2000/2001  Musical Soundtrack

I am not sure if The Jackal was recorded in 2000 or 2001. 
It is the soundtrack to an as yet unperformed musical based on Dickens Tale of Two Cities. 
It features John singing in the role of the Marquis St. Evremonde, the vindictive aristocrat and scourge of the burghers of Saint Antoine. Also features John Wood, Normie Rowe and Russell Morris. 

Link: The official Jackal website. Read the synopsis, reviews, hear snippets, order the cd.

Updated: 14 Aug 05
MARCH 2001. John becomes a work of art.

In a ten hour painting session, artist Michael Camilleri puts his impression of John on canvas and delivers it sopping wet with just 40 minutes to spare.

Its the first time John has been a subject in Australia's premier portraiture award, the Archibald Prize.

John Quote: "I am not the most objective person to look at me really, and yet it gives me a slight shiver to look at that because it sort of resonates inside me. It's like looking at a body part or something - it's definitely part of me."
Link: Screen grabs from Johns eps

Link: Articles.

Link: Young Lions cast lists for each ep (external link)

Link:  Episode guide
(external link)

Updated: 14 Aug 05
2001 Looking Through A Glass Onion National Tour.

April 2001 saw the "All New" version of Looking Through A Glass Onion commence a national tour around Australia. John, Stewart and band were now joined by the Dr Winston O'Boogie Quartet - a talented bunch of ladies on strings who really added an edge to the show.

John Quote: "Stewart thought the string quartet would enrich it," he said.  "When we started the show in 1992, it was just me and Stewart.  Now we have a four piece band and a mini orchestra."

From a review: "Waters is not an impersonator but has filtered the songs through his own musical intelligence to give almost similar but unique versions of the brilliant originals.  With his uncanny use of the Lennon accent, Waters tells the story of an angry, complaining, aggressive, witty and sometimes endearing genius who had worked through the pain of childhood trauma to emerge apparently headed towards the end of his all too short life."
Link: news article and pics
Link: More info on the Archibald Prize

Updated: 14 Aug 05
2001.  The Graduate. Play
July 2001: Newspapers announce John was named as the latest cast addition to join Wendy Hughes in the upcoming Australian stage version of The Graduate
Starring Hughes as Mrs Robinson, John will play opposite her as Mr Robinson. 
The Graduate opens in Sydney at the Theatre Royal from October 5th 2001 to December 4th 2001 before moving to Melbourne's Comedy Theatre in early 2002. Other cast that have been named are Andrew McFarlane, Tracey Mann, Brooke Satchwell and Mark Priestley
October 13 2001:  The Graduate has opened in Sydney and the reviews are in. Click on the link to read them and as of October 20 you can read my own review now that I have returned from seeing the show.  Roll on now for the start of the Melbourne season !!!
November 18 2001:  The Graduate is closing earlier than anticipated and the Melbourne season has been cancelled.  Everything from elections to airlines are being blamed.  Read more on the reviews page
Link: The Glass Onion Pages
Link: Reviews from 2001
(note these are the old original pages I built - all the Glass Onion pages will soon be rebuilt and new pics and reviews added).

Updated: 14 Aug 05
DECEMBER 2001.  Short Film

Another project in the wings is a short film for TropFest, directed by Rene Hernandez.
Titled "Luck", it is 5:12 mins with John and Russel Dykstra - star of Soft Fruit, Lantana and Paperback Hero.
Link: Pics, articles and reviews - including one by the Webmistress.

Updated: 14 Aug 05
2002  Young Lions. TV Series, Channel 9

JULY 17 is the premier date for Channel 9's newest police drama Young Lions. With a cast boasting some of Australia's hottest young actors and the creative talents of Michael Jenkins who brought us Blue Murder, YOUNG LIONS will be one of 2002's most anticipated drama series.

