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29 July 2010 by David Knox

The stars of Offspring joined producers and network executives at Crown Metropol in Melbourne last night for the launch of the new TEN drama.

In attendance were Asher Keddie, John Waters, Don Hany, Deborah Mailman, Linda Cropper, Kat Stewart, Eddie Perfect and Richard Davies, joined by many of the nation’s media.

TEN Drama executive Rick Maier told the crowd, “We are very fortunate to have this show. Those of you who have seen the telemovie will know it’s just outstanding work all round. There are a lot of people to thank for that particularly Beverley McGarvey and David Mott, they commissioned the series. Also the key creators of the show, Debra Oswald, an award winning writer who is famous for the line now ‘The neck, the neck, I need to kiss the neck. I want to have sex with this man!’

“If you wrote your dream team now this would be it. It’s a compliment to the production staff, the writing staff and the directors we have, that this cast said ‘Yes’ to this show. Believe me they get knocked off their stand with offers of work.

“I think I counted up 48 AFI Awards and 92 Logies and that was John Waters by himself.”

Maier also thanked John Edwards, Imogen Banks, Kate Dennis, Southern Star, Film Victoria, Claire Tonkin and Daniel Monaghan plus marketing and publicity teams. He also acknowledged TEN’s promotion team which recently won a Gold Promax Award in the US.

John Edwards also told a tale of how writer Debra Oswald asked her kids how she could create a relationship show that men would want to watch. “And one of the kids said, ‘Put explosions in it. Blow shit up.’ So that became the show!” he said. “This has been a ‘blast’, huge fun and a great joy to make.” Edwards also acknowledged director Kate Dennis and his producing partner Imogen Banks (Dangerous, Tangle).
“Many of the cast signed up without seeing the script,” Banks explained. “It was just conversations at the pub. “Not only our core cast, but we were incredibly lucky with our guest cast, many of whom are here tonight.”

TEN’s Angela Bishop hosted the evening, which also featured a music performance by Eddie Perfect.

The show premieres at 8:30pm Sunday August 15th in a 2 hour telemovie.
DARCY PROUDMAN played by John Waters

Darcy Proudman is charming, devoted and passionate. Darcy’s philosophy of life is to live vigorously and with élan- principles he puts into practice in his career.
His business- Darcy Proudman Real Estate- is built on the belief that home and family are the foundation of happiness. Now in his 50s, Darcy’s vitality is infectious, even if it sometimes gets him into trouble.
About the Show

Nina Proudman’s (Asher Keddie) career as an obstetrician is full of surprises; her ex-husband is an explosives expert who detonates to demonstrate his undying love for her; her family life is never short of emergencies; and Nina is the person everyone turns to for help in the midst of their crises.  Charting her way through the Proudman maelstrom, Nina is totally thrown off course when she meets dreamy new workmate Chris Havel.

Newly arrived in Melbourne, Chris Havel (Don Hany) is a paediatrician. From the moment he arrives in the neonatal ward, the spark between Chris and Nina ignites. He is everything she could ever want from a man. Chris is handsome and smart, gentle, calm and strong. The two of them seem made for each other. But Chris has a past that could destroy any hope for Nina.

Billie Proudman (Kat Stewart) is Nina’s unruly elder sister. An apprentice in their father’s real estate business, Billie is bold, brassy and incapable of lying. Once the wild child, Billie is now determined to put her wayward youth behind her and make something great of her life. If only she could convince her “on again, off again” boyfriend Mick (Eddie Perfect) to do the same.

Bright and vivacious, Cherie (Deborah Mailman) also has her feet on the ground. A nurse and friend of Nina, Cherie left the hospital to take up a position on the medical staff of a cruise ship. She returns to land- and to Nina’s world- on the verge of giving birth. Cherie’s life is about to become a whole lot more than she expected.

Following the Proudman family’s adventures searching for love, fulfillment and balance in the chaos of modern life, Offspring is about the life forces that drive us all: love, sex, babies, food and music. This life affirming series provides food for the soul as it examines the curses and the blessings that come with intricate family connections.

Stylistically fresh and visually exciting, Offspring mixes conventional narrative drama with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences, showcasing the vibrant world of Fitzroy, Melbourne, where Nina and the extended Proudman family go about their unpredictable daily lives.

