John's 1970s TV Guest Appearances
Boney And The White Savage
Episode 2.  Aired: Melbourne 26/10/72, Sydney 31/8/72, Brisbane 24/11/72
LENGTH: 60 mins.
FORMAT: Colour, Film.
PRODUCTION: Fauna Production.

CAST:  Don Pascoe as Luke Miller.  John Waters as Const. Peter Lloyd.  Ben Gabriel as Sen. Const. Sassoon. Edward Ogden as
Jeff Rutter.  Brigette Kollecker as Brigitta Rutter.  Michael Long as Martin Miller. Helen Lindsay as Elizabeth Rutter.  Joan Winchester as Helen Miller.
Script: Eric Paice.  Director: Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A young rapist escapes from prison and returns to the rugged mountain area near his home, and the scene of the crime, seeking refuge. Boney strikes fresh trouble when the rape victim tries to protect her attacker.

Based on the novel 'Bony And The White Savage'. Filmed at Wilpena Pound, South Australia.
Created by: Tom Hegarty and Ian Jones
Production Companies: Crawford Productions and 0-10 Network
Executive Producers: Ian Crawford, Tom Hegarty, and Ian Jones
Producers: Don Battye, Jock Blair, and John Dommett
Aired: February 11, 1974–1977 (335 episodes)

Belinda Giblin starred as Kay Webster.  John guest starred as her lover in several episodes.

Certain Women
Produced by ABC Television
Created by: Tony Morphett
Producer: Glyn Davies
Writers: Anne Brooksbank, Laura Jones, Tony Morphett
Directors: Bruce Best, David Cahill, John Croyston, Rob Stewart
Aired: 1973–1977 (166 episodes)

A mini-series that was so successful it continued as a serial. Based on the lives of six women in the Stone family in Sydney during the 1970's. Produced by ABC from 1973-77 on videotape in black and white (series one and episodes 1-59 of series two), in colour (episodes 60-160). Began on air February 14, 1973 (series one), October 10, 1973 (series two)

No info yet on exactly which ep John guest starred in.

Created by: Ian Jones
Aired: 1969–1975 (300 episodes)

A Police Drama set in the fictitious Yarra Central police station in Melbourne 
Devised by: Roger Simpson.
Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund & Kris Noble.
Produced by: Roger Le Mesurier, Roger Simpson, Ros Tatarka

Episode 235. Maria        Aired: 17/7/74
CAST: Sandy Gore as Josie Nash. John Waters as Darcy Nash. Louis Wishart as Joe Ferrero. Vince Martin as Gerry Nash. Syd Heylen as Herbie Ross. 
Don Reid as Sgt. Dave Jenkins. Bill Bennett as Cemetery caretaker. Paul Jansen as Tom Kelly. Ormond Douglas as Superintendent.  Don Smibert as Taylor.
Mark Zandle as Hotel manager. Charles Batchelor as Roberts. Andrew McFarlane as Const. Roger Wilson.
Script: Vince Moran.  Director: Rod Hardy. Film Director: Colin Eggleston. Producer: Don Battye.
Executive Producer: Don Battye. Script Editor: Roger Le Mesurier

Synopsis: The new constable at Yarra Central, Roger Wilson, finds himself the victim of an old man's obstinacy, and eventually puts himself in danger to rescue
Banner from possible injury.

First Andrew McFarlane in a regular support role as Constable Roger Wilson.

Episode 278. The Vickers Way        Aired 5/6/75
CAST: John Waters as Barry Fielding.  Julia Blake as Sgt. Joan Palmer. Allan Penney as Harry Packard.
Veronica Heywood as Nancy Fielding.  Louise Crossland as Norma Burrows.
Script:  Charles Stamp

Synopsis: Vickers has the Yarra Central police intrigued as he works his way through a case using his own methods, with none of the other police knowing exactly why they are doing as he orders.
Created by: Hector and Dorothy Crawford
Produced by: Crawford Productions and Seven Network
Producers: Ian Crawford, Paul Eddy, Paul Karo, Nigel Lovell, David Stevens, Igor Auzins & Don Battye
Aired: October 1964–June 1976 (509 episodes)
Network: Seven.
Homicide was based on their successful radio serial D24 (known as C.I.B. outside Melbourne) and American cop shows like Dragnet and Naked City. Crawfords touted the pilot around Australian television stations for over a year before HSV 7 in Melbourne decided to run with it. It was a risk that paid off. Not only was Homicide a long-running hit which employed most of Australia's top actors in a rather barren era, but other television stations asked Crawfords to produce shows for them. These include Hunter, Division 4, Matlock Police, The Sullivans and The Flying Doctors.

