April 2015: After a very successful 3 month season in New York, John and Stewart have returned to Aus and commenced a tour here to share the rejigged NY production of Glass Onion with us. 
Due out later this year - an independent Aus-US psycological thriller called 2:22 - more info to come.

12 October 2014: The New York previews have been going well for Lennon: Through A Glass Onion. Click on the Glass Onion History link above - then Lennon Through a Glass Onion NY 2014 to see all the reviews and photos so far. Dont forget to visit the Official FanSite Facebook page toleave reviews about the show and send a tweet to @LennonOnStage

24 August 2014: the New York tour dates and venue have been confirmed and tickets are now on sale for LENNON: Through A Glass Onion opening at the Union Square Theatre off Broadway 15 October 2014 with previews from October 3. I have created links in the navigation bar to the official page for LennonOnStage which itself has links to facebook, youtube, twitter etc. I have also updated the Glass Onion History pages and included a brand new page for the New York production articles and reviews etc. So click on the links in the navigation bars above and tell your New York friends to buy a ticket!!! Head to the facebook pages to leave reviews.

August 2014: Sadly (for us passengers) John has had to cancel his appearance on the BRAVO Pacific cruise, but happily its because he finally has the approval and go ahead from Yoko Ono to take Glass Onion to an off Broadway theatre in New York in October. Stay tuned on the facebook page for more details.

Mar 2014: Coming up this year - John returns in season 5, the final season of Offspring. Glass Onion continues to tour the country (see the facebook page links above for gig dates). Glass Onion will finally make its debut in New York off Broadway !! Exciting news for John and Stewart indeed. 
In December we expect the release of a new movie filmed in Perth, a romantic comedy titled You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules, inspired by the self-improvement book by Dr. Irene Alexander. The film features Zoe Ventoura, Bruce Spence and Tiriel Mora alongside John and is written and directed by Burleigh Smith. Later in the year John is joined by Elaine Paige, David Hobson and Marina Prior performing on the Radiance of the Sea's on the Bravo Cruise - bookings HERE

Dont forget to visit the facebook page where I upload regular news articles and gig reviews.

Feb 2013: The Addams Family opens in Sydney at the Capitol Theatre on 23 March 2013. Join the Facebook page to view heaps of behind the scenes videos and photos. And don't miss John in Bindi Irwin's new movie Return to Nims Island !!

October 2012: Dont forget to watch The Mystery in the Hansom Cab on Sunday October 28 ABC 8.30pm - new mystery drama starring John.

August 2012: John has been cast as Gomez Addams in the fantastic new musical The Addams Family opening in Sydney in March 2012. Tickets on sale now.

April 2012: Season three of Offspring premiers on Ch 10 on April 18 at 8.30pm.

15 June 2011: Early risers will have already seen the new video clip by girly trio Seeker Lover Keeper featuring John miming the lyrics to On My Own. Screenclips from the video are on the Career By Decades 2010s page along with a link to the video.

14 May 2011: Offspring fans - get ready for season two starting on Monday night 16 May on Ten !!!!

6 February 2011: New tour dates for Glass Onion around Australia have been released. Check the link to the Glass Onion pages above and RSVP on the Facebook page HERE. For those who missed out in January - now is your chance to go !!

23 January 2011: I have decided to kill off the existing MySpace Music Page as MySpace have messed around with the format and ruined it all. To replace it I have created a Facebook Page which will include a "My Band" tab to continue to promote John's music and gig dates. I am slowly moving all the content over from the MySpace site to the Facebook one so please be patient but do come and "Like" the facebook page so that you can immediately start getting updates on gig dates etc !! Link is above in the navigation bar !!

14 Dec 2010: The webmistress has returned from overseas and hopes that everyone has their tickets to Looking Through A Glass Onion at a venue nearby!  
And further news and purchasing details added to the Career By Decade 2010's page - John's childrens story Pilliga Pete has been given a whole new lease of life with a cd release !!! A fantastic idea for the kids christmas stocking. 

29 Oct 2010: Congratulations to John for the nomination for the AFI Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama for his role in Offspring!!