Starring Alex Dimitriades as Eddy, Tom Long as Guido, Alexandra Davies, Penny Cook, Anna Lise Phillips and Katherine Slattery. YOUNG LIONS revolves around South West 101, an inner-city police station and its new breed of detectives - Eddy, Donna, Guido and Cameron - who are all in their twenties. Passionate and ambitious, the YOUNG LIONS will have their personal and professional relationships tested by competition and conflict as they cope with coming of age in a profession that deals out experiences far beyond their years.

Set against a contemporary backdrop of major crime stories, YOUNG LIONS focuses on the private lives of the four detectives, as well as two Department of Public Prosecution lawyers and a young forensic pathologist.
John stars as Bill Martin, Guido's cop father, who may or may not be dodgy, in 7 episodes.

Link: The 2002 Glass Onion schedule and reviews and interviews.

Updated: 14 Aug 05
2002/03  Oliver! The Musical

November 29 2001.  John was named to star as Fagin in the musical Oliver at Star City's Lyric Theatre opening in May 2002.  Other cast members that have been named so far are Steve Bastoni, Tamsin Carroll and Mark Mitchell.

To quote Australian producer James Cundall said he had no doubts about the casting. ``Often when you go into an audition, you think it could be X, it could be Y, and it comes down to which colour shoes they've got on. John, who is the quintessential leading man, blew them away."

Webmistress: "Personally - I think John will be a complete scene stealer in the dastardly and wicked role of Fagin.  It gives him these chance to play the personality of the character instead of the leading man/husband roles he seems to get these days.  I guess I will have to save up for another airfare !!!"

April 2002:  Rehearsals for Oliver! The Musical have commenced.
July 2002: John is still wowing the Sydney crowds as Fagin in Oliver!  I enjoyed a holiday over there last month and was able to see the show twice - look out for my review coming really soon.
March 2003:  Well after successful seasons in Sydney and Melbourne, John is now off to Singapore to continue the brilliant role of Fagin in Oliver The Musical.  The Singapore season will run from March 21 2003 to April 13 2003 at the Esplanade Theatre.
Link: Article on the wedding with pics.

Updated: 22 Aug 05
JANUARY 26 2002  Family Update

Congratulations to John on his marriage to Zoe Burton in Fiji this month.


2001 Narrator, Mind Games. TV.

John's distinctive voice was heard in narrating Channel Ten's latest hidden camera reality series Mind Games:  Real Life Adventures in August 2001. 

Unfortunately due to the production team at Crackerjack and Channel Ten's legal problems with this show we only ever saw the one episode.

John was only involved in the narration and was not connected with the charges against Crackerjack Productions.
Link: News articles

Updated: 14 Aug 05
OCTOBER 21 2000   Family Update
Sydney Morning Herald snippet. Actor John Waters and wife Sally have their 1893 Mosman residence listed for sale. The Cowles Road property last traded in 1993 for $457,000, but has been extensively renovated. The street's most recently listed house fetched about $1 million. Rumours say the couple have split.
Link: Articles, reviews and pics.

Updated: 14 Aug 05
OCTOBER 2002:  20 Year Reunion

John attended a reunion of cast and crew of All The Rivers Run in Echuca Victoria.


External sites
Link: Review
Link: Review
Link: Pics and info
Link: Synopsis & Pics

Updated: 14 Aug 05
JANUARY 2003. Family Update

Congratulations to Zoe and John on the birth of Archie.


JANUARY 2002  Looking Through A Glass Onion

With the cancellation of the Melbourne season of The Graduate, John has been left with some spare time before rehearsals for Oliver! start. 

Another good excuse to take Looking Through A Glass Onion on the road.  A comprehensive tour of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania will start on Feb12 2002 and take in many country towns who have not had the chance to see the show before.

For the full tour schedule, venue and booking information click on the link on the right.  Reviews from the gigs can also be found there.

