1972: John was cast as Judas in Godspell - a musical based upons the gospel according to St Matthew. 

The Sydney season opened at the Richbrooke Theatre 10 April 1972 and ran till 9 July 1973.
A cast album was recorded in 1972.  It spawned chart hits such as Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord and Day By Day.

Johns co stars were a young Peta Toppano and Denim and Lace rocker Marty Rhone.

INFO TO CHECK  did John go to Melbourne season ?
TV - PLAYSCHOOL 1972 - 1984

During the 70's John was also a person to look up to by a very different demographic. Starting in 1972 and continuing for 104 episodes on ABC's PlaySchool he would dress up in costumes, read stories, make things out of paddle-pop sticks, play with Jemima and Big Ted and many other things that drew the attention of every Aussie child under the age of 6, not to mention the admiring glances of young mothers as they ironed in front of the TV.  Rumour has it on one particular day, when John removed his shirt to change into a costume - hundreds of thousands of shirts were burned acoss the country as irons were left forgotten !!!!
From 1972 to 1979 John made dozens guest appearances in many TV drama's, including Homicide, Division 4, Matlock Police, Boney, The Box, Certain Women, Quality of Mercy and The Sullivans.  
One Homicide episode 'Mad Dog Kelly' was pivotal in that it brought John to the attention of ABC producer Oscar Whitbread, who then cast him in Rush, and the rest, as they say, is history !!   

John was also filming the very last, unfinished episode of Homicide when the series was cancelled in 1976.

John Quote: "I played baddies in Divvy 4, Homicide and Matlock, mainly axe murderers and stranglers because of my nasty face".
Link: Photo's from Playschool.

Link: Articles and pics from Playschools 40th birthday celebrations thru 2006

Updated: 16 July 06
Link: Program cover & page 2.
Link: Program, two pages
Link: Program, female cast.
Link: Program, male cast.

Updated: 19 Mar 05
Link: Episode guides, photos and info.
Link: The Box articles.
Link: Quality of Mercy articles

Updated: 25 Sep 05
In 1974 John won the role of the dashing enigmatic Sgt McKellar in the ABC TV series Rush - a period piece convict gold rush drama filmed in black and white. 
It set him on the path of sex symboldom and earned him a TV Week Logie Award for Best New Talent, a Sammy Award for Best Lead Actor in a TV Series and a Penguin Award for Best Actor.
The second series was made in 1976 in colour with only John remaining from the original cast.

John Quote: " I related well to Sergeant McKellar. He was a fairly internal person and I tend not to give away too much. Doing Rush was an absolute hoot to me because I was riding on a horse, shooting a gun at full gallop just as I had seen my hero's do on the big screen. It brought out the small boy in me".
Link: The Rush Pages: Photos, series info,
epsiode guides,  cast lists, and links to many articles.
Link: 6 articles on all the Awards John won while starring in Rush.
(new article added 1/5/05)

Updated: 1 May 05
1975 Endplay (Film) 
Director: Tim Burstall.   Cast: George Mallaby as Robert Gifford, John Waters as Mark Gifford, Ken Goodlet as Superintendent Cheadle, Delvene Delaney as Janine Talbort, Charles Bud Tingwell as Dr Fairburn, Belinda Giblin as Margaret Gifford, and Robert Hewett, Kevin Miles, Sheila Florance and Elspeth Ballantyne

Four beautiful blondes hitchhike their way to an early, bloody death as two brothers battle each others wits. Who is the real killer ? A true suspense film. 

Now available on DVD
Link: articles and pics to come. 
Link: Buy the DVD

to come - My reviews.

Updated: 1 May 05
1976 Eliza Fraser  (Film)
Director: Tim Burstall  Cast: John Castle, Abigail, Gerard Kennedy, Noel Ferrier, Charles "Bud" Tingwell, Susannah York, John Waters, Trevor Howard, Gerard Kennedy, Gus Mecurio.

The true story of Eliza Fraser who was shipwrecked on the island which now bears her name.  She was aided by escaped convict, David Bracewell, played by John.
This movie, in the vein of the bawdy movies of the time, was more of a bodice ripper than a historical re-enactment.
Now available on DVD.
Link: Page with articles and pics to come. My reviews.
Link: Buy the DVD
Link: Michaels DVD review

Updated: 30 Apr 05
1976 The Haunting of Hewie Dowker  (Telemovie)
Director:  Howard Hruby.  Starred:John Waters, Kate Fitzpatrick, Donald MacDonald, Camilla Rowntree, Cul Cullen, Tim Elliott, Tony Barry, Ron Haddrick.

John played the title role of Hewie, a policeman with powers of extra sensory perception, giving him the uncontrollable ability to see where dead bodies and suspects were.  This movie had everything - including cult worshippors and primeval monsters. Definately one to keep an eye out for on EBAY - I have yet to find a copy.  

NOTE: Some articles spell it Hughie - I have no idea which is correct.
Link: 2 Articles 

Updated: 20 Mar 05
1977 Demolition  (Telemovie - Channel 9.)

Director: Kevin J. Dobson.    Writing credits Bruce A. Wishart.  Producer:  Bob Bruning.   Cast: John Waters, Belinda Giblin, Fred Steele, Vincent Ball, Donald MacDonald, Paul Chubb, Tracy Lee, Mercia Deane-Johns

An ex-spy is called back into the service in order to perform one last "simple job." The job proves to be rather complicated, however, when the hapless spy finds himself betrayed by both his superiors and his lover. Watch out for the lions !