17 Oct 2010: National dates added for Glass Onion tour. Please note that the webmistress will be overseas in Nov/Dec & out of internet range. Please check the LTGO Facebook page for any new dates.

10 Oct 2010: Check the Glass Onion link for further dates of the new production. Dates for Griffith and Brisbane added.

22 Sep 2010: The Glass Onion shows have been relocated to the Sydney Opera House. Visit the Career by Decades 2010 page or click on the Glass Onion link above for booking details.

1 Sep 2010: John's fantastic new album Cloudland is on sale now at SANITY. For those who already have it I am seeking reviews of each song. Feel free to email me with your thoughts.

28 Aug 2010: Well Perths Let It Be totally rocked (my unbiased opinion !!) and I hope it rocked for all of you across the country. Lucky east coasters now have a touch of Glass Onion to look forward to in late Nov & early Dec. Check the Career by Decades 2010s page for dates and links for bookings. (POSTPONED FOR NOW - UPDATES TO COME)

20 Aug 2010: John guest stars in ch7's City Homicide this Wed at 9.30pm.

31 July 2010: Offspring premiers 8:30pm Sunday August 15th in a 2 hour telemovie on Ch 10.

22 July 2010: Brel is now available on cd. John Waters releases this brilliantly performed "live" recording of the great French Chanson singer-songwriter Jacques BREL. Brel's songs have been covered by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Dusty Springfield, Ray Charles and many others, but John Waters is the first Australian to release a full French version of the classics. 15 tracks covering the spectrum of life, love and death and sung with such emotion and power that one is spellbound and in awe of the brilliance of the multi talented John Waters. BUY IT HERE.

6 July 2010: Perth fans rejoice!!! Let It Be is heading our way in August. Tickets on sale this week via Ticketek. More details on the Career By Decade 2010s page. Facebook members - come and RSVP for any of the shows HERE.

19 June 2010: Have added some Brel reviews to the Career by Decade 2010's page. Also added a photo slideshow to The Swimming Club reviews. PLUS! Click on the photo album link above and explore the brand new albums full of publicity photos through the decades.PLUS!! Check out the Looking Through A Glass Onion pages - a total rebuild and loads of old reviews uploaded.

8 May 2010: Dont forget to watch Sea Patrol this week (Thursday June 10 8.30pm ch 9) to see John's guest role.

22 May 2010: Some great music to look forward to in August when John is joined by Jon Stevens and Doug Parkinson for another tour of the brilliant "Let It Be" concerts featuring the music of Lennon & McCartney. Details on the Career by Decade 2010s page.

8 May 2010: New tour dates have been added to the Brel tour for Canberra and Brisbane. See the Career by Decade 2010s page for booking info.

2 May 2010: It was a mini ATRR reunion at the Logies tonight when John and Sigrid presented the silver Logies for most popular actor and actress.

13 April 2010: Sea Patrol starts a new season this week on ch9. John will guest star later in the season.

4 April 2010: The Golden Mile. Underbelly: The Golden Mile premieres Sunday April 11th 2010 with a two-hour telemovie premiere on Channel 9 at 8.30pm. John will star as MP John Hatton.

27 March 2010: The Swimming Club opens in Perth tonight and I am looking forward to seeing it in 2 weeks.
Just noticed on ebay tonight there is a valuable plethora of John's old movies from the 70s up for bids. Some real treasures there so go on in and search under his name.

1 January 2010:  Plenty of things for John's fans to look forward to in 2010 including a role in the newest Underbelly instalment, a play called The Swimming Club in Perth & Melbourne, and Brel in Adelaide, Sydney & Newcastle. More info can be found on the Career By Decade 2010's page and on the Myspace pages.

1 August 2009: Fabulous news for All The Rivers Run fans. Its finally been re-released on DVD. It seems to be a longer version than the double disc one I bought in 2002 (which ran at 293 minutes). This new release with a stunning cover states it runs at 412 minutes and consists of 3 discs. A must for all fans. I have found it listed in stock at doubleday.com.au, chaos.com.au and sanity.com.au

10 July 2009: Sad news for All Saints and John fans - the announcement was made that this year will be the final season. Despite consistently strong ratings the show has apparently become too expensive to make. A big shame and a lot of top quality unemployed actors. 