2003  Fireflies  TV telemovie and series. ABC

July 2003:  Currently in production is a new ABC drama made by Southern Star Productions called Fireflies.  John will star with Jeremy Sims and Libby Tanner in the telemovie and 20 part series. Set in a small country town, it centres on the townspeople and it's rural bushfire brigade. You can measure a township by the commitment of it's people.  Most of them are volunteers, from the fire brigade to the CWA. Whether you're new in town, or here for generations, when you're facing the driest hottest summer in decades, it pays to belong.  Fireflies focus's on events and relationships in a town where the volunteers of the Lost River Rural Fire Brigade extinguish fires and the relations amongst its residents continue to smoulder.

January 2004:  Finally a start date on FIREFLIES.  Set the video's for 7.30pm Saturday February 7th.  John will play Perry in the series and its set to be a great story.  Always good to see the ABC supporting strong Aussie drama series. 
Fireflies fans can click on the links to get all the up to date news and discussions each week.

February 14 2004:  John and Libby Tanner were interviewed by Kerri Anne Kennerley this week.

April 2004:  John and his co stars attended the 2004 Logie Awards. The show wasn't nominated for any awards as it wasnt screened at the time voting commenced.  Fingers crossed the strong performances by John and the cast will be recognised at the 2005 Logies.
Link: Articles to come

External Links:
Link: Official site

Updated: 21 Aug 05
2003  Evil Never Dies, Telemovie
John somehow found time between Oliver! productions to appear in a telemovie called Evil Never Dies.  So far it has only been shown in the USA in June 2003 on TBS - if I hear of its future televising here in Aus I will update the site. 
Co produced by Coote/Hayes Productions and stars Thomas Gibson, Katherine Heigl, Rutger Hauer, Simon Boswell.
The production made use of the University of Melbournes gothic architecture and state of the art modern buildings to full effect in the thriller movie set on a small Connecticut college campus.

After his wife is murdered by sadistic serial killer William Charles Lee (Simon Bossell), police detective Mark Ryan (Thomas Gibson) goes into an emotional slump that he is forced to quit his job. Soon afterward, several vicious murders occur, all bearing the modus operandi of Lee. This, argues the authorities, is impossible, inasmuch as Lee has been executed.
John Waters, stars as Professor Arken, a rather ambitious scientist performing naughty experiments in secret ... such as, trying to bring the recently deceased back to the living. He gets his grubby little hands on the body of an infamous serial killer, William Charles Lee, played by Simon Bossell (Aberration). Lee is successfully brought back to life, and ready to continue his reign of terror.
The obsessed Gibson is certain that his wife's murderer is back in business, and, together with female cop Eve (Katherine Heigl), he is determined to stop the "revived" Lee once and for all.

A contemporary twist on the Frankenstein legend, the made-for-cable Evil Never Dies was first broadcast June 1, 2003, on TBS
Link: Pics and episode guide
Link: Articles still to come when scanned.

External Links:
Link: Official ABC Online Fireflies site
Link: Heletia's MSN Group
Link: Another Fireflies site

Updated: 21 Aug 05
2004   Looking Through A Glass Onion

May 2 2004:  John sets off around Australia between now and September for an extensive tour with Looking Through A Glass Onion.

Long-running shows experience changes, no matter how minor, and Waters admits that over the years his performance as John Lennon has probably lightened a little in tone.

John Quote "When I first played him, I wanted to bring out the dark side of Lennon's character, and it was really quite a dark show," he says. "It was true to his character, of course, but now I feel I've probably relaxed a little and made the show lighter - more commercial, if you like. We even do encores, which we never used to do because the show was a serious piece of theatre."

June 21 2004: John and the Glass Onion Band performed Starting Over on Kerri Anne Kennerley's show this morning.
Link: Glass Onion 2004 Gig Guide and reviews

Link: My photos from Johns lunchtime gig in Perth 1 July 04. Coming soon.

Link: Pics from the program.

Updated: 21 Aug 05
2004  Film  Stealth

April 2004:  John has been filming a small role as a doctor in a US film Stealth.  Filming has been taking place around Sydney. Also starring Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard and Richard Roxburgh.