Produced by Southern Star John Edwards for TEN.
2010 Series one episode guide

Pilot - Telemovie
Released 12 August 2010

Nina's relaxing day off starts like any other, using the seven hours and forty minutes to try and reorganise her entire life. No sooner has Nina started item number four on her to do list, a fantasy about sexy new paediatrician Chris Havel, she's interrupted by a barrage of phone calls. Nina's morning now involves rescuing her family from their own chaotic lives. Free of family obligations, Nina arrives back at her flat to find an explosive reminder of her ex-husband's undying love. Brendan's desperate to talk, but furious Nina insists he leave her alone and return to getting psyche help. Back at work, Nina overhears gossip about Chris' past and is intrigued by the handsome man she's feeling such a connection with. Nina finally builds up the courage to ask Chris on a date but she unwittingly catches him at a bad time and misreads his distraction as rejection. Deflated, Nina watches Chris move off as Brendan appears and assumes Nina and Chris are an item. Billie attempts makeup sex with on again, off again boyfriend Mick but a fight erupts when he fails to take her career seriously and Billie reiterates why they can't be together. Determined to move on, Billie goes on a date with a 'grownup man' however she soon loses interest when the good looking lawyer reveals he's a rabid Star Wars fan. Leaving her father's house when Cherie arrives, Billie moves in with Mick, only lasting twenty minutes before causing a fight and opting to stay with Nina instead. Heavily pregnant Cherie returns to the hospital for a check-up with old friend and workmate Nina. Before she can leave Cherie goes into premature labour. During the delivery the women realise the baby's father is in fact Nina's dad, Darcy. Unsure how to break the news to her brief holiday fling, Cherie begs Nina to tell Darcy about the baby. Darcy is over the moon with the surprise and offers Cherie a place to live. Wary of Darcy feeling obligated, Cherie eventually accepts the invitation.

Episode One
Released 22 August 2010

Determined to take charge of her life and ensure the safety of her friends and family, Nina sets up a meeting with her volatile ex-husband Brendan so he can be captured by police. When Brendan fails to appear, the operation is called off and an anxious Nina is left to try and resume her daily routine. Chris, his daughter Lucy and mother-in-law Sonja arrive home after spending a night in a motel for safety. Sonja believes Brendan blew up their car because Chris and Nina are together, but Chris assures her Brendan has it wrong. Tensions arise when Sonja sets an extra place at the dinner table to mark the anniversary of Alice's disappearance. Chris can't contain the hurt and anger he feels towards his wife for leaving him and Lucy and he returns to work at the hospital. Together again after a night of makeup sex, Billie tries to get up for work but Mick lures her back to bed with a rendition of 'her song'. Half an hour later, now really late, Billie attempts to leave again and a heated argument erupts. She storms out. Billie and Mick begin wondering if they rely on fighting to keep the spark in their relationship alive. Opting for spontaneity over aggression, Mick finds Billie at work and blares her song from the back of his ute and she is easily won over. Aware of the failed sting, Brendan surprises Nina at work and traps her in the lift so they can talk. Nina's cries for help go unheard until Billie and Mick accidentally call Nina during another bout of makeup sex. Within minutes the police are at the hospital and Brendan is in custody. Chris and Nina share a moment after her ordeal and she apologises for dragging him into her relationship mess. Chris insists he understands and tries to explain his own complicated home life situation. Despite the strong attraction Nina feels between them, questions about Chris' mysterious past leave Nina feeling more confused than ever. Meanwhile Darcy and Cherie negotiate their new partnership parenting baby Ray. Cherie's confidence grows as a new mother and Darcy realises his new stint at fatherhood has altered his relationship with ex-wife Geraldine forever. Jimmy continues to weave increasingly elaborate stories to try and rid himself of girlfriend Odile. Forced to come clean, Jimmy is surprised by Odile's confession that she's also been spinning a few lies of her own. Nurse Kim gets a surprise donation from Doctor Clegg when he learns she's trying to start a family with her girlfriend Renee.