15 May 2009: The acting community lost a beloved member today. Charles "Bud" Tingwell was the actors actor and the gentlemans gentleman. He co starred with John in movies and mini series such as Breaker Morant, Bushfire Moon and All The Rivers Run. A man of his talent and dignity will be much missed.

5 April 2009: No Logie nomination for John this year. It was always going to be tough in a year when it was a foregone conclusion that the much missed Mark Priestly would definitely be up, and the performances of the first Underbelly cast were still fresh in everyones minds.
There is always next year!

So - on the newsfront. John and son Archie have a starring role in the newest Wiggles dvd "Go Banana's". Another generation of Waters on our screens!!
John has been involved in a new film called Centre Place which is currently in production.
And his new album Cloundland is close to being released. 
So stay tuned!!!!

7 Feb 2009: John has been a huge force in Australian television since the early 70s when he won a Logie for Best New Talent !!! 

Lets give him the Silver or Gold Logie this year to thank him for entertaining us for all these years.

The nominating process has begun over at the TV Week website so head on over to http://tvweek.ninemsn.com.au/

Vote now and vote a lot !

21 Jan 2009: The new All Saints season starts on 3 feb 2009. John's character Mike will feature heavily in the all new action dominated role of the head of the Medical Response Unit so watch out for Police Rescue style chopper rescues and cliff abseiling!!!
John is also narrating the doco series Triple Zero Heroes starting Sunday 8Feb09.

8 Dec 2008: The webmistress and fans around the world would like to wish John a very happy 60th birthday !!!!!!!

PS: The webmistress apologises for the lack of updates here - mainly in the form of recent magazine articles etc. With the slide in the Aussie dollar webspace has become quite unaffordable and I am currently looking at other ways to minimise space here - perhaps by hosting photos and articles on free places like photobucket. 

28 August 2008: All Saints cast, crew and fans are mourning the tragic loss of Mark Priestley, who passed away yesterday in Sydney. In John's words:
"I worked with him on stage and on screen and will miss him more than I can say right now," Waters said. "Mark the actor was intuitive, and graced every scene in which he appeared with a touch of whimsical genius that only he could apply."

3 Feb 2008: John fans have a smorgasbord coming up - All Saints starts again on Ch 7 on Feb 12 and that same night the first Rocky Horror performance takes place at the Star Theatre in Star City Sydney. John is starring as the Narrator so be there or be square!! The webmistress recently spent time in the gorgeous town of Echuca visiting the location of All The Rivers Run. Click on the Webmistress link to see a little slideshow of photos I took while I was there. I had a great cruise on the Pevensey - the paddle steamer that "starred" as the Philadelphia.

22 Dec 2007: WA viewers can finally see The Bouncer on TV on Dec 29. It was be televised on Ch9 and WIN at 9.30pm.

8 Dec 2007: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN. Many happy returns of the day.

28 Oct 07: For those who cant get enough of John - and are content to just listen to his voice - there are not one but two shows to choose from that he is current narrating. Ch7 is showing Child in a Million on Wednesdays, and the ABC has a great new doco series called Ten Pound Poms starting this Thursday.

19 Sep 07: Click HERE to book tickets to see John Waters and All Saints co star Jolene Anderson in concert on 3 Nov 2007 at the Playhouse - Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne. And after the gig dont forget to visit www.myspace.com/johnrwaters and tell us what you thought of the show !!

17 Aug 2007: John has been cast as The Narrator in the newest incarnation of the Rocky Horror Show - opening in Sydney in Feb 2008. See the Career By Decade 2000s page for all the info.

25 July 2007: This week I announce the creation of not one - but two My Space sites for John. One is a fansite space and the other is predominantly to promote John as a musician - so future gig dates will be advertised there. So click on the buttons and add yourself as a friend.