Episode 367. Born Loser       Aired: 13/3/73
CAST: John Waters as Eddie Hughes. Bill Hunter as 'Lofty' Jackson.  Jeff Ashby as Jack Walsh.
Jill Forster as Judy Campbell. Charmion Jacka as Helen Phillips. David Atkins as Tony Phillips. 
Roly Barlee as Bert Matthews. Kevin Ellis as Arthur Phillips.
Script: Ken Dresser. Director: Bruce Ross-Smith. Film Director: David Stevens.
Producer:John Morgan. Executive Producer: Dorothy Crawford

Synopsis: A compulsive gambler is murdered and robbed in a secluded factory area. Detectives interview the victim's estranged wife and son, his employees and a

Episode 398. Mad Dog Kelly    Aired: 30/10/73
CAST:  John Waters as Howard Nelson. Don Philps as Sgt. Jenkins. Ernie Bourne as George Stevens. Richard Gilbert as 'Sniffy' Tyler. Gary Gray as Const. Craig. Bryan Davies as Palmer. Monica Maughan as Mrs. Hunter.
Director: David Stevens.  Executive Producer: Henry Crawford

Synopsis: Prisoner Howard Nelson murders another inmate in the city watch-house who had been roughed-up earlier by Det. Kelly. Nelson blames Kelly for the death, resulting in an inquiry that threatens Kelly's career.

John Waters' performance in this episode brought him to the attention of ABC producer Oscar Whitbread who subsequently cast him as Sgt. McKellar in Rush.

Episode 491. The Whole Of The Law     Aired: 12/2/76

CAST: John Waters as Allan Guthrie. Judy McBurney as Joan Thompson. Bruce Kerr as Terry Jenkins.  Linda George as Laura Guthrie. David Ravenswood as
John Price.  Lesley Baker as Nora Jenkins.  Charmion Jacka as Mrs. Anderson.  Robert Schroeder as Greg Watkins.
Script:  Jim Simmonds. Director: George Miller.  Producer:  Igor Auzins.  Executive
Producer:  Ian Crawford

Synopsis: Murder on a lonely country road leads police to suspect that devil worship is involved.


Created by: Jock Blair and Ian Jones
Executive Producers: Jock Blair, Hector Crawford
Producers: Henry Crawford, John Barningham
Associate Producer: Graham Foreman
Aired: November 15, 1976–March 10, 1983 (1115 x 30 min)
Channel: Nine Network

The Sullivans followed the life of a Melbourne family through the years of World War II. Dave and Grace Sullivan were parents to three sons and one daughter—John, Tom, Dave and Kitty.  The life of the family as it struggled to deal with the world in wartime was the basis of the popular series, but the extended family and friends also played a key role in the storylines, such as the local pub, the local corner store and a variety of neighbours. With three sons and a variety of in-laws, cousins and friends away at War, The Sullivans featured war action sequences in almost every theatre of the world conflict.

John Waters guest starred as soldier Christopher Merchant in 1979 in 6 or 7 episodes.
EPISODE 117. Executioner    Aired 6/9/73
CAST:  John Waters as Tim Ward.  Peter Cummins as Tom Harris. Fred Betts as John Moore.  Gillian Jones as Vicky Moore. Ben Ziccone as 'Blackie' Green.  Alan Stewart as Jack Collins. 
Arthur A'Beckett as Baker. Telford Jackson as Brown. Jeffrey Hodgson as Dr. John Mitchell.
Script: Keith Hetherington. Director: John Jacob. Film Director: Vince Makesteijn. Producer: Rita Tanno. Asst Producer: Rod Hardy.

Synopsis:  A terror campaign against Matlock's 'Citizen Of The Year' has police and the victim baffled.  It culminates in violence, rape and attempted murder.

EPISODE 126. Lone Wolf        Aired 8/11/73
CAST: John Waters as Const. Cook. Elspeth Ballantyne as Jenny Fisher. John Clayton as Glenn Roberts. Ian Smith as Larry Fisher. Lester Morris as Wardsman. Ken Snodgrass as George Carter.
Clive Hearne as Alec Murphy. Jeffrey Hodgson as Dr. John Mitchell. Gail Evans as Nurse.
Script: Keith Hetherington. Director: John Jacob. Producer:John Dommet.

Synopsis:  A criminal with a history of violence and a long memory returns to Matlock to start a wave of terror and death.

EPISODE 222. The Animals Came In One By One          Aired 1/1/76
CAST: John Waters, Rona McCloud, Bill Hunter

Synopsis:  There have been reports of strange sightings in the neighbouring mountains which lead the Matlock police into uncovering a well planned million dollar crime.

John made many guest appearances on all the most popular TV series through the 70s. I have attempted to detail as many episodes as possible & where available - included a picture or two & an article further below.