Stocky, sandy-haired Scottish actor Russell Waters (10 June 1908, Glasgow Scotland - 1982) generally found himself in mild-mannered roles.  He began acting in the 1930s before being conscripted to fight in WW2. He returned injured and continued acting.

Waters achieved instant audience recognition as the leading man in Richard Massingham's amusing instructional short films, among them Tell Me If It Hurts (1936), And So to Work (1937), The Daily Round (1947) and What a Life (1948). 

In feature films, Waters played such secondary roles as Craggs in The Blue Lagoon (1949), Mr. West in Happiest Days of Your Life (1950) and "Wings" Cameron in The Wooden Horse (1950). 

Russell Waters remained in films at least until 1974, when he was seen briefly as the Harbourmaster in The Wicker Man.

On stage he performed in Emigrants in 1978

Some of Russells films:(Underlined "more info's" take you to external links).

Black Jack (1979)   (More Info)
The Wicker Man (1974)    (info 1)   (info 2)  (info 3)
And Millions Will Die (1973) 
Kidnapped (1971)   (More info)
The Marriage of Convenience (1970) 
The Trygon Factor (1969) 
The Devil Rides Out (1968)    (More info)
Twisted Nerve (1968) 
The Heroes of Telemark (1965) 
Crooks in Cloisters (1964) 
I Could Go on Singing (1963)    (info 1)  (info 2)
The Flood (1963) 
The Punch and Judy Man (1963) 
Reach for Glory (1963) 
Bomb in the High Street (1961) 
Man in the Moon (1960) 
Yesterday's Enemy (1959) 
Left, Right and Center (1959) 
The Key (1958) 
Next to No Time (1958) 
The Sword and The Rose (1953)  (More info)
Death of an Angel (1952)   (More info)
The Man in the White Suit (1951)  (More info)
The Happiest Days of Your Lives (1950)  (More info)
Obsession (1948)  (More Info 1)  (More info 2)
Tell Me If It Hurts (1936)   (More info 1)  (More Info 2)

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John's dad, actor Russell Waters
Both father and son have starred with Edward Woodward.  John in Breaker Morant.  Russell in The Wicker Man in 1973.  

Russel also starred in many British TV shows such as The Avengers, Interpol Calling, Z Cars, The Champions, The Saint, The Invisible ManThe Flying Doctor, George and Mildred, and Robins Nest.

Russell starred in a movie called Once A Jolley Swagman in 1948 about car racing  20 years before John moved to the land of the swagmen !!

Russell has starred with people like Judy Garland, Dirk Bogarde, Britt Ekland, Christopher Lee, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard, Michael Caine Gregory Peck.
Russell, left - with Cecil Parker
John's nephew, actor Ben Waters
More Edward Woodward connections with the Waters family.

John's nephew, English actor Ben Waters, had a role in Hands of a Murderer in 1990, A TV movie special that was also called Sherlock Holmes and the Prince of Crime.  It  starred Edward Woodward as Sherlock Holmes and Anthony Andrews as .Professor Moriarty.

Now I have been racking my bain all day and I can't name another actor who has appeared in movies with 3 generations of the same family over a 20 period.  One wonders if Mr Woodward himself is aware of this freaky connection he has with Russell, John and Ben.

I have managed to find the following info to compile a basic list of Bens career thus far.

As If (2001) TV Series (listed as Benjamin Waters). Character - Rob . 
The lives and loves of six London teenagers, set against the background of Britain in the 21st century. 

Sorted (2000) Character - Speadfreak . 
A young lawyer gets more than he bargains for while investigating his brother's mysterious death,  also starred Tim Curry and Jason Donovan.

Greenwich Mean Time (1999) Character - Bean 
Six London school-leavers attempt to make it in the world, balancing the challenge of trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry against the pressures and tragedies of everyday life. 

Opernball aka Opera Ball (1998) (TV).  Character - Fred Frazer.
Insight on the threat of Neo Nazi youth in Europe today.

Wavelength (1997) TV Series (listed as Benjamin Waters). Character - Kev Wright 

Hands of a Murderer aka Sherlock Holmes and the Prince of Crime (1990) (TV). Character - Baker Street Irregular 
Starred Edward Woodward as Sherlock Holmes, Anthony Andrews as Professor Moriarty , 
Notable TV guest appearances

Star Hunter (2001) in episode: Man who sold the world (episode # 1.9) 
The Adventures of an Interplanetary Bountyhunter.

The Bill playing "Paterson"(listed as Benjamin Waters) in episode: "Only Way Is Up, The" (episode # 1999.52) 17th Aug 1999 

Below two pictures from the movie Greenwich Mean Time plus the poster.    
The Other Acting Waters
Nov 1973 Episode of Ryan.
As the patient in Tell Me If It Hurts.
Above, As Controller in The Avengers
A still from The Wicker Man. Russell in the black peaked cap.
As the Controller in the Avengers
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From TV series 
As If.
John's son, Ivan Waters
The Girl From Moonooloo (1984)  
Network: ABC 
Premiere: 02 June 1984 
Length: 60 minutes 
Synopsis: Set in Australia during the 1930's, this is the story of a girl who inadvertently becomes a national radio star playing the role.  
Cast list:
Jacki Weaver
David Atkins
Ivan Waters
Henri Szeps
Noelene Brown
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