17 July 2007: John took part in a charity soccer match on Sunday and All Saints fan Rachael went along and took some photos. Click on the Career By Decade 2000s page, and scroll down to the bottom for the link.

18 June 2007: Sorry the webmistress has fallen behind with updates - been distracted organising medical holidays ! Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying John in weekly instalments of All Saints - isnt it great having actors of his calibre on our TV screens!
Victorians have the opportunity this week to see John on stage - rocking in a new concert version of Looking Through a Glass Onion. Visit the Career By Decades page where you will find a link to the dates and venues plus some photos and a review.

1 Mar 2007: John returns to All Saints this Tuesday 6 Mar 07. Set those videos and wait patiently for Jamie Durie to finish dancing in Dancing With The Stars! There are also new Birdseye commercials featuring John so look out for him and the big fish !!

28 Jan 2007: John has filmed more episodes for All Saints this year. Not sure when the new season starts but stay tuned for more articles and news. I also have a few articles and reviews to add from The White Album concert and as you can see I have begun the long time consuming task of widening the resolution of the site - which almost equates to an entire rebuild - so it will be gradual !!

17 Dec 2006: I have been busy at work and did not have a chance to update the site in time to advertise The White Album concert coming up at the Opera House in January - so it has already sold out. Hopefully it will tour like Let It Be which was also a seelout across the country. I will be on holidays until the first week of January - no where near a computer so I hope Johns fans all have a fabulous holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to John, Zoe and all the bubs !!

8 Dec 2006: Happy Birthday John.
Last night (7th) John attended the AFI Awards. He was nominated for "Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a TV Drama" For his All Saints role but lost out to Marcus Graham for his guest role in Blue Heelers.

5 Oct 2006: The Woman In Black has finished its successful Australian season (my own review will be added to the WIB page today along with a few more reviews) just in time for John to return home for the birth of twins Gloria and Rusty on Sept26. Congratulations to John, Zoe and Archie !!!

8 July 2006: John's newest play The Woman in Black had its opening night at the Theatre Royal in Sydney on 28 June 2006. His All Saints co stars Wil Traval and Jolene Anderson, along with old friend Jackie Weaver, joined Simon Burke and Peter Cousens on the red carpet. I have added some reviews to the Woman In Black page - visit the Career by Decade 2000s page to find the link.

17 June 2006. Hope you are enjoying John's role in All Saints, I know I am. Its great to have another strong male character in the show that gets better every year. He is crossing paths with many actors he has worked with in the past - including Elizabeth Alexander, his co star in the 70s movie Summerfield. They shared a miniscule scene in his first episode. I have started an All Saints page, linked from the Career By Decade 2000s page. It includes an episode guide and lots of articles.

29 May 2006: Check your Tv Guide. John's stint in All Saints starts this week or next week. Tuesdays 8.30pm on Ch 7. Click on the Career By Decade 2000s page to see new article. I have also added Let It be reviews and pics.

22 May 2006: I went to see John in Let It Be last night - fabulous centre front row seats meant I had the best view and great sound. The show was really unique. Four singers totally unrelated to each other in musical style and taste - singing as foursomes, duo's and solos - all the brilliant songs of Lennon & McCartney. The arrangements were brilliant. Highlight of the evening for me was John belting out Walrum and Helter Skelter. What a rocker !! And juding by random chats with people in the foyer afterwards - he was the evenings favourite. It was leo's birthday so we ended the show singing happy birthday and throwng streamers and salivating over the huge birthday cake !!!. The Melbourne and Sydney gigs are still to come this week and I seriously recommend you go along for a fantastic evening of four great voices singing the best songs ever written.

14 May 2006: I have always built my sites in 800x600 resolution but have recently changed my computer settings to 1024x768. I am considering changing the resolution of my sites. I have popped a survey poll at the bottom of this screen so scroll down and tell me what your settings are and I will make a decsion after I see some results.

7 May 2006: John appeared on stage at the Logie Awards alongside many other household names who have been Play School hosts at some stage in the careers. Play School was inducted into the Hall Of Fame and the entire audience joined the hosts in a rousing version of the opening themesong. I will make some screen captures and upload them asap.