Synopsis: In the near future, the Navy develops a fighter jet piloted by an artificial intelligence computer. The jet is placed on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific to learn combat manuevers from the human pilots aboard. But when the computer develops a mind of its own, it's the humans who are charged with stopping it before it incites a war.  "Stealth" is an epic action thriller about a squadron of elite pilots who embark on a mission of global consequence to neutralize an out-of-control prototype drone fighter plane equipped with artificial intelligence and the ability to precipitate a nuclear war.
Link: Booking details, tour dates, pics, articles and reviews.

Updated: 21 Aug 05
2004  TV Appearance: The Way We Were. ABC.

August 8 2004:  John will guest star on Mark Trevorrow's The Way We Were next Saturday August 14 at 9.30 on the ABC. This weeks theme is Hair.  John talks rebellion and long hair at school, his flight to Australia, being a jackaroo, and getting the role in the radical musical Hair, where he began his acting career.
During the show they showed clips of John as he looked in 1969 during his role in Hair the Musical. I have put them on the Hair Pages.
The big finale was John, Mark and Deborah Conway belting out "Hair".
Link: Screen grabs from the show. Transcript to come.

Updated: 22 Aug 05
2005  Vineyard Concert

January 22 2005:  Hollick Wines in South Australia hosted "Hot Summer Night" with John Waters.

The night was a roaring success with bookings received on the night for next year. Ian and Wendy Hollick kindly donated the proceeds for the night to the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal along with money raised from a raffle held on the night.
Link: Review & Pics
Link: Hollick Wines

Updated: 22 Aug 05
Link: Behind the scenes pics & info
Link: Official site - lots of behind the scenes photos etc.
Link: Xpress Mag review 14/2/06
Link: Xpress Mag interview 15/2/06

Updated: 25 Feb 06

2005  Play.  Influence

January 2005: John will star in the Sydney Theatre Company production Influence, opposite Zoe Carides. opening 14 March 2005 in Sydney.
Written by David Williamson.  Directed by Bruce Myles

World premiere production.  A Sydney Theatre Company production. Williamson in top form - scathing and bitingly funny.
Ziggy Blasco (Waters) is a talk-back host whose power rests in his influence. He fills the airwaves with his appeals to commonsense, his hard line with terrorists and his lashings at political correctness. Politicians beg to be on his show. He is courted by the world. But in the private sphere, Ziggy’s influence is fading away. He can barely maintain a conversation with his glamorous young wife Carmela. His daughter swings between truancy and dabbling in the stockmarket - with his money. His sister despises all that he stands for and while Ziggy preaches to the metropolis that there is no such thing as the working poor, his own housekeeper struggles to provide for her family. Now his elderly migrant father reveals a dark family secret and threatens to go to the press. Just how far does Ziggy’s influence reach?

8 August 2005: Congratulations to Zoe Carides for being awarded a 2005 Helpmann Award for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Play for her superb portrayal in Influence.
2005  Birdseye Commercials

March 2005: John is featured in Birdseye products latest ad campaign. They feature John strolling along a stunning deserted beach extolling the virtues of Birdseye products.

August 2005: I think we are up to the 5th Birdseye ad this year. John has definately become the face of Birdseye. And what a great kitchen some of the ads are featuring !!
Link: Screen grabs from the various commercials so far.

Updated: 21 Aug 05
Link: Mixed articles from the 2000's. (Open Waters, ABC Online, Celeb Soccer)

Link: Going Nuts article

Link: Oct 2005 Echuca Heritage Steam Festival poster.- John was the MC over the busy weekend.

Link: Communities for Communities Nov 2005 Article.

LINK: The West Magazine. 16 September 2006. Untroubled Waters Keeps on Flowing.

LINK: External site. Click to go to the Nova 93.7 radio web site and scroll down to September 2006 to listen to an interview with John.

LINK: Flight of folly: two adults, three kids, 16,000 kilometres. Sydney Morning Herald. 6 January 2007. Humorous article written by John. NEW: Fabulous photo of John and his kids added to this page 17 July 2007.

