Godspell - Theatre. Australian Soundtrack. 1972 EMI
1) Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord - John & Co                                   2) Save the People - Rod & Co
3) Day By Day - Pieta & Co                                           4) Learn Your Lessons Well - Sue & William
5) Bless the Lord - Jenny & Co                                                         6)All For the Best - Rod & John
7) All Good Gifts - Marty & Co                                                          8) Light of the World - Company
9) Turn Back, O Man - Carmen & Co                                                             10) Alas For You - Rod
11) By My Side - Janet, Pieta & Co                                            12) We Beseech Thee - Hilton & Co
13) On the Willow - Band                                                                                14) Finale - Company
15) Day By Day (reprise)

Other details: Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Jay Hamburger, Peggy Gordon.
Cast: Hilton Bonner, Rod Dunbar, Janet Fosh, William Gluth, Sue Hollywood, Jenny Lee, Marty Rhone, Carmen Tanti, Peita Toppano and John Waters.
They're Playing Our Song - Theatre. 1980. Australian Soundtrack.

Info to come

ReUnion - Theatre. Australian Soundtrack. Bent Productions. 1995.
1) The Summoning                        2) Something in the Air                      3) I Would Wait For You
4) I've Been A Bad Bad Boy           5) Itchycoo Park                                6) Sunny Afternoon
7) Eve of Destruction                     8) Tin Soldier                                     9) Go Now 
10) Message of Love                    11) We Gotta Get Out Of This Place    12) What Makes a Man
13) This Wheel's on Fire               14) I Shall Be Released

Extra details: Vocals - John Waters, Jackie Weaver. Band - Stewart D'Arrietta (Vocals, Keyboard, Producer), Klaus Bussman (Vocals, Guitars), Steve Williams (Vocals, Saxophones, Harmonica), Ross Noble (Vocals, Keyboards), Tony Mitchell (Vocals, Bass), Peter Contini (Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Mixer). Greg Henson (Drums & Percussion).  Written by: S D'Arrietta, J Keen, J Waters, R Noble, Leander/Londer, Marriot/Lane, Davies, Sloan/Barry, Banks/Bennett, Mann/Weill, Dylan/Danko, Dylan.
Details of album. Release date. Other artists. Track listing.
2000/2001:  I am not sure if The Jackal was recorded in 2000 or 2001.  It is the soundtrack to an as yet unperformed musical based on Dickens Tale of Two Cities.  It features John singing in the role of the Marquis St. Evremonde, the vindictive aristocrat and scourge of the burghers of Saint Antoine. Also features John Wood, Normie Rowe and Russell Morris.

Paris 1990 studio cast recording.
Starring: John Parr, Sheila Parker, Jon English, Bernard "Doc" Neeson, Joe Fagin, John Waters, Terrence Donovan, Harry Nilsson, Trevor White, Philip Quast, Gareth Mortimer, Barry Humphries, Francis Rossi, Demis Roussos, David Atkins, Angela Ayers, Adrian Payne, David Mackay and Simon Burke.
Act I: Overture, Prelude, Head Without A Heart - Helen & Laocoen, Straight Ahead - Paris, What Could Go Wrong - Aenaes & Paris, Perfect Stranger - Helen & Paris, Long Time Coming - Helen
Business - Menelaus, Agamemnon, Ulysses, Patroclus & Ajax, The Leader - Achilles, Any Fool Can See - Helen, Paris, Menelaus & Agamemnon, A Thief in the Night - Menelaus, Trust in Your Heart - Paris, Welcome Home - Various, Come Hell or High Water - Paris & Helen.
Act II: No Turning Back - Hector, For Better or Worse - Helen & Paris, Ten Years On - London Symphony Orchestra, What Price A Friend - Patroclus, Love has Power - Hector, The Begger - Ulysses & Helen, Ylysses Prayer - Ulysses, A Horse With No Rider - Ulysses & Agamemnon, Inside Outside - Sinon, Thersites & Talthybius, The Balance Shifts - Various, Oh Paris - Helen & Ulysses
Finale - Various
Jesus Christ Superstar. Theatre. Australia Soundtrack. 1992

To come - Details of album. Release date. Other artists. Track listing.

Artists: John Farnham, Kate Ceberana, Jon Stevens, John Waters, Angry Anderson.

Details of album. Release date. Other artists. Track listing.
LTGO 1 1994

Details of album. Release date. Other artists. Track listing.
LTGO 2 2001

The Sound Of Music. Theatre. Australian Soundtrack. 1999 BMG.
1) Preludium - Nuns                                                                            2) The Sound of Music - Maria
3) Maria - Nuns                                                                                      4) I Have Confidence - Maria
5) Do Re Mi - Maria, kids                                                                     6) 16 Going on 17 - Rolf, Liesl
7) My Favorite Things - Maria, kids                                           8) How Can Love Survive - Max & Elsa
9) Reprise: The Sound of Music - Capt Von Trapp & kids                                10) Laendler - Orchestra
11) So Long, Farewell - Von Trapp kids                              12) Climb Every Mountain - Mother Abbess
13) Opening Act 2 - Max & kids                          14) No Way To Stop It - Elsa, Max & Capt Von Trapp
15) Something Good - Maria & Capt Von Trapp                                 16) Wedding Processional - Nuns
17) Reprise: 16 Going on 17 - Maria & Liesl   18) The Lonely Goatheard - Maria, Capt Von Trapp & kids
19) Edelweiss - Capt Von Trapp, Maria, Von Trapp kids 
20)Reprise: So Long, Farewell - Maria, Capt Von Trapp, Von Trapp kids           21) Finale Ultimo - Nuns