April 22 2006: Playschool celebrated its 40th birthday this week. I have added some photos and articles to site. Click on the Career By Decade page, go to the 70s page and scroll down to Playschool
I have also added some articles about Let It Be - to the Career By Decade 2000s page. Check the additional booking info for Hobart, Launceston and Tweed Heads on the same page.

March 26 2006: John and McLeods Daughters favourite vet, Brett Tucker will star together in the chillingly scarey play 
The Woman In Black. More info re dates in each city can be found on the Career By Decade 2000s page.

March 24 2006: John will soon join the Ch7 hospital drama All Saints as Mike Vlasic.

March 18 2006: A Perth date for Let It Be has been announced. Sunday May 21 at Burswood Theatre. Tickets via Ticketek.com.au 

March 7 2006: John and Zoe attended the opening night of The History Boys at the Sydney Theatre. Pics from the night are in the Pictures Index 2000s.

March 5 2006: John stars in Let It Be - a musical tribute to Lennon and McCartney alongside Christine Anu and Leo Sayer in May. Bookings available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Other venues may be announced. Check the Career by Decade 2000s page for more info and booking links.

March 4 2006: Sydney fans should go and see John performing at the grand launch of the Kookaburra National Music Theatre Company - set up by actor Peter Cousens. Click HERE to visit the official site or read more on the Career By Decade 2000s page. The show is on at the Lyric Theatre Star City on April 10. Bookings via Ticketmaster.

February 25 2006: I have added a link to a new Xpress magazine interview with John about The Bouncer and the Australian film industry - go the the Career By Decade 2000s page and see the links for The Bouncer. Its a great interview.

NEW DVD RELEASE: The Getting of Wisdom gets a DVD release on 6 March 2006.  check the links on the Career By Decade 70s page for more info on what will be included on the DVD

February 18 2006: John and Derek have been doing some media spots to publicise The Bouncer. Radio interviews and Xpress Magazine. I have added a link to the Xpress article on the Career by Decade 2000s page. I caught an ad for the film during the news the other night but didnt hit record on time !!

February 11 2006: Derek Hobbs, producer of John's latest movie The Bouncer, has advised that the film will open in Perth on Feb 16 at the Picadilly and Pioneer Village Cinema's, before making its way to cinemas around Aus. Keep your eyes out here and in your local papers for screenings. Click on the Career By Decade link and head for the 2000s page for links to The Bouncers official website.

December 26 2005: RUMOUR !! An interview with actor Simon Burke on Dec 20 mentions he "might be doing They're Playing Our Song with John Waters and Jackie Weaver in Sydney in 2006". The website for the Ensemble Theatre only names Simon and Georgie Parker. Could be a SMH misprint !! Yep - me thinks the Sydney papers got this way wrong !!

November 5 2005: John was part of a celebrity soccer team today at the Central Coast Stadium as part of the pre match fun. This month John is also busy as the patron of the Communities For Communities Inaugural Film Festival.

October 26 2005: I attended a private screening of The Bouncer on Monday. John stars in this independent film that was shot in Perth 12 months ago. They are still seeking a distributor so fingers crossed that will happen soon and the film will get a cinema release. It deserves one. A clever script with a hilarious Michael Caine Alfie style narration by John. I laughed a lot thru the whole film.

October 7 2005: John will be the special guest at the Port of Echuca Heritage Steam Festval over the weekend.

September 9 2005: Just to advise that from now on - this little update area will be for updates about Johns actual career - ie "John will be appearing in .... on the following dates"  etc, while any updates to the site itself ie articles, reviews or pics being added - will be detailed on the Site Guide/Info page. A big thank you to those who have been looking at the new site and sending me such lovely comments :) 

August 28 2005:  Well here it is - the new look site. I hope you enjoy finding your way around - I hope its all made easier now. 

August 22 2005: Still busy rebuilding the entire site. Dont worry - all the missing links and pics will return soon.

