1958              A Night To Remember. The original Titanic movie. John had a non speaking childs role.

Unknown       Dr Syn (Disney). One line speaking part.

1969              Adam's Woman.  Beau Bridges stand in, and Tea Boy.

1975              End Play as Mark Gifford

1976              Eliza Fraser as David Bracefell

1977              Weekend of Shadows as Rabbit

1977              Summerfield as David Abbott

1977              The Getting of Wisdom as Rev. Shepherd

1980              Breaker Morant as Capt. Alfred Taylor

1981              Attack Force Z as Ted King

1986              Going Sane as Martin Brown

1986              Passion Flower as Leslie Gaitland

1987              Bushfire Moon as Patrick

1988              Grievous Bodily Harm as Morris Martin

1988              Boulevard of Broken Dreams as Tom Garfield

1993              Heaven Tonight as Johnny Dysart

1994              Ebbtide as Michael Suresch

1998              The Real Macaw. (Dr Hagan).

1999              The Sugar Factory. (Sam Lejeune)

2001              Luck. Short film.

2004              Stealth Civilian Doctor

2005              The Bouncer