I am in Sydney on holidays - went to see John in Oliver on Wednesday. It was so good I am trying to get tickets for this week. I will do a much better review when I get home - but basically John as Fagin was magical, unrecognisable, and very show stealing - tho at one point a little 8 year old managed to steal the limelight from John !!! The sets were awesome and the cast were brilliant. 
From: The Webmistress 

stephen doran Wednesday, 5/22/02, 8:20 AM 
used to tape a lot of shows in the 80s on betamax bellamy,special sq.etc.... 
From: london,england 
E-mail:  stephendorar @ 

Karina Tuesday, 4/16/02, 5:38 AM 
Hi Neale, just sent you an email. Trvia for the day - Terry Serio went to school with my mums boyfriend !! 
From: The Webmistress 

Neale Perkins Monday, 4/15/02, 8:25 AM 
I am after a copy of High Country. I was the stunt double for Terrie Serrio in the film and my 3 kids have never seen it. Can some one help? Thank you Neale Perkins 
From: Smythesdale Victoria Aus 
E-mail:  nperkins @ 

Christopher Leitner Monday, 4/15/02, 7:37 AM 
Dear Karina, I wrote two e-mails in the last three weeks to you, but you didn¿t answer. I¿m wondering if you maybe didn¿t get the mails (like it has been last Christmas). But if I wrote something that offended you, I¿m sorry, maybe it was a mistake because of my English skills which aren¿t the very best. I hope to hear from you. Best regards, Christopher 
From: Austria 
E-mail:  nyc @ 

Esmé Sky Walker Wednesday, 3/6/02, 3:16 PM 
Hello my name is Esmé I am 25, and have admired John Waters all of my life. When I was very young I would watch John on Playschool and then fell in love with the mini seriers All the Rivers Run. 10 years ago I saw "Looking Through A Glass Onion" in Melbourne and thoroughly enjoying it. Last night I saw "looking Through A Glass Onion" again at the Swan Hill Town Hall. It was brilliant. John Waters was amazing, he is a wonderful performer. He has such a beautiful voice. 
From: Swan Hill Victoria Australia 
E-mail:  youngskywalker77 @ 

Aina Wednesday, 2/27/02, 5:15 AM 
I have enjoyed John in the many different roles he has played in movies, TV shows and on stage for years. But, to me, being a huge fan of John Lennon, nothing beats John's soul-felt and respectful portrayal of Lennon's life through his music. John and Stewart have worked this together so very, very well - it is a total joy to take in. I have seen the show 7 times and I could continue to soak up the live performance once a month for a long, long time. (If only!!) I am extremely pleased that John decided to tour with a second production of "..Glass Onion". Adding the Dr Winston O'Boogie Quartet creates an absolute brilliance to the show. The live strings add such a beautiful depth to the portrayal of Lennon's music. I am happy that John is finally getting the opportunity to take the show to Broadway. I wished both John and Stewart all the very best last Friday night when they performed in Newcastle. I will be very interested to see the updates on this site when they are in the States. Thank you for creating this site - you have done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. I am certainly enjoying it as there is information here that I never knew about John. I am not one to want to know too much about "performers" personal lives, I respect their privacy but it is interesting to catch up with some of the professional side I was not up on. To Zoe, thank you very much for letting me know about the availability of the live recording of the current production - as soon as it was released. It receives a lot of play time on my stereo equipment and in my stacker in the car. And, in closing, John - I think the songs you do for the "encore" are simply brilliant. Huge congratulations to both yourself and Stewart. Also to Paul, Tony and Greg from The Glass Onion Band and to all in The Dr. Winston O'Boogie Quartet. Everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves on stage and that is great to see - I loved the way Greg worked the drums in Newcastle. All the very best to the whole crew for the rest of the tour in Australia and the season on Broadway. Cheers! 
From: Maitland 
E-mail:  aina @ 

Karina Tuesday, 1/8/02, 6:52 AM 
Hi Christopher, I just sent you an email tonight - so if it doesnt arrive - let me know via the guest book. 

Christopher Leitner Monday, 1/7/02, 11:02 AM 
I wrote you three e-mails in time from December 24th to January 5th, but they all didn't work - Is your e-mail-account okay? So I try to sign in the guestbook with using the text I wrote in these mails --- Hi Karina, Thanks for your mail and the additional information - I can use it very well on my homepage because it's really not easy to find facts about some of the actors from "All Together Now". I didn't know the show "Hey hey it's Saturday" - it seems to be very popular in Australia. Does Darryl Sommers refuse to go on hosting the show? By the way, do you know anything about actor Garry Who? Concerning my English website - I'm currently translating the pages - maybe around January or February 2002 an English version will be finished. I wish you a happy new year!! Cheers! Christopher Leitner 
From: Austria 
Web Site:  All Together Now Homepage 
E-mail:  nyc @ 

Christopher Saturday, 12/8/01, 2:55 AM 
I'm a fan of John Waters too. I've just discovered this site - it looks really excellent and it contains much information about this great actor. Keep on the good work! 
From: Austria 
Web Site:  All Together Now Homepage 
E-mail:  nyc @ 

izzy Tuesday, 11/20/01, 2:38 PM 
I have been a fan of John Waters for 25 years although I have only just found out about his singing career through your site. His films have been shown here very rarely and none recently. I think I first saw him in Eliza Fraser. I am delighted to have found this site and will add it to my favourites. 
From: Glenrothes, scotland 
E-mail:  imuirhead @ 

Elena Thursday, 11/8/01, 8:39 AM 
The work you've also been doing on this site is impressive! I love the way you re-arranged the home page! I just wonder, dont you EVER sleep at night K?? T/C! 
From: Italy 

Anne Fanning Tuesday, 10/23/01, 8:51 PM 
Hi. I played viola in the Dr Winston O'Boogie quartet for the 2001 Sydney season and tour of Glass Onion. Just wanted to say WOW...Great website. I tried to check out John Waters on the web when I joined Glass Onion earlier this year and found nothing. Good to see he's noted in cyberspace! Anne Fanning 
From: Sydney NSW 
E-mail:  annefanning @ 

MonaK Sunday, 9/30/01, 10:45 AM 
I love this site for John. I have learned alot about him I didn't know. Keep up the great work. BTW--you have a great site for TOM BURLINSON!I always make it one of my favorite spots to go to. Everyone should visit: MonaK E-mail: HOMEPAGE-CHATAHOLIC: HAPPY HOLIDAY WEBSITE: WebsiteMain.html CHARLTON HESTON WORLD: l MICKY & SAMANTHA DOLENZ: A YOUNG LOVE TO BE REMEMBERED: 
From: CO-USA 
E-mail:  monakayk @ 

Carina Sjunnesson Thursday, 9/13/01, 3:30 AM 
I've just looked over your sites of John waters and Tom Burlinson and they look great. I've added them on to my links site. Keep up the good work. Carina 
From: Sweden, where else! 
Web Site:  Carina and Paul's homepage 
E-mail:  cina88 @ 

Karina Friday, 8/31/01, 7:20 AM 
Well I just thought I would be the first entry and welcome you here and say a quick thanks for visiting and I hope you liked what you saw. 
From: Perth, Western Australia