May 21 2005: Influence has broken box-office records at Sydney Opera House's Drama Theatre, selling more than 31,000 tickets to date. It will return to the Sydney Theatre Company for an extra three weeks in August, following its Adelaide and Melbourne seasons.  I am off to see it in Adelaide - cant wait.  I have added some Adelaide reviews to the Influence page HERE.

April 30 2005: There is an absolute plethora of Johns videos currently for sale on eBay. I already have them all - otherwise I would be madly bidding !! Just today I have spotted Scalp Merchant, True Colours (AKA Nancy Wake), Endplay, Weekend of Shadows, Which Way Home,  Ebbtide, Three's Trouble ( AKA The Perfectionist), Alice to Nowhere (AKA Hijack to Hell), Grievous Bodily Harm, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and Cass.  Just be careful - most are US ex rentals - so make sure your vcr plays NTSC versions and look for the US name changes.  Happy bidding !!

If you are seeing a lot of infamous Red X's on various pages - never fear - I am just in the process of moving tonnes of files around as I build the new site. All will be well in the next month or so.

I havent managed to catch the newest Birdseye commercial on video but as soon as I do I will add some screen grabs.

April 2 2005: I added a few more pics to the Influence page and created a page full of screen grabs from the Birdseye ad campaign. Both are linked from the Career 2000s page.

March 26 2005:  Added several more reviews to the Influence page.  I spotted a copy of Johns 70's TV movie The Scalp Merchant on eBay tonight - there are 3 days left on the auction so if you are after a copy click HERE,there is also a copy of Endplay - another 70's classic with 6 days left to bid HERE

March 22 2005:  Today brings the long awaiting DVD release of the critically acclaimed 1977 film Summerfield starring John alongside Bud Tingwell and Nick Tate.  I ordered my copy thru EZYDVD.

March 19 2005: Influence opened on Friday 18th with everyone from Sandra Sully to Dick Smith attending. I have added a few more publicity pics and articles to the Influence Page - click on the Career 2000s Page for the link.

March 13 2005:  Influence opens in Sydney this week at the Sydney Opera House. I have put dates for Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Newcastle on the Career 2000s Page and a link to some articles, reviews and booking info.

March 5 2005:  The huge site rebuild continues, but in the meantime I have added a new page for articles and reviews on Influence, the new David Williamson play John will star in for the Sydney Theatre Company this month. Go to the Career 2000s page and scroll down to the section on Influence.  And keep your eyes out on tv for the new Birdseye commercials featuring John.

February 27 2005: I have been rebuilding this site from scratch this year and it should be ready to relaunch in the next few weeks. You can look forward to a more navigable site with pics and articles divided into decades, complete bio listings for all sectors of Johns career, an all new site guide with each and every page listed and linked, a more detailed career breakdown by decade with links to extra pics, articles and pages devoted to particular shows or productions.  Stay tuned.

January 8 2005: Happy New Year.  If you live around the Coonawarra area of South Australia or will be travelling thru the area around January 22 - why not see John performing for a cabaret style evening entitled "Hot Summer Night" at Hollick Wines. Details HERE.
Other plans for 2005 so far:  
The Bouncer should be ready for release soon.
John will star with Zoe Carides in a brand new play from David Williamson called Influence with the Sydney Theatre Company. Details HERE.

October 23 2004: John's WW2 movie with Mel Gibson and Sam Neill Attack Force Z gets released on DVD on October 26. To reserve a copy visit EzyDvd.

October 19 2004:  Well my intentions were to visit the set of The Bouncer and do an interview with John and take some pics for the site.  Intentions were good - but flu season had other plans.  I was struck down over a week ago and am still sick so I missed out.  I look forward to the film being completed and released.

October 2 2004:  Filming begins on The Bouncer this week in Perth.

August 14 2004:  Some screen grabs are now on the 2000 & Beyond page from John's appearance on The Way We Were.

August 8 2004:  John will guest star on Mark Trevorrow's The Way We Were next Saturday August 14 at 9.30 on the ABC.  This weeks theme is Hair.  John talks rebellion and long hair at school, his flight to Australia, being a jackaroo, and getting the role in the radical musical Hair, where he began his acting career.