LINK: Rachaels photos from the Baulkham Hills Soccer Charity Match. 15 July 2007.

Updated: 17 JULY 2007

Articles that weren't related to anything above have been put on their own pages.

Open Waters, 17 March 2001 (typed). Quite a revealing upfront interview.
'There's a certain amount of yourself that you have to give over,' he says.  'I mean, a lot of the times you think "Well, the public doesn't own me, they only own the work that I do because that's what I do for them and that's how I make my living and the private me is not their concern". 'But there's always that little blurred boundary. People are always going to want to know a little bit.

Going Nuts, 6 Jan 2002 (2 scanned pieces). Talking about his childhood and teen years.
John Waters ran away from home at 16, but 38 years later he's slow to admit it. At first he says "I sort of overstayed my school holidays." The he shakes his head and confesses "I was a wretched kid."

ABC Online Interview Transcript 30 June  2004 (typed with link to real player interview).
John enjoys his life and work as an Australian actor but still feels a certain nostalgia for the environment in which he grew up. "It's hard not for me at some times to feel slightly displaced," he says.

Steady Waters. CommunitiesForCommunities article November 2005
"The best thing about Australia is that you are given the opportunity to be an all round entertainer. I have always been careful not to be pigeon holed."

Untroubled Waters Keeps on Flowing.  The West Magazine. 16 September 2006.
on becoming a new dad all over again.... "I'm loving it. I have two grown up children from a previous marriage - and now this. I think I'd recommend it to any man who gets into his 50s and decides he wants to rejuvenate. I'd say find a young woman and have children. It works wonders."

Flight of folly: two adults, three kids, 16,000 kilometres. Sydney Morning Herald diary article by John. 6 Jan 2007.
"It was, according to friends, neighbours, colleagues and assorted local shopkeepers, an utterly stupid idea. On the face of it, taking a family of two consenting adults and three children from Sydney to Leeds for a wintry family get-together over the festive period would hardly seem an impossible scenerio."

Charity Soccer Match: 15 July 2007.
The Baulkham Hills Sports Club Soccer Division held a Charity Match between their Premier League and a group of celebrities. including:
Colin Scotts - USA National Football League St Louis, Dean Capabianco - Athletics, Kate Gill - Matildas, Gavin Robertson - Australia Cricket, Radio & Channel 7, Anthony Field - The Wiggles, John Waters - All Saints, Alex Tobin - Socceroo, John Mangos - Broadcaster, Mike Conway - The Wiggles & musician, Duncan Kerr - Celeb trainer - Aus & NSW Cricket teams, Manly Sea Eagles and The Wiggles, and Charlie Teo - Neurosurgeon.
The game took place at Ted Horwood Reserve - Field 3, Baulkham Hills.
All Saints fan Rachael attended the game and took some photos - click on the link on the right to view them.
Publicity 16 Oct 2002
Publicity Feb 2001
Publicity 18 Nov 2002
2005  Family Update
September 2005: Womans Weekly magazine did a lovely Fathers Day special this month, featuring celebrity dads.  John and Archie posed for a gorgeous shot together and John talks about fatherhood and his own father. Click the link on the right t view the whole article.
John Quote "I know the love you have for your children is like no other kind of love. It's the same with all my three children. It is consuming, coupled with a fear for them and a wish to save them from making mistakes."
Link:  The whole article

Updated: 9 Sep 05
2004  Film  The Bouncer
Starring: John Waters, Ali Roberts, Nunzio La Bianca, Matt Elverd, Danny Birrel, Jenny McCann.

It’s the last night on the nightclub door for for 50-plus Dave, after 25 long, grinding years on the job. It’s also the first night as a bouncer for Jamie, 20, wet behind the ears, good looking, and skilled fighter. In an event-filled night involving stolen diamonds,shady characters, sex, violence, and deception, Dave finds fate presents him with a last desperate chance at happiness.