1977  Weekend of Shadows  (Film)

Director: Tom Jeffrey.  Writing credits Hugh Atkinson (novel)  Peter Yeldham.

Cast: John Waters as Rabbit, Melissa Jaffer as Vi, Graeme Blundell as Bernie, Wyn Roberts as Sergeant Caxton, Graham Rouse as Ab Nolan, Bill Hunter as Bosun, Bryan Brown as Bennett.

After a murder occurs in a small Australian town, the locals immediately suspect, with little evidence, that an itinerant farm worker is the killer. A bloodthirsty hunt then ensues. A true eye for an eye slow burning suspense thriller with a shock ending.                                                                       
Link: Article 19 Oct 77.
Link: Article 5 Nov 77.
Link: Article 24 Jul 78

Link: My Review

Updated: 20 Mar 05 
1977  Summerfield  (Film)

Starring Nick Tate, John Waters, and Charles "Bud" Tingwell 
From the makers of Picnic at Hanging Rock. An intriguing and atmospheric mystery from the makers of Picnic at Hanging Rock. 

When teacher Simon Robinson (Nick Tate) arrives in a small, secluded village to take over the local school, he is surprised to discover that his predecessor has disappeared without a trace – and that nobody seems too concerned about it. 

He discovers one of his students has a rare blood disease, and is drawn into a mystery that culminates in a thrilling climax.                                                                   
Link: Buy the DVD
Link: Articles and pics 

Updated: 1 May 05 
1977  The Scalp Merchant   (Telemovie - possibly Ch10)

Starring John Waters, Cameron Mitchell, Elizabeth Alexander, Margaret Nelson, Joan Sydney
Director: Howard Rubie.   Writing credits Ian Coughlan.  Producer:  Roger Mirams.

Set in Perth and the West Aussie south west.     
A man hired to recover stolen payroll, soon realizes that the buried strongbox holds more than cold cash. Good action mystery.       

1977  The Trial Ned Kelly  (TV special, 1 hour. ABC)

Directed by John Gauci.   Writing credits Roger Simpson.   

John Waters as Ned Kelly.  Also starred  Gerard Kennedy, Alan Hopgood (narrator), Peter Cummins, Sean Scully, John Frawley, Jonathan Hardy and David Ravenswood 

A brilliant re-enactment of Ned Kelly's trial and hanging, filmed in the real location of Old Melbourne Gaol.                                                           
Link: Pics and articles

Updated: 30 Apr 05 
1977  The Getting of Wisdom    (Film)    

Directed by Bruce Beresford.   Writing credits Henry Handel Richardson (novel) Eleanor Witcombe 

CAST:  Julia Blake, Dorothy Bradley, Kay Eklund, Max Fairchild, Jan Friedl, Diana Greentree, Maggie Kirkpatrick,  Sarah Monica Maughan, Terence Donovan, Kerry Armstrong, Celia De Burgh, Sigrid Thornton, Sheila Helpmann John Waters (as Rev. Shepherd), Barry Humphries, Noni Hazlehurst, Gerda Nicolson, Stephen Oldfield, Edwina Wright, and Susannah Fowle.

Adapted from the novel by Henry Handel Richardson. The story of life in a private boarding school for girls at the turn of the century. From friendships to enemies, from real life to fantasy and all thr troubles of fitting in.
Link: Pics and articles
Link: Pics & screen grabs

Link: Catherines Getting of Wisdom site

Link: Buy the DVD

Updated: 25 Feb 06 
1978  Cass    (TV movie)    

Directed by Chris Noonan   Writing credits  Laura Jones    
Cast:  John Waters, Peter Carroll, Michelle Fawdon, Judy Morris, Max Cullen, John Ewart, Peter Carroll

A filmmaker, disillusioned by the treatment of her new indigeanous documentary, returns to her Australian homeland where she must choose between her husband and her female lover.  John played Cass's doctor husband.                                  

1978  Dracula   (Play)

John starred as Dracula on stage in the JC Williamson Production from 18 August 78 in Sydney at Her Majesty's Theatre, and Adelaide in Feb 1979, then in Melbourne at the Comedy Theatre from Feb 10th 1979 to March 31 1979. 

Based on the original 1928 play, this version was directed by the legendary Sir Robert Helpmann.

Judging by the pics - John could have been a matinee idol of the 1920's.

CAST: Leigh Rowles, George Spartels, Tony Sheldon, Amanda Irving, Gavin Hamilton
Link: The Dracula Pages - articles, reviews, and the entire theatre program.

Updated: 30 Apr 05 
Articles that weren't related to anything mentioned above have been put together on a few pages - click on the links on the right. 

A Chili Dip for Waters: He said he really didnt like barbecues; that idea of standing there, with a soggy paper plate in one hand and brushing away the flies with the other, didnt appeal to him at all.

Logie Winner Confined to Bed: "Just like everyone else in the cast I was terribly disappointed that Rush has been indefinately postponed, but I've been in this business long enough to know you don't count on something until you begin the first weeks work"   

What Makes Him The Tops?:" If women think I'm attractive, I'm flattered because I love women. Its very nice to have people attracted to you. I've never thought much about being sexy."    

That Arresting Fellow Sgt McKellar (Alias John Waters):  "I'd never like to leave the stage entirely, but I do love making films. The cinema is the media of the moment. I get high on work and am excited by films. Something new faces you every day, unlike the stage. I just want to keep working, taking good parts in good plays and films, because thats what I derive my energy from."                    
Link: Random 70s articles - no particular subject.

Link: Hunk type articles (large scans - be patient)

Updated: 25 Sept 05
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