Episode Two
Released 29 August 2010

Nina is forced to confront her own insecurities when she meets an unconventional couple wanting a completely nude birth. After being labelled a prude by her co-workers, Nina is relieved to hear that Chris understands her reservations about the nudity, but is thrown when he suggests she has control issues. Interrupted during her lunch with Chris by a distressed phone call from Billie, Nina rushes to her side to help, only to be lectured by Billie about being prudish for not having slept with Chris yet. Frustrated by the constant accusations, Nina hurries to Geraldine's house to seek reassurance. After criticising her mother's online dating profile, the two women get in a heated argument and Nina admits that she is afraid to let go. Geraldine comforts Nina, and tells her she is incredibly proud of her brave and capable daughters. Inspired, Nina returns to the hospital and reaches a compromise with the staff and the expectant couple, and the nude birth goes smoothly. Later that night, Nina decides to seize the moment with Chris, but is horrified when she interrupts he and Zara in a compromising position in the storeroom. Devastated, Nina rushes home, at a complete loss about where she stands with Dr Havel. Frustrated by his lack drive and ambition, Billie leaves Mick in bed as she goes to work on a Saturday. Eager to prove herself, Billie insists to Darcy that she can handle a new property with a difficult tenant on her own, and he agrees. Upon arrival, Billie is repulsed to discover that the house is occupied by someone hoarding his own excrement. Failing to get Darcy to return to help, she tries to get the tenant to clean up. The request falls on deaf ears and Billie brings in professional cleaners, but even they aren't willing to deal with the extreme case. After leaving countless messages for Mick and getting no reply, Billie is forced to clean the filthy house herself. At the end of an exhausting day, Billie returns to find Mick at home drunk; the result of a dare with Jimmy. Realising that Mick's talent and good looks don't make up for his unreliability, Billie walks out on him, believing she can't really love someone she doesn't admire. Cherie tries parenting by the book, battling to suppress her maternal instinct while using the controlled crying method. Sensing the strain, Darcy suggests they take the afternoon off and get Jimmy and Odile to babysit Ray. At lunch Darcy and Cherie negotiate their parenting techniques and finally define their relationship as "friends who share a child". Arriving home, Cherie and Darcy see Ray is sleeping soundly. Cherie is ecstatic and completely unaware of Jimmy and Odile madcap style of childcare. Geraldine embarks on the world of internet dating and her children are quick to advise on how she should present herself. While Jimmy and Odile use their creative skills to stretch the truth to its outer limits, Nina insists honesty is the best policy. Only when Billie uses her talents as a saleswoman to accentuate her mother's true personality does Geraldine's profile really shine.

Episode three
Released 05 September 2010

Believing she has interrupted Chris and Zara having sex in the storeroom, Nina spends a sleepless night composing a furious email to Chris. In the harsh light of day, Nina decides that rather than pressing send, she will wait for Chris to approach her. When Chris finally corners her to talk, Nina protects herself from further humiliation and pretends to be completely unfazed by the whole incident. Hearing that Chris is also invited to Baby Ray's naming ceremony and will be attending with a guest, Nina assumes that he will be bringing Zara. Panicked, she begs Billie to get the whole event cancelled. Billie suggests that Nina counteract with a hot date of her own and offers up her old classmate Boyd, only to back flip on the deal at the last minute, keeping him for herself. On the cusp of entering the party dateless, Nina desperately pleads her case to Billie and Boyd, explaining the awkward Chris and Zara situation. Chris arrives and catches Nina mid rant and she is mortified to discover that his guest is his daughter Lucy, not Zara. Nina apologises for her behaviour and admits her feelings to Chris. She explains that in her eyes they have been flirting and that is a big deal for her. Chris assures her that nothing actually happened between he and Zara and Nina is relieved. In an attempt to wipe the slate clean they agree to have a drink and embrace the party vibe. Cherie finds herself in a battle of musical tastes as she organises the details of Baby Ray's naming ceremony. Wanting to respect Darcy's love of the blues but needing to pay homage to her deep love of pop, it's only when Cherie hears Mick sing that she realises a harmonious compromise can be made. Unhappy with Ray's special treatment, Billie tries to convince Darcy the naming ceremony is a bad idea. But when Cherie asks her to be Ray's Godmother, she has an instant change of heart. Realising that Mick will be at the ceremony, Billie steals Nina's date, Boyd, in an attempt to make Mick jealous. Meanwhile Geraldine has the same idea and uses her internet dating website to line up a toy boy for the night. Helping set up the naming ceremony with Jimmy, Odile offers to provide Cherie with the sea of tulips she's envisioned for the function room. Pretending to work for a famous celebrity, Odile charms hundreds of dollars worth of free tulips from a local florist. Plagued by a guilty conscience, Jimmy thinks Odile has overstepped the mark and ends up paying for the flowers himself.

