The Way We Were: Hair
Hosted by Mark Trevorrow
ABC 9:30pm Saturday, 14 August 2004.

Why do we care so much about hair? How has it been used to express and repress? What does it tell us about the times we live in?

In The Way We Were: Hair, Kerry O'Brien remembers the Beatles and winklepickers and discusses politics, sexual revolution and music.

We meet Wendy De Waal, who started hairdressing at 15. She knows all the tricks and has tried all the hairdos. She now works on films like the Star Wars sequels and The Night They Called It A Day. She has also seen Mark Trevorrow's worst excesses.

John Waters talks rebellion and long hair at school, the flight to Australia, being a jackeroo and being given a part in the very radical new musical Hair, where he began his acting career - not that he knew it then.

Sue Ismiel is the woman who has followed her instincts and ingenuity to create an amazing business based on hair removal and now sexual vitality. She is known as "the NADS lady".

We also meet Kath Albury, an academic who studies porn and the penchant for shaving off body hair.

John Hall Kenney brought the passion for the Brazilian fashion to Melbourne more than a decade ago. It's given him RSI but continues to delight him.

Deborah Conway, always an individual, talks hair and closes the show with a performance of Hair from the musical, with original cast member John Waters and host Mark Trevorrow.

Production Details
A GNW TV / ABC TV co-production. Executive producer Ted Robinson, series producer Pam Swain.
TV Appearance: The Way We Were: Hair.