Cast: Capt Von Trapp - John Waters. Maria - Lisa McCune. Max - Bert Newton. Elsa - Anne Wood. Liesl - Pia Morley. Rolf - Tim Draxl. Mother Abbess - Eilene Hannan.
Heaven Tonight - Movie Soundtrack.  1990 Boulevard Music.
1) Heaven Tonight (1968 Version) - John Waters.                                2) Call of the Wild - Guy Pearce.
3) Minutes After Midnight - Guy Pearce.                                              4) Time & Place - John Waters.
5) Do it to Me - Machinations.                                     6) Heaven Tonight (Piano Theme) - Peter Jones.
7) Wastelands - John Waters.                                                     8) Sleeping and Dying - Guy Pearce.
9) Down on Down on Down - John Waters.                                        10) Danger Calling - Guy Pearce.
11) Digital Delay - W.H.Y.                                                               12) Heaven Tonight - Guy Pearce.
13) Time & Place (Live) - John Waters.                      14) Down on Down on Down (Live) - John Waters.

Extra details: Produced by John French & David Herzog.
Composers - Frank Howson, Ken Firth, Machinations, David Scofield, Alister Webb, John Capek, Beeb Birtles, Suzanne Haworth, Tony Wilkinson, Mike Rudd.
Details of album. Release date. Other artists. Track listing.
Brel. July 2010.

One of Australia's most respected actors and singers, John Waters releases this brilliantly performed "live" recording of the great French Chanson singer-songwriter Jacques BREL. Brel's songs have been covered by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Dusty Springfield, Ray Charles and many others, but John Waters is the first Australian to release a full French version of the classics. 15 tracks covering the spectrum of life, love and death and sung with such emotion and power that one is spellbound and in awe of the brilliance of the multi talented John Waters.

Available online HERE

When Waters first arrived in Australia as a 20-year-old working on stations in the Outback, he got a job delivering fruit and vegetables to various restaurants around Brisbane as well as singing folk songs in coffee shops. One of their customers was the iconic Cloudland ballroom. "I remember going to Cloudland - you could see it from below, it was all sort of lit up and powder blue - it was an amazing looking place. "I remember going with these crates of fruit and vegetables and seeing kids arriving for a dance," he says, " and the girls were dressed in hooped petticoats and they had long white gloves, young men in tuxedos and Cadillac de Villes with white wall tires. "It was very exotic, it looked like a debs ball or something. "I remember thinking I wish I was there meeting those chicks and not just being the guy delivering the fruit and vegetables."

The image of this "palace of dreams" was the inspiration behind his album of original material, Cloudland. The title song named after the venue is a work of fiction he says, but is inspired by the time in a young person's life when they go to their school formal or debutante's ball. "It's the last thing they do before they enter the world of adulthood and children and mortgages just have a big party with dancing and turn the rock 'n' roll up loud."

Cloudland will be officially released in August 2011 but is currently for sale at the Glass Onion shows.

Songs include: Soul of a man, Eliane, Orders from my heart, Hold me tight, The only thing, Coloured by the blues, Angels, Cant let go, Cloudland, Cant find my way home, Rusty the cowboy.  The album has a gentle autobio feel to it and the webmistress herself has decided Soul Of A Man is her current favourite. Most of the songs have been written by John along with long time pal Stewart D'Arrietta. Lucinda Williams, Johnny Nash and Steve Windwood have been covered wonderfully. Daughter Bec provides the sublime backing vocals !
ALBUM: the highly unlikely but quite possibly true story of Pilliga Pete and Clarrie the Cocky.

The book and cassette first written, drawn and narrated by John has had a brand new lease on life in the form of a CD !!

After being tricked by the devious Captain Blather into riding boundary on Blather's sheep station, Pilliga Pete was at a loss. That is, until he met a very cunning and talkative white cockatoo named Clarrie. After the normal pleasantries of a first meeting, Pete told Clarrie of his predicament.  Between them Pete & Clarrie worked out a means to resolve the situation. An elaborate plan that ended with a result that nobody could have ever possibly foreseen.

This delightful and very amusing story was written and is narrated by John Waters, one of Australia's favourite and highly respected actors. Produced by Martin Erdman with lots of music, songs and sound FX, young and old alike will enjoy this tall story set in the Great Australian Outback. Together with John's highly descriptive narrative and the enclosed 12 page booklet containing pen drawings by John, who needs video? - let your mind paint the pictures.