Episode four
Released 12 September 2010

Love struck Nina struggles to keep focused on everyday life as she's plagued by fantasies of Dr Havel. At work Nina tries to remain professional but can't hide the joy of being in such close proximity to him. Faced with unborn twins in real danger Nina and Chris consult on the case and work together during the delivery. When the second twin emerges blue and not breathing, Chris works hard to revive the newborn and saves his life. Emotionally overwhelmed by the close call Nina takes a moment on the balcony after the operation and Chris joins her. Trying to regain her composure, Nina explains her chaotic morning with her "clinically insane" family. Nina is embarrassed by her blurt, however Chris assures her she's not crazy but funny and very endearing. That night after a failed attempt to go "clubbing", Nina runs into Chris at the convenience store. As the pair talk and share a bite to eat, Chris reveals the truth about his personal life and Nina is stunned to learn Chris' wife has been missing for over a year. Nina returns home and realises she's in love with a very complicated man. Determined to get over Mick, Billie continues seeing her old classmate Boyd. Despite having to 'fake it' because they lack physical chemistry, Billie is compelled to persevere with the relationship when she sees Mick is back with his ex-girlfriend Ivy. Darcy and Cherie continue to negotiate their living arrangements as Darcy announces he's going on a date. While Cherie is fine with him bringing someone home, Darcy finds it hard to let go of his parenting duties when he hears Ray crying during the night. Reassured by Cherie, Darcy returns to spend a passionate evening with his date Jill but wakes in the morning to find she has died in her sleep. Confronted by his own mortality, Darcy fronts up on Geraldine's doorstop and confesses he still loves her. Unaware of the events Darcy has just witnessed, Geraldine can't help feeling bemused by her ex-husband's odd behaviour. Jimmy jumps at the chance to help Odile housesit a luxury mansion, but when the police arrive he realises Odile has been stretching the truth yet again.

Episode five
Released 19 September 2010

Having learnt about Chris' missing wife, Nina tries even harder to stifle her feelings for him. Not trusting herself to resist her attraction to him, Nina spends her morning at the hospital hiding from Dr Havel. When confronted, Nina confesses that she wishes she didn't know about Chris' complicated personal life. Seeing how the news has affected Nina, Chris realises he may have made a mistake by opening up to her and decides to give her some space. After helping Kim face the reality of her situation with her girlfriend Renee, Nina apologises to Chris for overreacting to the news about Alice. Chris assures Nina he understands her fears and determined to show her how serious he is about moving forwards, kisses her passionately. Billie forgets lunch with Boyd when she spies Cherie at a hotel during the day and immediately becomes suspicious. Unable to recruit Nina in her Cherie stakeout, Billie continues alone. Caught snooping at Darcy's place, Billie tries questioning Cherie but she is evasive. When Billie calls Cherie to apologise and simultaneously spies her meeting up with a much older man, she is convinced Cherie is up to something. Billie goes to the pub to dissect the details with Jimmy, only to remember that she has stood up Boyd, who is sitting at the end of the bar. She is surprised when Boyd breaks it off with her, telling her he can see she is not over Mick. With Cherie out for the morning, Darcy takes Ray to Geraldine's house in need of a babysitter. Jimmy isn't home and Geraldine takes the baby reluctantly. To Geraldine's surprise, her maternal instincts kick in and she begins to secretly bond with Baby Ray. Jimmy and Odile are released after a night in custody following their stint 'house sitting'. Realising they're just too different, Jimmy tells Odile he has to leave her for a very important space mission, in an attempt to let her down gently. Kim is unusually tense as girlfriend Renee arrives for her appointment with the fertility doctor. Nina thinks it's just cold feet, but Kim is forced to reveal the truth, she is actually pregnant. Nina convinces Kim to reveal the secret to Renee who reacts badly. Only after seeing their baby during an ultrasound do Kim and Renee manage to repair their relationship.

Episode six
Released 26 September 2010

On the morning of her date with Chris Havel, Nina finds herself navigating the elaborate world of contraception and facing serious performance anxiety issues. Despite Billie and Cherie's attempts at a make-over and their supportive pre-sex pep talk, Nina's concerns continue to run high. After an allergic reaction to cosmetics, Nina is horrified to discover Cherie has accidentally given her sedatives only hours before Chris' arrival. Still drowsy after many cups of coffee, Nina reluctantly gives over to the drug-induced slumber on the condition Billie wakes her after twenty minutes. Just past midnight Nina wakes in a panic to discover she has slept through her date. To her horror, Billie reveals Nina was impossible to stir and that Chris witnessed her snoring like a freight train. The next day Chris suggests they retry the date that night and Nina is relieved. However, she remembers the disastrous state of her bedroom and sends Jimmy on an emergency clean up mission. Later that night things are heating up between Nina and Chris but a phone call changes everything when it is revealed Chris' wife Alice, may be alive. Convinced Cherie is having an affair with a much older man, Billie invites Cherie over for Nina's date prep session to continue her investigation. Certain that Cherie is lying about her sex life, Billie continues spying on her and sees Ray being introduced to a man in his mid sixties. Caught snooping by Cherie, Billie calls Nina with the explosive news that Darcy isn't Ray's father. Before Billie can tell Darcy, Cherie reveals the man she was meeting was in fact her estranged father. Mick tries his best to end things with Ivy but finds it impossible when sex keeps getting in the way. Finally Ivy breaks up with Mick, telling him it is obvious he is still in love with Billie. Meanwhile, Jimmy is dared to pick up a girl without lying and he struggles to impress when he has to admit he's an unqualified bar tender who lives with his mother. To Jimmy's distress Geraldine is having more luck in the romance department when she begins dating his old history teacher Mr Soriel.

