The Story of Rush.

Episodes: 25. (Premier 100min - rest 50 min)
Production dates:
Series 1 - ABC Melbourne April - Sept 1974.
Series 2 - ABC Sydney Sept 1975 - April 1976.
Screening Dates:
Series 1 from August 1974.
Series 2 from March 1976.

Series 1
Lead Cast
Sgt. Robert McKellar - JOHN WATERS
Commissioner Edmund  Fitzalan - BRENDON LUNNEY
Support Cast
Lansdowne - ALWYN KURTS
George Williams - MAX MELDRUM
Dr. David Woods - PETER FLETT

Series 2
Lead Cast
Sgt. Robert McKellar - JOHN WATERS
Const. Emile Bizard - ALAIN DOUTEY
Support Cast
Jessie Farrar - JANE HARDERS
Supt. James Kendall - VINCENT BALL
Capt. Richard Farrar - PAUL MASON
Henry Purchase - MAX MELDRUM
Morgett - JAMES MOSS

Series Originated By - JAMES DAVERN
Original music composed by - GEORGE DREYFUS
Series 1:
Executive Producer - OSCAR WHITBREAD
Music performed by: BRIAN MAY & THE ABC SHOWBAND
Series 2:

Series 1:
1974 Logie: Best New Drama Series.
1974 Logie: John Waters - Best New Talent
1974 National Musical Industry Award: Brian May & George Dreyfus - Best Instrumental Performance for 'Theme From Rush'.
1974 Penguin: Olivia Hamnett - Best Actress.
Series 2:
1976 Sammy: John Waters - Best Lead Actor In A TV Series.
1976 Sammy: Colin Free - Best Writer For A TV Series (Drama) for episode 25 'A Shilling A Day'.
1976 Logie: Colin Free - Best Script (Drama) for episode 25 'A Shilling A Day'.
1976 Sammy: Hugh Keays-Byrne - Best Actor In A Single Performance for episode 25 'A Shilling A Day'.
1976 Logie: Hugh Keays-Byrne - Best Individual Performance By An Actor for episode 25 'A Shilling A Day'.
1977 Awgie: Colin Free for episode 25 'A Shilling A Day'.

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Article1 - Aug 74 Rush recalls a golden era.
Article2 - Dec 74 Rush Music in the Charts.
Article3 - Oct/Nov 74 Four Rush Snippets, incl cartoon.
Article4 - Feb 75 Rushing Headlong Into Success.
Article5 - Feb/Mar 76 Four small articles re series 2, incl ad.
Article6 - Jan 76 Rush's Sgt McKellar is a Wanted Man.
Article7 - Feb/Mar 76. 5 Mixed articles.
Article8 - Early 76. He Is A Man In A Rush.
Article9 - Feb 76. Rush is Reborn
Article10 - 28Feb76 The Rush Revolution.
Article11 - The Rush Team Breaks Up
Article12 - 21 April 76 Rush's French Connection
Article13 - 6 Mixed articles 1976 & 1977 - re third series & Johns illness.

SERIES 1  1974 Black & White eps.

1) Of All The Crowd That Assembled There
Guest actors: John Bowman, Robyn Gurney, Ken Weaver, Mark Zandle, Keith Eden, Geoff Parry, Alan Hardy, Robert Forza, Peter Cavanagh, Tim Robertson, David Phillips, Shane Christian.
Script: Howard Griffiths. Directors: David Zweck & Douglas Sharp

Gold Commissioner Edmund Fitzalan arrives at Crockers Gully from India. His duties overlap those of the Sergeant of Troopers, Robert McKellar, and there is an ill-disguised hostility between them due to their differing backgrounds. Also arriving on the goldfields is English lady Sarah Lucas, whose first duty is to bury her husband who died on the voyage to Australia.

Series premier - 100 minute episode.

Premiered: Melbourne 20/8/74, Sydney 29/8/74, Adelaide 5/9/74, Perth 5/9/74, Brisbane 3/10/74, Darwin 18/9/74, Hobart 2/9/74.

2) They'll Yet Regret
Guests: still to come
Sgt. McKellar cautions three notorious troublemakers, Watson, O'Toole and Jones, who hire an Aboriginal worker, Wongerra, to guide them to the new gold find at Ben-Ga-Dee Creek.

