Hi, my name is Karina.

I have been a fan of John's basically for as long as I can remember.  I was 6 in 1974 and remember watching both Playschool and Rush that year.

I decided to build this site after I came home from seeing Glass Onion in July 2001.  John had ended the show with an encore and when I got home and started to write in my diary about the show my mind went blank as to what the two encore songs were.  My first thought was to pop onto the computer and find a Glass Onion website - four hours later I had come to the conclusion that not only was there no Glass Onion site, there appeared to be no site dedicated to John at all.

Furthermore, the more I searched, the more I became quite angry with the many movie listing sites on the net that confused John with the American director and also with the career of a much older actor of the same name who appeared in movies in the golden days of Hollywood.  I set about getting the three John Waters separately listed on as many sites as I could find.

For many (many!) years I have collected news and magazine articles on my favourite actors - I have a four drawer filing cabinet filled with stuff dating back to 1980.  So I thought it was time to put it all to good use and share it around a bit.

I was thrilled when John allowed me to call this site the Official Fan Site.

My favourite John moments on stage include Jesus Christ Superstar and Glass Onion in 94 and 2001.  In Oct 2001 I had the pleasure of seeing John on stage as Mr Robinson in The Graduate in Sydney.  I also travelled to Melbourne in Feb02 to see Glass Onion again and had the pleasure of meeting John and his wife Zoe.  In 2002 I saw John steal the show as Fagin in Oliver! - it was so good I had to go again 2 days later ! In 2004 I saw Glass Onion twice. In 2005 I saw Influence in Adelaide. When John brought The Woman in Black to Perth in 2006 I went to see this incredible 2 man play twice, he returned with Let It Be. In 2008 I was thrilled to see John as the Narrator in my all time favourite musical Rocky Horror. In 2010 I saw him in The Swimming Club and Let It Be. 2011 started off nicely with a new rockier version of Glass Onion. Enjoyed him immensely as Gomeze Addams in The Addams Family Musical in 2013.

In my spare time I am a public servant !  I also like to go to concerts, movies, the theater, musicals etc.  My favourite past-times are planning theme parties and website building. I also run the Official Fan Site for Tom Burlinson and an unofficial fan site for 80s band Uncanny X-Men.

I would like to thank my friends around the country who so regularly send me newspaper and magazine articles featuring John. A huge thanks to Sue Ann & Trevor who are absolute experts at finding rare theatre programs in garage sales !!!! And a massive thank you to Katie P in Melbourne. Her meticulously preserved teenage scrapbooks from the 70s were an absolute wealth of information.

Do you have any info, dates or articles you could loan or provide me to keep this site as informative and up to date as possible?  

WANTED:  Articles and pictures from the 70's, especially from Hair, Godspell, Playschool, Sullivans or Homicide. Anything pre 70s.
On video:
All the Rivers Run
All the Rivers Run 2
Alice To Nowhere
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Breaker Morant
Bushfire Moon
Eliza Fraser
End Play
Going Sane 
Grievous Bodily Harm
Heaven Tonight
The Scalp Merchant
The Sugar Factory
Weekend of Shadows
Which Way Home

Press Kits:
Which Way Home

Film Posters:
Eliza Frazer
Bush Fire Moon

Lobby Cards:
End Play

The fairly Un-abridged and quite possibly 
true story of Pilliga Pete
The Trial of Ned Kelly - Script
Rush - Scripts for 3 episodes

All The Rivers Run (double dvd)
All The Rivers Run (2009 release 3 disc set)
All The Rivers Run 2
Singapore Sling (dubbed in Chinese!)
Breaker Morant
End Play
Eliza Fraser
The Getting of Wisdom
Alice To Nowhere
The Wiggles Go Banana's
Nancy Wake
Centre Place
The Perfectionist
High Country
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Return to Nim's Island 
Attack Force Z

On CD:
Looking Through a Glass Onion - 1994 single CD
Looking Through a Glass Onion - 2001 double CD
The Sound Of Music - soundtrack
Godspell - soundtrack
ReUnion - soundtrack
Heaven Tonight - Soundtrack
brel - 2010

On record:
The Boy Who Dared To Dream. LP
They're Playing Our Song.  Single. B side is Workin' it Out.
They're Playing Our Song. LP
Pilliga Pete. Single

LINK:  Weekend of Shadows.
LINK: Which Way Home
LINK: The Graduate
Theatre Programs:
They"re Playing Our Song
Children of a Lesser God
My Fair Lady
Jesus Christ Superstar - Perth
Jesus Christ Superstar - Sydney
An Ideal Husband
Looking Through A Glass Onion 1994
The Sound of Music
Looking Through A Glass Onion 2001
The Graduate
Looking Through A Glass Onion 2004
Rocky Horror Show
The Swimming Club
Let It Be 2010
The Addams Family Musical

Theatre Posters:
Glass Onion 2001

My John Waters Memorabilia Collection
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Update Feb 2008: I enjoyed a holiday in Echuca, home of All The Rivers Run and I had the pleasure of sailing on the Pevensey which "starred" as the Philadelphia in the mini series. Enjoy my slideshow below.
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