Episode seven
Released 03 October 2010

Suppressing her feelings, Nina gives Chris some space as he travels to Queensland in search of his missing wife Alice. Plagued by insecurities and images of a perfect Alice, Nina believes Chris will choose his estranged wife over her. After a hectic day at work and a series of missed phone calls, Nina and Chris finally get to talk. Disheartened by the news that Chris has found Alice, Nina jumps to the wrong conclusion that their fledgling romance is over. Devastated, Nina returns home as the power goes out and Mick arrives to see Billie. Consoling each other over their failed relationships with vodka and ice cream, Nina and Mick are suddenly taken over by miserable drunken lust and end up in bed together. The power switches back on as Nina and Mick realise their big mistake and Chris suddenly arrives, having returned from Brisbane early. At the door, Chris tells Nina wants to be with her. Shocked by his declaration, Nina explains the bad timing of the news and Chris apologises and leaves dejected, realising she has another man in the house. Mick makes a hasty getaway out the bedroom window as Nina jumps back into bed and feigns sleep just as Billie arrives home. Seeing the state of the flat, Billie thinks something sexy has gone on with Dr Chris and wants all the details but Nina can only hide in shame. Wary of continuing their on again/off again relationship cycle, Billie pushes Mick away when she finds out he's broken up with Ivy. She can't bring herself to congratulate Mick on his new recording contract and instead demands he pay back the money he owes her. Realising her mistake, Billie tries to contact Mick to apologise, unaware he is spending the night with Nina. Cherie is forced to tell Darcy about her past after Billie reveals Cherie's been seeing her adoptive father Gareth. Darcy is eager to meet Ray's maternal grandfather and Cherie reluctantly agrees to a dinner with the families. Gareth, Billie and Darcy are getting along well until Cherie's father reveals his conservative side when he assumes Darcy and Cherie will be getting married. Geraldine is concerned when she learns Jimmy is earning money from medical testing. Caught participating in multiple research projects at the same time, Jimmy tries to talk his way out of trouble but it's suggested he use his talent for lying in another area of the medical profession.

Episode eight
Released 17 October 2010

Plagued by the guilt of sleeping with Mick, Nina arrives at work imagining the elaborate lies she could tell Chris. However, before she has a chance to speak with him, Nina learns she'll be performing a highly risky caesarean on a woman in an induced coma. Still feeling terrible, Nina wonders if she's worthy of such an enormous responsibility. Later, when Nina finally talks to Chris, she shocks them both by blurting out that she slept with Mick. To her distress Chris is called away to see a patient before she can gauge his response. The next day, Nina safely performs the caesar, and delivers a healthy baby, before the woman's life support is switched off. Overwhelmed by the events of the last few days, Nina takes a moment on the balcony and apologises to Chris for being with someone else. To Nina's relief, Chris isn't judgemental and assures her that she did a fantastic job with the delivery. Nina and Chris seem to be back on track until his wife Alice arrives unexpectedly at the hospital. Cherie spends a tense afternoon with her father Gareth as they clash over their opposing views on parenting and religion. Defending her decision to have a child out of wedlock, Cherie is surprised to hear her parents were hurt when she kept the pregnancy a secret. Intent on not letting Gareth disrespect her lifestyle, Cherie stands her ground as the argument escalates. That night after meeting Cherie's new extended family, the Proudmans, Gareth and Cherie reconcile and agree to keep in touch before he leaves. Billie hits the books to prepare for her presentation but finds herself out of depth in the complicated world of conveyancing law. Determined to prove she's as smart as Nina, Billie shuns her sister and enlists Darcy's help. Billie is struggling to focus when she gets a surprise visit from her old friend Stacey. The women reminisce about their delinquent teenage years as Stacey asks for a place to crash. Billie is reluctant to get involved with Stacey again but seeing how desperate she is, suggests she stay with Mick. Returning to study, Billie knocks back Nina's help again and the sisters argue as sibling rivalry rears its ugly head. Giving up, Billie turns to Mick whose tough love gets her back on track. Billie performs her presentation from the heart, expressing how the law cannot contain the complexities of modern life. Jimmy's new job as a medical mystery shopper has him questioning his sense of worth and personal identity. Realising that a lifetime of lying has muddled his sense of self, Jimmy decides to quit the program. Handing in his resignation, Jimmy is surprised when it's suggested he can make fast money from residential medical testing. Mick deals with the immediate consequences of his secret night of passion with Nina; crippling injuries to his precious hands.