3) They Faced All The Dangers, Those Bold Bushrangers
Guest: Rod Mullinar, Lynette Curran, Martin Harris, John Baird, Lesley Baker, Philip McNamara, Alex Porteous.
Script: Sonia Borg.  Director: David Zweck

Hard working miner Mick Draper takes in his friend Jim Hill, who talks him into robbing the mail coach. They get away with their loot, but never savour success. Meanwhile, Mick's wife Amy joins Jim's wife Jessie in drinking at the Miners Pub.

4) Toe The Scratch And Never Say Die
Guests: Gerard Kennedy, Mike Preston, Chris Peters, Noel Browne, Barry Barkla, Nevil Thurgood, Debbie Nankervis. Mary Marschall.

English prize fighter Gentleman Jim Dawson comes to the goldfields with two friends, Symons and Green, supposedly to pan for gold. Instead, they intend to cheat the miners by getting them to bet on Gentleman Jim when a fight is staged - and rigged - with one of the local toughs, Peter Hackett. The miner's anger is aroused when Comm. Fitzalan orders that the fight be held in a closed tent with only himself and selected guests present. Sgt. McKellar has to act swiftly in order to prevent a riot, and the ensuing action provides an opportunity for a wandering priest, in whose care the bets have been entrusted, to sneak away with the money.

5) There's A Change From The Old To The New
Guests: Terence Donovan, John Stanton, Ben Gabriel, Mark Zandle, James Moss, Jerry Thomas, David Phillips, Jessica Ball.
Script: John Martin. Story by: John Jones. Director: Keith Wilkes

Gold Commissioner Fitzalan unwittingly instigates another disturbance on the Crockers Gully goldfields when he appoints Dr. Kirby as a temporary teacher. Dr. Kirby's appointment is opposed by the Reverend Smith, who is anxious to safeguard the children of Crockers Gully from what he considers to be Dr. Kirby's subversive teachings. The hostility between the two sparks off a riot among the miners.

6) For That New Promised Land
Guests: Tony Sheldon
Script: Cliff Green. Director: David Zweck

Peter Shaw-Jones, an asthmatic young son of English landed gentry, comes to Crockers Gully to seek his fortune. Desperate and ill, he risks going down a mine at night and is trapped in a cave-in.

7) Three Cheers For Her Gracious Majesty
Guests: Hu Pryce, Mark Zandle, Ron Pinell, Geoff Parry,
Mary Marschall, Andrew Carr, Ivor Bowyer, Art Luden.
Script: James Davern. Director: Keith Wilkes

When Brendan O'Hara is wrongly accused of failure to hold a miner's licence, Fitzalan refuses to believe the story. Later O'Hara is elected as the people's commissioner, and Fitzalan resorts to sly tactics to maintain control over the goldfields.

8) Lament The Days That Are Gone By
Guests: Bruce Kerr, Geoff Parry, Mark Zandle, Isobel Harley, Mary Ward, Lesley Yeomans, Reg Dell, Robert Forza, David John.
Script: Sonia Borg. Director: Douglas Sharp

When a fever epidemic sweeps Crockers Gully, young Jessie Smith's father dies, and Sarah takes the girl to see the Reverend Mr. Fisher. He suggests that Jessie should stay with with Miss Hawk of 'Ilangi', for whom he has the highest regard.

9) Poor John Chow Chow
Guests: Patricia Stephenson, Colin Hor

Peggy O'Shea, the Irish lark, arrives at Crockers Gully to prepare for her tour of the gold fields. Other new arrivals are a Chinese family, whose 18 year-old daughter Yin Soong becomes Fitzalan's housekeeper. However, she falls in love with her employer, and Fitzalan fears that soon the whole camp will know of his affair.