Filmed in Perth in The Bog nightclub in Northbridge in Oct 2004. Due for release 16 Feb 2006 in Perth.
Publicity Nov 05
2006  Launch of Kookaburra National Musical Theatre Company

John is one of many big name Australian musical theatre names who will be performing at the launch of Peter Cousens' Kookaburra National Musical Theatre Company at the Lyric Theatre in Star City Sydney on April 10 2006.
Link: The official Kookaburra site.
Link: book at Ticketmaster.

Updated: 4 Mar 05
2006  Musical Tribute Concert - Let It Be.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney have long been admired as the major songwriting talents of this era. They are regarded as among the most important songwriting partnerships of the 20th century. In total they co-wrote an astonishing 23 No. 1 singles. The songs of Lennon and McCartney helped change the voice of popular music forever, they rescued rock n roll from the doldrums and helped give youth culture a common voice. LET IT BE honours the musical and lyrical depth of one of the finest song writing duos of our time.

A wide selection of their songs will be sung by Leo Sayer, John Waters, Christine Anu & Rick Price. Joining them will be the Day Tripper Band a line up of some of Australia’s most respected musicians.
With outstanding vocals, exceptional musicianship and the songs which captivated a generation; LET IT BE promises to be one of those live entertainment experiences you talk about for years to come! Don't miss out, book now!

Click on the links for details of the dates where Let It be is playing near you plus articles, reviews & pics.

Link: Season dates, articles & pics & reviews

Link: Book at BlueTix
Link: Book at Ticketmaster.
Link: The Arts Centre
Link: QPAC
Link: Sydney Opera House

Updated: 29 May 06
2006  Play. The Woman In Black

John and Brett Tucker star in the hottest (and scariest) play to come from a successful run on Londons West End.
Described as "an evening of unremitting drama in the world’s best ghost story", this will be an unforgettable theatrical event.

Opening 23 June 2006 at Sydneys Theatre Royal, followed by a season at Melbournes Comedy Theatre before taking in seasons in each capital city.
Loads of reviews, including one by me, on the link on the right.
LINK: Official site
LINK: Pics, articles, dates & reviews
LINK: Article, The West Magazine. 16 September 2006. Untroubled Waters Keeps on Flowing.
LINK: The producer - newtheatricals site.

Updated: 10 March 2007
2006  All Saints. Channel 7 TV .Hospital drama series 
John will join the Ch7 hospital drama All Saints as Mike Vlasek in May 2006. Mike is described as a alpha male and cavalier surgeon who locks horns with John Howards character Frank Campion.
At this stage the role is for 3 months but the success of the newly dubbed "RockDoc" seems set to make Mike a permenant character. Articles and screen caps will be added regularly.
John was nominated for the AFI AWARD FOR BEST GUEST OR SUPPORTING ACTOR IN TELEVISION DRAMA in 2006 for his All Saints role.

John Quote: "Women love him, men fear him, and Frank Campion hates him. Mike knows it and it amuses the hell out of him".
LINK: My All Saints page which features episode guide and heaps of articles updated weekly.

Updated:10 March 2007
2006  Ad Campaigns

John is currently the voice of the roman Sudafed and the Uncle Toby's porridge commercials.


Updated: 16 Jul 06
2006  Family Update

This pic on the left was taken on 13 Sep 06 at Luna Park in Sydney when John attended The Wiggles 15th Birthday celebrations.

Just a few weeks later John and Zoe became parents to twins Gloria and Rusty on 26Sep.
A brother and sister for young Archie !!


Updated: 5 Oct 06
2007  Concert. The White Album Concert.

John, along with Jon Stevens and Jack Jones are performing The Beatles White Album at the Sydney Opera House on 5 and 6 January 2007 accompanied by a 12-piece band of the country’s finest musicians and supporting artists.
Link: Articles & Reviews & a link to a great video clip on ninemsn.com.au.
Link: Bookings

Updated: 6 April 2007
2007  All Saints. Channel 7 TV .Hospital drama series 

John rejoins the Ch7 hospital drama All Saints as surgeon Mike Vlasek in March 2007.