July 24 2004:  John will be returning to Perth in October to film The Bouncer.  Articles and updates will be on the new page created just for this movie HERE.

July 13 2004: Set your videos for Bert Newtons show this morning - John will be on.

RIP to George Mallaby - star of Homicide and John's co-star in EndPlay - he passed away at his Gold Coast home today.

July 11 2004:  Well I have been to "a few" of the Perth gigs this weekend and each has blown me away as usual.  The show gets better and better with age.  Crowds were great - last nights was quite a vocal one.  Looking forward to reviews from visitors to the site.  Photos from the Forrest Chase appearance will be uploaded in the next few days.  

June 30 2004: PERTH ALERT.  Free mini concert in Forrest Chase outside Myer tomorrow lunchtime - 12.30 - 1.15.  BE THERE.

June 26 2004:  Just playing around with the sites appearance.  More to come.

June 25 2004:  Updates have been made to the current Glass Onion tour, check the schedule herePhoto from the Mittagong show has been added.  

Fireflies final episode was this week.  It doesn't sound like the ABC has picked up a second series.  Its been great having John on a weekly series again so I will miss it.  I am glad I taped every episode to re watch over non ratings season when good TV becomes a rarity !! 

Something to look forward to in August - the dvd releases of Johns 1970's films End Play and Eliza Fraser as part of a Roadshow release of many of director Tim Burstalls work.

June 21 2004: John and the Glass Onion Band will appear on Kerri Ann Kennerleys morning program today.

May 23 2004:  New dates and shows added to the Glass Onion tour.  Check the schedule for details and changes.

May 16 2004:  Well John's Looking Through A Glass Onion tour is underway and I have added some press from Cairns and Darwin to the gig guide page HERE

May 2 2004:  John is set to tour Australia for the next few months with Looking Through A Glass Onion.  May and June dates for QLD, NT, SA & WA are listed HERE with more to be confirmed in other states in coming weeks so please check again soon.

Mar 21 2004: ABC is playing around with Fireflies timeslot.  This week it moves to 8.30pm on Thursdays.  This will be a tough timeslot I believe - competing against established audiences of ER and Law & Order.  Strange decision for ABC.

NEWS: Glass Onion tour coming up in May - July.  Exact dates and locations TBA.  Check again real soon. Tour dates will be listed in the Yahoo Group calender.

Feb 14 2004:  John and Libby Tanner were interviewed on Kerri Anne Kennelys show this week.  Heletia has some great screen grabs on her MSN site - see the link on the left.

February 7 2004:  Don't forget !!!!!!!  Fireflies begins tonight at 7.30pm in all states except Queensland where its actually 8.30pm Sunday due to their elections.

January 29 2004:  Happy New Year.  I have been computerless and on holidays so I have fallen behind in updates !!  FIREFLIES starts on the ABC on Saturday Feb 7 at 7.30pm.  Heletia has set up a great MSN Group dedicated to the series so scroll down to the link and join up for regular updates, chats and the message board.

December 8 2003:  Happy Birthday John.   No more news on Fireflies yet - other than its part of the ABC's big program announcements for 2004 season.  And its now going to be a 20 part series.

November 9 2003:  Still looking for more info on Fireflies to update the site.  ABC website still only has the same stuff from July !!   Recent EBAY aquisitions have been mint condition programs from Godspell and They're Playing Our Song.  Coincidently Playing Our Song is about to start a new run after 20 years.  Shame John and Jackie can't do it again !!

July 12 2003:  Americans have been lucky enough to see a new telemovie called Evil Never Dies starring John last month.  Go to LATEST NEWS for more info.  Also on that page is newest info on a Southern Star ABC production called FireFlies that is currently being filmed.

May 21 2003:  Congratulations to Tamsin for her Helmann Award win.  Unfortunately Oliver! was beaten by Cabaret in all the other major categorys.  Without being biased - as I went to both productions and enjoyed them immensely, I think Oliver! should have won a lot more. 

April 16 2003:  John has been nominated for Best Male Actor in a Musical for his role in Oliver! at the annual Helpmann Awards to be held at Star City Monday May 19 2003.  