10) Manners Maketh Man
Guests: Dennis Miller, Brian Hannan, Anna Russell,
Stewart Faichney
Script: James Davern. Director: David Zweck

Jones and Brady have been chained to a tree while awaiting trial, but they break free and go bush. They take over a tent belonging to a couple of prospectors, killing one and injuring the other, while planning their next big robbery. Later, Fitzalan and his party, who are travelling from Melbourne with a valuable consignment, are awaiting a police escort at the Welcome Nugget Inn when Jones and Brady burst in. They hold Fitzalan's party at gunpoint, wreak havoc at the inn and take Sarah hostage before Sgt. McKellar arrives with the police escort.
12) There's Only You, Mate, And I
Guests:  Syd Conabere, John Bowman, Mark Zandle.
Script: Howard Griffiths  Director: David Zweck

Sarah Lucas' anxious father, Hindmarsh, arrives at Crockers Gully to persuade her to return to England with him. During Hindmarsh's journey to the goldfields he is attacked by a bushranger, but manages to escape after shooting his assailant in the shoulder. Sarah convinces her father that she wishes to remain in Australia, and her relationship with McKellar improves and they become engaged.
SERIES 2 1976 Colour

The Making Of Rush
Producer: Bryan Bruty
A 30 minute documentary behind the scenes preview of the second series of Rush, including interviews with John Waters, Alain Doutey, Vincent Ball and Paul Mason.  Aired 23/2/76

2.1) Welcome Back Sergeant McKellar
Guests: Don Barkham, Martin Phelan, Craig Ashley, John Vale, Peter Bensley, Jane Harders, Vincent Ball, Paul Mason, Dolores Whiteman, Gretchan Barrie.
Script: James Davern. Director: Frank Arnold

After years of roaming aimlessly following the death of his wife Sarah, McKellar arrives in Turon Springs in NSW as a trouble-shooter for the Great Eastern Mining Company. Subsequent events see him enticed back into the police force by Supt. Kendall.

Aired: 1/3/76 Melbourne, Brisbane 29/2/76, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart 1/3/76)

2.2) The Great Eastern Bubble
Guests: Veronica Lang, Max Cullen, Jeff Ashby, Peter Collingwood, David Bradley, Tony Wager, Ken Frazer, Roy Wilkinson, Goff Vockler, James Moss.
Script: Colin Free.  Director: Rob Stewart

Widow Melanie Parker owns five acres of land which Farrar desperately needs to appease his shareholders, so he hires security man Henry de Witt to apply pressure - but he goes too far, and kills her friend Billy Adams.

2.3) Romany Gold
Guests: Peita Toppano, Jacqueline Kott, David Bracks, Russell Newman, Alexander Archdale, Ian Dyson, John Stone, Lucky Grills, Jane Harders, Vincent Ball, Dolores Whiteman, Gretchan Barrie.
Script: Jennifer Cooley & Victor Sankey
Director: Michael Jenkins

A gypsy family is a convenient scapegoat when rioting miners seek vengeance on an unknown police informer.

2.4) The New Golden Mountain
Guests: Frank Gallagher, Sandra Lee Patterson,
Tom McCarthy, Louis Wishart, John Alansu, Steve Dodd, James Moss.
Script: David Boutland.  Director: Frank Arnold

Sgt. McKellar confronts Farrar over the mystery of a skeleton and a gold earring found by two miners in a bush grave on Great Eastern land. An elderly Chinese man recognises the earring as the final clue in the long search for his missing daughter.
2.5)  La Belle France
Michael Craig as Chevalier de Vaucluse,
Chris Haywood as Crew,
Ross Higgins as Joe,
Peter Armstrong as Dillon,
Larry McGarry as Rick Burns,
John Warren as John Burns,
Stan Roach as Magpie,
Paul Conjar as Boy
Brian Moll as Thomas.
Script: Ted Roberts.  Director: Rob Stewart

Farrar has a rival when the Chevalier de Vaucluse arrives in Turon Springs and sets up a major new mining venture, with many miners leaving the Great Eastern to work for the new concern.

2.6) Farrar's Pride
Guests: Bruce Kerr, Michael Aitkens, Gordon McDougall, David Whitford, Michelle Jarman.
Script: Jennifer Cooley.  Director: Frank Arnold

McKellar competes against Farrar in a horse race to win back money intended for a young orphan girl. The money was left to her by her dying father, a victim of an epidemic in the area, but was gambled away by the man to whom it was entrusted.

