YEAR    TITLE & ADDITIONAL INFO (Character name, role, screening dates, episode titles etc)

1972 - 1982   Playschool. ABC Childrens television show. Host.

1972              Boney. TV Series. (26 oct) Series 1 Episode 2 title "Boney and the White Savage". As Const Peter Lloyd.

1973              Certain Women. TV series. Guest appearance.

1973              Homicide. Crawfords Ch 9 TV police drama. Played Eddie Hughes in ep1.367 Born Loser. 13 March 1973

1973              Matlock Police. TV police drama. Played Tim Ward in ep1.117 Executioner. 6 September 1973

1973              Homicide. TV police drama. Ep1.398 Mad Dog Kelly. 30 October 1973 

1973              Matlock Police. TV Police drama. Played Constable Cook in ep1.126 The Lone Wolf. 8 November 1973 

1974              Rush. TV series. ABC. Series one.  Starred as Sergeant Robert McKellar.

1974              Division 4. TV police drama. Played Darcy Nash in ep1.235 Maria.17 July 1974 

1974              Ryan. TV series. Guest in ep1.30 Red Alert. 19 December 1974 

1975              The Seven Ages of Man. TV Play. ABC. Starred in ep1.4 The Soldier. 

1975              Division 4. TV police drama. Played Barry Fielding in ep1.278 The Vickers Way. 5 June 1975 

1975              Quality of Mercy. Guest in ep1.5 Papa. 16 October 1975 

1976              Homicide. TV police drama. Played Alan Guthrie in ep1.491 The Whole of the Law. 12 February 1976 

1976              Matlock Police. TV police drama. Guest in ep1.222 The Animals Came in One By One. 12 March 1976 

1976              The Haunting of Hewie Dowker, Telemovie.

1976              Rush. TV series. ABC. Series two.   Starred as Sergeant Robert McKellar.

1976              The Box. TV Series. Guest appearance over several episodes.

1977              Demolition. Telemovie, Channel 9

1977              The Scalp Merchant. Telemovie. Channel 10 (possibley)

1977              The Trial of Ned Kelly. Telemovie.  Starred as Ned Kelly.

1978              Cass. Telemovie. Starred as Mike.

1978              Capriccio!  ABC. I hour music program hosted by John on Sunday nights.

1979              The Sullivans. TV drama series. Channel 9. 6-7 episodes guest starring as Christopher Merchant.

1979              The Prophecies of Nostradamus. TV Special. Channel 7. Presenter and narrator.

1980              Bedfellows. TV movie.

1980              Slippery Slide. TV movie.

1983              All The Rivers Run. TV Mini Series. Channel 7. Starred as Brenton Edwards.

1983              Five Mile Creek. TV Series. Played Cameron in ep1.3 Love Before a Fall. 7 Dec 1983 

1984              High Country. Telemovie. Channel 9. Starred as Ben Lomax.

1985              The Perfectionist. Telemovie. Channel 10.  Starred as Stuart Gunn.

1985              I Cant Get Started. Telemovie. Starred as Robert.

1986              Neighbours. Channel 10 TV soap.  Guest appearance as Fred Mitchell.

1986              Alice To Nowhere. TV Mini Series. Channel 10. Starred as Johnny Parsons.

1987              Nancy Wake. TV Mini Series. Channel 7. Starred as Henri Fiocca.

1988              Captain Johnno. Telemovie. Starred as Frank.

1989              Nostradamus: The Final Chapter?. Aug 27 1989, Channel 7. Presenter and narrator.

1989              Dearest Enemy. ABC Sitcom. Pilot epsode featured John with Jacki Weaver

1990              All The Rivers Run, The Sequel. TV Mini Series. Channel 7 (?). Starred as Brenton Edwards.

1990              Which Way Home. Telemovie. Starred as Steve Hannah.

1991              All Together Now. TV Sitcom, Channel 9. June 1991 Ep 1.20 Yesterdays Hero, guest appearance as Lochie Burns.

1993              The Olden Days (an episode of Rush hilariously dubbed by stars of The Late Show).

1993              Singapore Sling.TV Movie. Channel 9. Starred as John Stamford.

1994              Singapore Sling - Road To Mandalay. TV Movie. Channel 9.  Starred as John Stamford.

1994              Family Album. US TV movie. Character - Vincent

1994              Homicide... 30 Years On. TV special. As himself.

1995              Singapore Sling - Old Flames. TV Movie. Channel 9.  Starred as John Stamford.

1995              Singapore Sling - Midnight Orchid. TV Movie. Channel 9.  Starred as John Stamford.

1996              Snowy River: The McGregor Saga. TV Series. Played Damien Winters in ep4.8 The Lovers.

1997              Fallen Angels. TV series, ABC. 9 May 1997. Guest appearance as flower shop owner Bob Tognetti in episode 1.14 Love Is in the Air.

1997              Good Guys Bad Guys. TV Series. Playing Oscar Drake in ep 1.3 The Sound of One Hand Killing" 15 Ap 97 

1998              Chameleon II: Death Match. US Telemovie.  Character - Henry Kubica.

1999              All Star Squares. Game Show. Contestant.

1999              The Lost World. TV Series. 20 Nov 1999. Played Lento in ep1.8 The Beast Within. 

2000              Tales of the South Seas. TV Series.  "The Fiery Messiah" episode 1.6 15 January 2000. Guest star.

2001              Mind Games: Real Life Adventure. Reality TV show. Channel 10. Narrator.

2002              Young Lions. TV police drama series. Channel 9. July - Dec 2002. Starred as Senior Detective Bill Martin.

2003              Evil Never Dies. US Telemovie. Character - Professor Arkin.

2004              Fireflies. ABC drama series. Premiered Feb 7 2004. Starred as Perry Luscombe.

2004              The Way We Were. ABC Themed chat show.  Aug 14 2004. John discussed Hair and sung the theme song.

2006              All Saints. Ch7. Hospital drama. Starred as surgeon Mike Vlasek.

2007              How The Bloody Hell Did We Get Here. ABC flashback show with celebrity comments. 

2007              All Saints. Ch7. Hospital drama. Starred as surgeon Mike Valsek.

2007             Child In A Million. Ch7. Narrator.

2007              Ten Pound Poms. ABC. Narrator.

2008              All Saints Ch7. Hospital Drama, as Mike Vlasek

2009             All Saints - Medical Response Unit. Ch7. Hospital drama, as Mike Vlasek

2009              Triple Zero Heroes Ch7. Narrator

2010              Underbelly - The Golden Mile. Ch9. Senator John Hatton

2010              Sea Patrol. Ep 9 Dutch Courage. Ch9. Sergeant Booker 

2010              City Homicide. Ep 4.08 In Harms Way. Ch 7. William Clegg

2010              Offspring. Ch10. Darcy Proudman

2011              Kapyong. History channel, narrator

2011              Offspring. Ch10. Darcy Proudman (5 seasons in total)

2014              ANZAC GIRLS. TV Mini Series. ABC Airing from August 10. John guest stars as Colonel Thomas Fiaschi.

2016              Rake. ABC TV - Episodes  #4.1 to 4.4 as Edgar Thompson

To add: find dates for guest appearances on other TV shows, and chat shows, and guest appearances on This is Your Life (I know he did messages for Jacki Weaver and possibley Jon English). 
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