John's character, Steve Hannah in Which Way Home, is in my opinion, his sexiest and    one of his best roles.  He plays a rugged boat owner with a hold full of smuggled artifacts and a deadline with a bank manager in Darwin.

Cybill Shepard plays Karen Parsons, a nurse in Cambodia during the "Killing Fields" era of the 70's.  When her Cambodian friends are killed she escapes with their children to find  navy boats that will take refugee's.  They are joined by a group of Vietnamese refugee

Steve Hannah encounters the group when they are being attacked by sea pirates and        rescues them to the safety of his boat "Pal".

Karens sole goal is to get the children to Australia, but after more pirates steal Steve's load, he is forced to take them elsewhere so he can re stock his supplies.  From there it becomes a battle of disease, raging storms and beauracracy to get the children to a safe haven.

John has to display a wide range of emotions in this movie. From bitter and drunk, indifferent to the outcome of the children, to understanding and genuine affection for them and Karen.

There is a good chemistry between John and Cybill, how could she resist him !  His  shoulder length hair and 5 oclock shadow is extremely appealing and we are regularly blessed with a view of his spectacular smile !!!!
Webmistress Review: Which Way Home.