Episode nine
Released 24 October 2010

Nina and Chris are shocked when his missing wife arrives unexpectedly at the hospital. While Chris and Alice talk, Nina buries herself in work, desperate for a distraction. Nina tries to act casual about the unusual development, but is thrown when Kim observes the similarities between Alice and Nina's husband Brendan and wonders why Nina hasn't gotten divorced. In need of guidance, Nina visits Geraldine to discuss her troubled love life. To Nina's discomfort, Geraldine puts it plainly; Nina didn't want Brendan because he wanted her and now she's attracted to Chris because he's unobtainable. Left with this unnerving thought, Nina returns to the hospital to see Chris, who doesn't want Alice's sudden arrival to change things between them. Hit with the reality of their situation, Nina is adamant about giving Chris all the time and space he needs and the star crossed pair realise just how uncertain their future is. That night Nina shares a drink with Cherie and wishes she could share her friend's fearless approach to life. Motivated by Cherie, Nina visits Brendan at the psychiatric clinic in the hope of getting a divorce and finding closure. To Nina's surprise Brendan understands the need to move on and thinks it's only fair that he lets her go. Billie is furious when she discovers her friend Stacey has stolen Mick's guitar. Billie demands the guitar back but Stacey reveals she's already sold it. Seeing how desperate Stacey's situation is, Billie offers to help her out if she leaves her family alone. Stacey agrees. Billie hunts down a new guitar for Mick insisting she pay for Stacey's mistake. Seeing Billie's love and dedication, Mick can't help but kiss her. Darcy minds Baby Ray at work in order to give Cherie a well deserved break. Enjoying her new found freedom, Cherie ventures out and finds she keeps running into a very cute fireman. Geraldine is concerned when she hears Jimmy is participating in a residential medical trial to make fast money. In order to protect him, Geraldine takes matters into her own hands with serious consequences.

Episode ten
Released 31 October 2010

Nina confronts Chris about the return of his wife Alice, and her fear of being "The Other Woman". Sensitive to her concerns, Chris assures Nina he's free to be with her and promises to fix things by telling Alice all about her. At lunch Billie can see Nina is morally torn about the situation with Chris and ropes her into a bout of not-so- subtle stalking to learn more about Alice. Recovering from the humiliation of being caught snooping, Nina visits Chris in his new apartment later that day, and the couple share a kiss as the tension of the past few weeks dissipates. However, when Chris takes a call from Alice and lies about still being at work, Nina realises he hasn't told Alice about her and leaves. Scared of losing Nina, Chris reveals to Alice that he's met someone and calls Nina, desperate to see her. Acknowledging to herself that the situation isn't perfect, but that she's crazy about him, Nina races to the car park to meet Chris but gets an unexpected phone call from Alice who wants to meet her. Floored by the request, Nina is reminded of all the complexities of her and Chris' relationship and runs back inside before she has to face him. Keen to repair his relationship with Billie, Mick visits her at work and suggests another friendly sleepover but Billie stands firm on her "just friends" policy. Later Billie visits Stacey in hospital and is thrown when she's asked to be her birth support partner. That night, Billie arrives to find Stacey in labour and terrorising the nursing staff. Pushing aside her own fears, Billie talks Stacey through her painful labour as Mick surprises Billie at the hospital with food supplies for the night. Billie visits Stacey the next morning and is overwhelmed when Stacey suggests that Billie should take her baby. Preoccupied by Stacey's request, Billie leaves work to visit Mick but struggles to tell him about her dilemma because they're no longer together. Gravitating towards Mick and with her biological clock ticking, Billie arrives at the hospital ready to take on motherhood, but is shattered when she learns Stacey has no intention of giving up her baby. Billie returns to Mick for comfort, who welcomes her lovingly. Cherie meets Billie and Nina for lunch, barely able to contain her excitement after a chance meeting with Sam the Hot Fireman at the local cinema. Cherie is prompted for more juicy gossip as Billie checks that Cherie's guy is cool with kids. Cherie hastily admits she hasn't told Sam anything about Baby Ray and promises to tell him that night. However when she arrives for their next date, Cherie, worried about Sam's reaction, chickens out. Jimmy gets more than he bargained for when he becomes a human test subject as part of a drug trial and meets the enigmatic Chloe Fraser. After a one night fling with Chloe at the residential testing facility, Jimmy is disappointed when he must leave the program early due to a medical scare. Jimmy and Geraldine argue again about the dangers of medical trials and Darcy accidentally reveals Geraldine drugged Jimmy to try to prevent him from participating, leaving Jimmy furious.