2.7) Live To Fight Another Day
Guests: Robert Coleby as Andy Curran,
Christine Cameron as Jean Curran.
Vincent Gil as Brady,
Colin Drake as Mitchell,
Nicholas Bayley as Billy,
Reg Gillam as Storekeeper.
Script: Ted Roberts.  Director: Michael Jenkins

Sgt. McKellar and Supt. Kendall clash over Farrar's treatment of the Curran family who have settled on land he uses for sheep. Although legally eligible to settle, the Currans are removed as trespassers by Farrar, who employs underhand methods. The same methods are used against the local newspaper proprietor when he comes to their aid.
11) There's A Good Time Coming
Guests: Bindi Williams, Justine Saunders, Henry Clarke, Reg Gorman.
Script: Sonia Borg.  Director: Douglas Sharp

A badly wounded Aboriginal girl, Werowey, is brought to Dr. Woods. Sarah offers to care for her, and Williams is sympathetic and worried for Werowey, but Lansdowne and Fitzalan consider all Aboriginals are savages. Their opinion is reinforced when miner Withers is brought in dead. McKellar is sent by Fitzalan to hunt the killers, and he and his men come upon the remains of an Aboriginal camp where white men killed the other Aboriginals and took their women. Determined to release the Aboriginals, McKellar refuses to handcuff them and they escape. He returns to Crockers Gully to face Fitzalan's wrath.
2.8) I'll See You Dead McKellar
Wendy Hughes as Emma
Harry Lawrence as Jones
Tony Ingersent as Hobson
John Clayton as Jack Jessop
Bill Charlton as Capt. Blakely
Kevin Manser as Weinbaum
Clive Marshall as Reynolds
Pam Erskine as Pauline
Pat Rooney as Schneider

Script: Colin Free.  Director: Frank Arnold

In pursuit of the notorious bushranger Jack Jessop, Sgt. McKellar captures his girlfriend and shoots dead one of his brothers. Jessop seeks revenge, and McKellar faces a shootout in the main street of Turon Springs.

2.9) You Just Can't Win
Jill Howard as Kathy Evans,
Harold Hopkins as Hardy Evans.
Jerry Thomas, Bert Bianchi, Colin Taylor, Jack Allan.
Script: Ted Roberts  Director: Eric Tayler

Sgt. McKellar and Supt. Kendall both become involved when a kleptomaniac comes to Turon Springs to visit his estranged wife.

2.10) The Kadaitcha Man
Guests: David Gulpilil as Satchel, Jennifer Claire,
Jack Charles, Ron Hackett, Gregory Oldman, Louise Oldman.
Script: Ted Roberts,   Director: Rob Stewart

McKellar is on the trail of an Aboriginal fugitive, who is feared to be a kadaitcha man by his tracker.
2.13) A Shilling A Day
Jacki Weaver as Yvette Prelot , Hugh Keays-Byrne as Tim Thomas, Vincent Gil as Griffith
Script: Colin Free Director: Michael Jenkins

McKellar becomes personally involved when Tim Thomas leads the miners in direct action against the Great Eastern in support of a pay rise.

Note: This was an award winning episode. Colin Free won a Logie Award for Best Script (1976), an Awgie Award (1977), a Sammy Award for Best Writer For A TV Series (1976). Hugh Keays-Byrne won a Sammy Award for Best Actor In A Single TV Performance (1976) and a Logie Award for Best Individual Performance By An Actor (1976)
2.11) McKellar R.I.P.
Guests: Kathryn Dagher, Deliah Walsh, Trevor Kent, Michael Boddy, Robert Brockman, Brian Moll, Connie Hobbs, Ross Sharp.
Script: Jennifer Cooley. Dir: Rob Stewart

Sgt. McKellar is seriously injured when a bank robbery is attempted while Turon Springs is deserted when surrounded by bushfires.

2.12) The Second Oldest Trade
Pamela Stephenson as Diane Quail
Les Foxcroft as Arnie Bird
Vince Martin as Lindsay Quail
Script: Colin Free. Director: Michael Jenkins

Three inexperienced bushrangers attempt to hijack a large gold nugget en route to Bathurst.
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