Oliver! is also up for several awards - Best Musical,  Best Direction of a Musical, Best Choreography of a Musical, Best Lighting Design, Best Sound Design, Best Female Actor in a Musical (Tamsin Carroll), Best Male Supporting Actor in a Musical (Philip Dodd), Best Female Supporting  Actor in a Musical (Queenie van de Zandt).  Good luck to John, and cast and crew.

Tamsin is also up for a Mo Award to be held at the Sydney EntCent June 16.  She is nominated for Female Musical Theatre Performer of the Year and Oliver! is up for Musical Theatre Production of the Year.

March 3 2003:  Melbourne's season of Oliver wrapped up on Feb 9.  The Singapore season starts on March 21 at the Esplanade Theatre until April 13.  Booking information is here www.sistic.com.sg.  

January 10 2003:  Congratulations to John and Zoe on the birth of Archie on Jan5.  

Young Lions has finished its season and judging by the way Channel Nine treated it - it isn't likely to be picked up for another season.  Meanwhile Oliver's run in Melbourne is going great guns and getting fantastic reviews.  I have a lot of reviews to add to the site and will do that SOON !!!

October 3 2002:  Well Oliver's run in Sydney is over.  Melbourne's turn now !  I hope everyone is as frustrated as I am with Channel Nine and their treatment of Young Lions.  Episodes have been moved from 8.30 to 9.30 and cancelled due to sport - last night was my last straw when they moved it to 10.30.  Nothing like giving Aussie drama a chance !  I have drafted a long letter of complaint to Channel Nine.  Give the show a chance tho as John makes many appearances in the next 2 months.

August 8 2002:  John's first appearance in Young Lions is next Wednesday Aug14.  His other appearances will be ep11 Oct2, ep13 Oct 16, ep14 Oct23, ep16 Nov 6, ep19 Nov27 and ep 20 on Dec4.   If Sydneysiders still haven't been out to see Oliver - hop to it - the Sydney season closes on Sept 1.  Melbournites get to see the show from Oct31.  Book your seats NOW !!

July 4 2002: As soon as I can type it up - my review of Oliver will be added to the site.  In the meantime look out for the premier of Channel 9's gritty new police drama Young Lions starting July 17.  John plays a character called Bill Martin.  More info on the Latest News page HERE.

May 17 2002:  Oliver has had it's media night this week so articles are starting to appear in several papers.  Latest one is HERE.  Have you got your tickets to Oliver yet ?  I do - great seats on May 29 and I cant wait - look out for my review.  John was on A Current Affair tonight - only a snippet as the story was about the child stars, but he was in full costume and looked delishiously wicked !

May 4 2002:  Check out your local DVD supplier.  Most magazines and catalogues are advertising the DVD of All The Rivers Run as a great Mothers Day gift !!

April 23 2002: I have updated the Oliver! page to include publicity pics, booking details and articles.  HERE

Mar 17 2002:  More reviews from the Glass Onion season have been added HERE.  Did the show come to your town ?  Do you have a review that can be added to the site ?  Email me.

Feb 16 2002:  Articles are popping up everywhere.  Reviews from Glass Onion as the tour gets started are here.  Two new articles on John are here, one is about his life pre stardom and the other is about his recent marriage to Zoe.

Jan 26 2002:  Many congratulations to John and Zoe on their recent wedding.  Pics from New Idea here

Jan 6 2002:  2002 Glass Onion Tour dates, venues and booking details HERE. 

Jan 4 2002: Thanks to Katie from Melbourne and her meticulous scrapbooks from the 70's - there have been some major updates to the 70's Career Page - more to come as fast as my scanner can scan !!!

Nov 29 2001: John is set to star as Fagin in the musical Oliver in May 2002.

Oct 30 2001: Many thanks to John for allowing me to call this the Official Fan Site.  I will endeavor to make this the best site I can.

July 8 2001:  Construction commenced after finding no official site existed and finding too many sites that mixed up John's biography with other directors and actors of the same name.