Episode eleven
Released 14 November 2010

Preoccupied by her impending meeting with Chris' wife Alice, Nina is alarmed when Mick announces they must tell Billie about their one night stand. Nina doesn't want to ruin her sister's newfound happiness, but Mick insists they confess before the situation gets any worse. Nina returns home to find Billie having celebratory drinks with Cherie and Sam and after a night of sisterly bonding, Nina can't bring herself to reveal the terrible secret. The next day Mick decides to tell Billie himself but before Nina can stop him, she realises she's running late for her date with Alice. Imagining the fallout from Mick's confession to Billie, Nina can hardly focus as Alice begins to explain her complicated past. Nina cuts their meeting short when she gets a message from Billie and dashes to her car for privacy. After listening to Billie's confusing voicemail about real estate, Nina goes to drive off and inadvertently runs over Alice's foot. Horrified, Nina races Alice to the hospital and waits with her for an x-ray. Trying to explain her erratic behaviour, Nina accidentally blurts out that she slept with her sister's boyfriend, but Alice assures her she's in no position to judge after walking out on her one year old. Nina gets a call from Mick, who couldn't tell Billie the truth, and Nina realises she has to be the one to break the news. Nina's talk with Alice puts things into perspective and she returns home to confront Billie. Nina summons all her courage and tells Billie she slept with Mick. Anticipating an explosive reaction, Nina is devastated when Billie leaves the apartment without looking at her, leaving a heartbroken Nina to contemplate what she has done. Admitting her feelings, Billie surprises Mick with a declaration of love and whisks him off to view their dream rental home. Determined to secure the property, Billie plays dirty at the open inspection to put off other potential tenants from applying. Billie is ecstatic when she secures the home but her world is shattered by Nina's confession. Still keeping Baby Ray a secret from her new boyfriend, Cherie steels herself to come clean to Sam. But before she can confess Sam reveals a big secret of his own and it's only when Cherie spontaneously lactates in the park that she is forced to tell Sam about her son. Furious at Geraldine for drugging him so he couldn't participate in a medical trial, Jimmy moves out of his mother's house and into Mick's. Jimmy is happy to get a visit from his fellow drug trial patient Chloe for a night of passion, but is floored when she leaves the next morning giving him an average performance rating.

Episode twelve
Released 21 November 2010

Wracked with guilt, Nina repeatedly phones Billie to apologise over Mick but to her dismay she continues to be ignored. After a call from Jimmy, Nina visits her mother to assess the damage of Billie's rampage and finds Geraldine home among the debris. Geraldine is reproachful when Nina tries to explain the Mick situation, and aligns Nina's behaviour with Darcy's infidelity, unable to hide her disappointment. After a tumultuous morning, Jimmy tracks Billie down to talk and comes under fire for suggesting she give Nina and Mick a fair hearing. Accusing Jimmy of being Nina's lap dog, Billie decides it's time to confront her sister. At the hospital, Nina braces herself as Billie appears, her fury palpable. Wishing for a fantasy outcome, Nina is instead humiliated as Billie publically demands intimate details about her sex with Mick. Recovering from Billie's visit, Nina takes a moment on the balcony and Chris offers his support. However Chris is taken aback when guilty Nina lashes out blaming her blind infatuation with him for her recent mistakes. Hurt Chris refuses to apologise and accuses her of self sabotage leaving Nina reeling. Desperate to talk things through, Nina tries to call Billie again but with no answer, she can only leave another voice message. The next morning Nina is intrigued when Clegg offers her a position at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Enticed by the thought of an escape, Nina is hit with a profound sense of isolation when her divorce papers arrive. Under the stress of the past week Nina collapses exhausted and returns home where Billie is waiting for her. Before Nina can apologise, Billie reveals she's destroyed every sentimental gift Nina ever gave her. Nina is devastated and Billie leaves taking Nina's owls. After ignoring Mick's dogged attention for the past week Billie confronts him outside her new house. Hoping for a chance to apologise, Mick is crushed when Billie begins a tour of the home using Nina's owls to illustrate the life they could've had together. Meanwhile Nina lies at home, swimming in and out of consciousness dreaming of a new life in Baltimore. As Cherie's relationship with Sam gets serious, Darcy feels disconcerted that he could be easily replaced as Ray's dad.