Is a future romance on the cards for Mike ?
John Quote: Oh I think there's certainly a bit of experimentation with forming relationships. Its not something he's done well in the past. He's essentially been afraid of intimacy.

LINK: My All Saints page which features an episode guide and heaps of articles updated weekly.
LINK: Publicity photos at various events with All Saints cast (Logies, 400th episode party etc).
LINK: Yahoo 7 official site.

Updated: 25 August 2007
2007  (June) Concert: Looking Through A Glass Onion - Concert Version. 

John and the Glass Onion Band reunite to bring you a different version of the Glass Onion production with the special addition of Stewart D’Arrietta's  own Tom Waits act as a support !
Gigs are being performed around Tasmania and Victoria. Check the link for dates and venues.

John Quote: "It's been suggested to me many times since I became known as an 'interpreter' of John Lennin's music, that, having achieved the feat of bringing the man's persona into life so dramatically, it would be great if I could now just deliver the songs. No 'abridge' versions such as was occasionally the case in "Looking Through a Glass Onion". Let us enjoy the music. And while I'm at it, could I please do songs X, Y and Z. Favourites that were so tragically missing from the show.
My response has always been: great idea. Ill get back to you."

Read the rest of John's statement - click on the link on the right.
LINK: Gig dates, Venue & Booking Info, the show as described by John, Reviews.

Updated: 18 June 2007
Family May 2007
Charity July 2007
2008  Musical. Rocky Horror Show 

15 August 2007: At the launch of the newest stage version of the Rocky Horror show - John was named as The Narrator. He has been cast alongside former Oliver! co star Tamsin Oliver as Magenta, Iota as Frank-n-Furter, Paul Capsis as Riff Raff,  Sharon Millerchip as Columbia, Kellie Rode as Janet and Michael Cormick as Eddie/Dr Scott.

DON’T DREAM IT…BE IT at the new Star Theatre, Star City when the biggest and best rock’n’roll musical of them all swings into Sydney in February. Tickets go on sale on August 27. Previews start Feb 12 2008. Opening night 21 Feb 2008.
LINK: Articles, reviews, photos, booking info, video clip of an interview on 9am with David & Kim.
LINK: Official Site
LINK: Book at Showbiz
LINK: Book at Ticketmaster
LINK: Daily Telegraphs Rocky articles
Updated: 23 Feb 2008
2008  All Saints. Channel 7 TV .Hospital drama series 

John rejoins the Ch7 hospital drama All Saints as surgeon Mike Vlasek in 2008. Season opener (continuing from last years explosive cliffhanger) starts 12 February 2008.

LINK: My All Saints page which features an episode guide and heaps of articles updated weekly.
LINK: Publicity photos at various events with All Saints cast (Logies, 400th episode party etc).
LINK: Yahoo 7 official site.

Updated: 9 Feb 2008
2009  All Saints. Channel 7 TV .Hospital drama series 
John rejoins the Ch7 hospital drama All Saints as surgeon Mike Vlasek in 2009. Season opener 3 Feb 2009!

HANGING over cliffs and dropping from helicopters has become part of John Waters' routine on the set of hospital drama All Saints. The Matrix-style helicopter and outdoor work is all part of All Saints' rejuvenated format, which includes the introduction of the Medical Response Unit (MRU).
"The Medical Response Unit is a way of getting doctors and surgeons to the site of accidents rather than just waiting for paramedics to bring them into hospital, it saves lives by getting to them earlier," Waters says. "Viewers will still see the regular All Saints department in action through various stories in the emergency department, but it's all tied together to broaden the show out a bit, and it has given the show more action. "I think it's been a great thing for the show on a whole, particularly for us who get to do all the exciting stuff."
2009 Was the final season of All Saints sadly.
LINK: My All Saints page which features an episode guide and heaps of articles updated weekly.
LINK: Publicity photos at various events with All Saints cast (Logies, 400th episode party etc).
LINK: Yahoo 7 official site.

Updated: 21 Jan 2009