Episode thirteen
Released 21 November 2010

Nina prepares to leave for her new job in Baltimore; hoping to escape her messy and humiliating personal life. Clutching to the virtue of her job, "Saint Nina" arrives at work, but crashes back to reality when confronted by the usual hospital chaos and Chris Havel. Before she can talk to him, Nina and Chris are called for a meeting by Clegg who inadvertently breaks the news of Nina's imminent departure. Hurt that Nina hasn't told him, Chris walks out as Nina struggles to contain her feelings. Meanwhile, Billie finds Mick outside her new house and despite his dogged attempts to apologise for his fling with Nina, Billie stands strong and refuses to hear the new song he has written for her. Desperate to find a new owner for her stray cat before she leaves, Nina visits Jimmy. However, she is stung when Jimmy refuses to take the cat and discovers he is going overseas to get away from everyone, including her. Feeling stifled by the Proudman family chaos, Billie approaches real estate hot shot Lachlan Hurrell for a potential job. To her surprise Billie's reputation precedes her and Lachlan is eager to offer her a position. When Billie tells her father she's considering Lachlan's offer, Darcy's pride is wounded and tensions rise before Billie makes a quick exit. Nina is humiliated when she runs into Chris, Lucy and Alice inspecting a rental property and realises they're moving in together. Hit with the reality of the Havel's as a happy family unit, Nina makes a hasty departure, fighting tears. That night at the hospital, Nina finds Chris alone deep in thought. Talking honestly, the pair confess their love for each other but sadly admit the impossible circumstances mean they can never really be together. After being coerced by Jimmy, Nina arrives at the park for Baby Ray's party apprehensive at the idea of facing her family. The gathering gets off to an awkward start and gets progressively worse when Nina tries to apologise to Billie who immediately goes on the defensive. The argument gets heated and only stops when Cherie pleas for peace. With tension high, Darcy injures himself when he tries to assert his alpha male status over Sam and upon his request, Geraldine bandages Darcy's leg. Nina, Billie and Jimmy simultaneously notice the intimacy between them and realise their parents have had sex. Unimpressed that Geraldine and Darcy are restarting their tumultuous relationship cycle, Nina, Billie and Jimmy are bonded by their mutual disgust for their parents. Escaping torrential rain at the park, the miserable group straggle into the pub as Mick and his band are setting up. Billie insists Mick plays his apology song but he says it's not for public performance. Apologising to Nina, Mick sings and Nina is horrified to hear "At Best a Six" which makes light of her bad performance in bed and reveals Mick's true love for Billie. Initially humiliated, Nina begins to see the humour in the song, and eventually laughing, is reunited with Billie, the tension easing between them. As the sisters reconcile, Kim announces she's gone into labour and Nina takes charge. While the birth is underway, Billie and Mick talk and share a make-up kiss as Chris arrives and assists Nina. Later back at the hospital, after settling Kim, Renee and their newborn, Chris and Nina head for home. Waiting for the lift, Nina realises this might be the last time she and Chris ever see each other. Seizing the moment, Chris and Nina find a vacant room and finally fall into each others arms.

2 May 2011: Asher Keddie, the star of Offspring took out the Silver Logie at the 2011 TV Week Logie Awards at a ceremony in Melbourne on Sunday.

She received the Silver Logie for ‘Most Popular Actress’ in the Channel Ten drama for her portrayal of Nina Proudman.

This award has been won for the past two consecutive years by Rebecca Gibney.

Offspring was also nominated in a number of other categories. including ‘Most Popular Drama Series’, ‘Most Popular New Talent’ (Eddie Perfect) and the ‘Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent’ (Richard Davies).

Offspring – The Complete First Series is available now on DVD ($59.95srp). The second series of Offspring premieres on Channel Ten this month.

21 March 2011.

The cast members of Rake, Offspring, Packed to the Rafters, Bed of Roses and Underbelly: The Golden Mile will compete for Equity’s Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series Award
Offspring : Linda Cropper, Richard Davies, Alicia Gardner, Don Hany, Jane Harber, Lachy Hulme, Asher Keddie, Deborah Mailman, Eddie Perfect, Kat Stewart, John Waters.
The Equity Awards are the only peer-nominated awards for performers in the country. (Rake won).